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Nidogens, formerly known as entactins, are a family of sulfated monomeric glycoproteins located in the basal lamina.[1] Two nidogens have been identified in humans: nidogen-1 (NID1) and nidogen-2 (NID2).[2] Remarkably, vertebrates are still capable of stabilizing basement membrane in the absence of either identified nidogen.[3] In contrast, those lacking both nidogen-1 and nidogen-2, typically die prematurely during embryonic development as a result of defects existing in the heart and lungs.[4] Nidogen have been shown to play a crucial role during organogenesis in late embryonic development, particularly in cardiac and lung development.[5] From an evolutionary perspective, nidogens are highly conserved across vertebrates and invertebrates, retaining their ability to bind laminin.[6]

In nematodes, nidogen-1 is necessary for axon guidance, but not for basement membrane assembly.[7]


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