Nimboran Languages
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Nimboran Languages

The Nimboran languages are a small independent family of Papuan languages in the classification of Malcolm Ross, that had been part of Stephen Wurm's Trans-New Guinea proposal. However, when proto-Nimboran pronouns are reconstructed (*genam "I" and kom or komot "thou"), they have little resemblance to the proto-TNG pronouns *na and *ga. Usher places them in a North Papuan stock that resembles Cowan's proposal.[2]

Foley (2018) classifies them separately as an independent language family.[3]



The pronouns Ross reconstructs for proto-Nimboran are,

I *genam
thou *kom, komot
s/he ?

Below are pronouns in Nimboran languages as given by Foley (2018):[3]

Nimboran pronouns
Nimboran Kemtuik]] Gresi Mlap Mekwei
1excl ngo g?nam ganam ngam k? ~ kat
1incl yo imot
2 ko mot ko kom kmot
3 no nemot

As in Kaure, pronouns are not specified for number in the Nimboran language.[3]


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