Pak Song
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Pak Song
Pak Song
Birth namePak Song Nam
BornApril 11, 1943 or 1945
Seoul, South Korea
Died1980 or April 1982 or 1984
Professional wrestling career
Pak Song
Pak Song Nam
Mr. Korea
Billed height6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Billed weight268 lb (122 kg)
Trained byKintaro Oki

Pak Song Nam (April 11, 1943 or 1945 - 1980 or April 1982[a][1]) was a Korean professional wrestler who appeared primarily under the name Pak Song. He is notable for his appearances with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and the Championship Wrestling from Florida (CWF) during the 1970s. His feud with Dusty Rhodes in 1974 is credited for making the young wrestler one of the most popular "fan favorites" in the NWA's Florida territory.[2]


Song began wrestling in 1970 after being trained by Kintaro Oki, known as Kim Ill, who later became tag team partners. In his rookie year, Song defeated Terry Funk for the NWA Western States Heavyweight Championship and teamed with Oki to capture the NWA Texas Tag Team Championship from Gorgeous George, Jr. and Rufus R. Jones. Song also fought in Texas and St. Louis. On September 16, 1972, Song lost to Harley Race in a tournament final for the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Championship.[3]

In 1972, Song would make his debut for Championship Wrestling from Florida. He was portrayed as a martial artist, dubbed "The Korean Assassin", and broke wood and cement with his bare hands on television.[2] Managed by Gary Hart, Song feuded with Dusty Rhodes, Hiro Matsuda, Jack Brisco and Terry Funk. Song would stay with the company until 1979. He even was their heavyweight champion.[1]

Personal life

Song died from Marfan syndrome.[1]

Championships and accomplishments

  • NWA United States Tag Team Championship Tournament (1979) - with Killer Khan[10]
  • NWA New Mexico
    • NWA Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship (1 time)[14]


  1. ^ It is uncertain when Song was born or died. He was born either in 1943 or 1945. It was claimed that he wrestled his last match around October 20, 1980. Some believed he died in 1980 or 1982. His Social Security Death Index listed as being born on December 14, 1941 and dying September 1980 (no exact day given, as is common with older dates of death). It was issued in Missouri. He apparently started in NWA-affiliated territories, which was headquartered in Missouri. That might account for Missouri being the state of issuance. One newspaper account (name and date unclear) from 1970 said that he was 28 years old. His having come over earlier in the year, and his birthdate apparently being in December is in line with the Social Security name and dates. His last newspaper listing was in an advertised bout in the September 2 Paris (Texas) News. There is no indication whether or not he actually made the match advertised in the bout, and his name disappeared in newspaper archives after that date. This is also in line with the September 1980 date of death. Some say he died in April 1982 and another source said January 1984.

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