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Nikk%C5%8D Kaid%C5%8D

The Five Routes

The Nikk? Kaid? (?) was one of the five routes of the Edo period and it was built to connect Edo (modern-day Tokyo) with the temple-shrine complex of the Mangan-ji and T?sh?sha (now called the Rinn?-ji and T?sh?g?), which are located in the present-day city of Nikk?, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. It was an ancient path that became formalised when power moved to Edo, and was established fully in 1617 by Tokugawa Hidetada, to give safer access to the temple-shrine mausoleum of his father, the first shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was buried there that year.[1] With only twenty-one stations, the Nikk? Kaid? was the shortest of the five routes, and it shares seventeen stations with the ?sh? Kaid?. Part of its route can be traced with Japan's Route 4.

Stations of the Nikk? Kaid?

The 21 stations of the Nikk? Kaid? are listed below in order and are divided by their modern-day prefecture. The present day municipality is listed afterwards in parentheses.


Nihonbashi's highway distance marker
Starting Location: Nihonbashi () (Ch-ku)
1. Senju-shuku () (Adachi-ku) (also part of the Mito Kaid?)

Saitama Prefecture

2. S?ka-shuku () (S?ka)
3. Koshigaya-shuku (?) (Koshigaya)
4. Kasukabe-shuku () (Kasukabe)
5. Sugito-shuku () (Sugito, Kitakatsushika District)
6. Satte-shuku () (Satte)
7. Kurihashi-shuku () (Kuki)

Ibaraki Prefecture

8. Nakada-shuku () (Koga)
9. Koga-shuku () (Koga)

Tochigi Prefecture

10. Nogi-shuku () (Nogi, Shimotsuga District)
11. Mamada-shuku (?) (Oyama)
12. Oyama-shuku () (Oyama)
13. Shinden-shuku () (Oyama)
Yomeimon of T?sh?-g? Shrine
14. Koganei-shuku (?) (Shimotsuke)
15. Ishibashi-shuku () (Shimotsuke)
16. Suzumenomiya-shuku () (Utsunomiya)
17. Utsunomiya-shuku (?) (Utsunomiya)
18. Tokujir?-shuku (?) (Utsunomiya)
19. ?zawa-shuku () (Nikk?)
20. Imaichi-shuku () (Nikk?) (also part of the Nikk? Reiheishi Kaid?)
21. Hatsuishi-shuku () (Nikk?)
Ending Location: Nikk? Shinky? (bridge) (?) (Nikk?)

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