Norman Itzkowitz
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Norman Itzkowitz

Norman Itzkowitz (May 6, 1931 - January 20, 2019) was an American academic who was a professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. He was an Ottoman historian who brought perception of psychoanalysis into Near Eastern Studies.

Itzkowitz was also the Master of Wilson College at Princeton from 1975 to 1989. While doing this, he assisted the students in developing leadership skills in running the social, cultural, and academic aspects of the college's life.

Out of all of his awards, his most meaningful one was the Buitoni Scholarship in 1952. This enabled him to study at the University for Foreigners Perugia, where he gained cultural and academic experience.

Itzkowitz published many books and articles on The Ottoman Empire and Near Eastern studies. Much of Itzkowitz's work is collaborative, he did much of his studies with Robert Roswell Palmer, Gordon Craig, Cyril Black, his Ottoman history mentor Lewis V. Thomas and psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Vam?k Volkan.


  • Stuyvesant High School, New York City, 1946-49
  • CCNY, 1949-53, B.A., 1953
  • University of Perugia for Foreigners, Perugia, Italy, Summer 1952
  • Princeton University, 1953-59, M.A., 1956; Ph.D., 1959
  • National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, member-in-training, 1972-80

Family life

Norman Itzkowitz was born into a Jewish working-class family in New York City.[1] His father ran a sewing machine in a factory for children's clothing. Norman was the youngest of three; he had a sister who is six years older and a brother who is three years older. Both his brother and sister have doctoral degrees.[]

Norman married Leonore Krauss on June 13, 1954.[] He died at the age of 87 in January 2019.[2]


  • Princeton University, Instructor, Departments of History and Oriental Studies, 1958-61
  • Assistant Professor, Oriental Studies 1961-66
  • Associate Professor, Near Eastern Studies 1966-73
  • Professor, Near Eastern Studies, 1973-
  • Master,Wilson College, 1975-1989

Visiting Appointments:

  • CCNY, Summer 1959
  • Teachers College, Columbia University, 1964
  • New York University, 1969; 1972; 1974; Summer, 1985
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1970
  • University of British Columbia, Summer 1971
  • Cunard Lines, Lecturer, May 1991, Black Sea Cruise MS. Vistafiord, Genoa
  • The Crimea-Genoa Classical Cruises, lecturer on Black Sea Cruise, September, 1998
  • Princeton University Alumni College--Led a tour of Western and Southwestern Turkey entitled "Turkey:Crossroads of Civilizations", for thirty-two Princeton Alumni, last two weeks of June 1994.
  • SEABOURN SUN, lecturer on Baltic Sea Cruise, July,2000
  • Cunard Lines, QEII, lecturer on New York-Halifax and return Cruise, September 2000.

Awards, Honors, Fellowships

  • Varsity Letters in Fencing and Lacrosse, CCNY
  • Phi Beta Kappa, CCNY, 1952
  • Buitoni Scholarship, Study in Italy, CCNY, Summer 1952
  • Cromwell Medal in History, CCNY, 1953
  • Near East Fellow, Princeton University, 1953-54
  • Ford Foundation Fellow, 1954-59
  • Carnegie Teaching Fellow, CCNY, Summer 1959
  • Procter & Gamble Fellow, Princeton University, 1964-65
  • HEW, Near East Central Grant for Study Abroad, 1964-65; 1969-70
  • SSRC, Travel Grant, 1969-70
  • Littauer Foundation Fellow, 1970; 1974
  • Center for International Studies Fellow, Summer 1978
  • Director, NEH Summer Seminar for Secondary and Elementary School Teachers, Summer 1983 on The Ottoman Legacy in the Modern Middle East
  • Director, NEH Summer Institute for Secondary and Elementary School Teachers, Summer 1986 on Islam: History, Culture, and Religion
  • Director, NEH Summer Institute for College Teachers, Summer 1987 on Insights into Ottoman Statecraft for College Teachers of European History
  • Director, NEH Summer Seminar for Secondary and Elementary School Teachers, Summer 1988 on The Impact of the Islamic Historical Experience on the Contemporary Near East
  • Director, NEH Summer Institute for College Teachers, Summer 1989 on The Moderniation of the Ottoman Empire: Tanzimat and the Eastern Question
  • Director, NEH Summer Institute for Secondary School Teachers, Summer 1990 on a Comparison Between the Imperial Institutions of the Ottoman Empire and Ming China
  • Director, NEH Summer Institute for College Teachers, Summer 1992 on a Comparison Between the Imperial Institutions of the Ottoman Empire and Ming China

Representative publications


  • Elementary Turkish, by Lewis V. Thomas, edited and revised by Norman Itzkowitz, (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1967). Reprinted in revised edition by Dover Press, New York, 1985.
  • Mübadele: An Ottoman-Russian Exchange of Ambassadors, (with Max Mote), (University of Chicago Press, New York, 1972).
  • A Study of Naima, by Lewis V. Thomas, edited by Norman Itzkowitz, (New York University Press, New York, 1972).
  • The Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age, by Halil Inalcik, trans. by Norman Itzkowitz and Colin Imber, (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1973).
  • Ottoman Empire and Islamic Tradition, (A.A. Knopf Inc., New York, 1973). Reprinted by the University of Chicago Press, 1980. Turkish trans. Osmanl? ?mparatorlu?u ve ?slami Gelenek, Ç?dam Yay?nlar?, 1989. Chinese translation, Chinese University of Kong, 1987.
  • Psychological Dimensions of Near Eastern Studies, edited by L. Carl Brown and Norman Itzkowitz, (The Darwin Press, Princeton, N.J., 1977).
  • The Immortal Atatürk: A Psychobiography, (with Dr. Vam?k Volkan), (The University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill., 1984. Paperback edition, 1986. Turkish translation by Ba?lam Press, Istanbul, 1998).
  • Modernization in the Middle East: The Ottoman Empire and its Afro-Asian Successors, ed. Cyril E. Black and L. Carl Brown, (Darwin Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1992).
  • Turks and Greeks: Neighbours in Conflict with Vam?k Volkan, (Eothen Press, Cambridge, England, 1994). Turkish translation, Ba?lam Press, 1998.
  • Richard Nixon: A Psychobiography, with Vam?k Volkan and Andrew Dod, (Columbia University Press, New York, 1997).
  • The Balkans (A study kit for high school students), (Golden Owl Press, Amawalk, New York, 2000).


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  • Long articles for Encarta on "The Ottoman Empire", "The Spread of Islam", "Istanbul"


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+Paul H. Elovitz, "Psychohistorian of the Islamic Near East: Norman Itzkowitz., pp. 146-150.

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