Nicke Andersson
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Nicke Andersson

Nicke Andersson
Nicke Andersson performing with the Hellacopters in 2008.
Nicke Andersson performing with the Hellacopters in 2008.
Background information
Anders Niklas Andersson
Nick Royale, Nicke Hellacopter, David Lee Hellacopter, Punk Andersson
Born (1972-08-01) 1 August 1972 (age 48)
GenresRock, garage rock, hard rock, garage rock revival, punk rock, garage punk, soul, death metal, death 'n' roll, heavy metal, thrash metal, psychedelic rock
Musician, songwriter
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums, clavinet, percussion
LabelsPsychout, Earache, BMG, National, White Jazz, Bad Afro, CBR, Nuclear Blast, polar Music International, Lookout!, Musikexpress, Music for nations, Wild Kingdom, Liquor and Poker Music, Universal, Moon, Easy Action
Lucifer, The Hellacopters, Entombed, The Solution, Death Breath, Imperial State Electric, The Hydromatics, Supershit 666, Nihilist, MC5, Stefan Sundström, Dismember, Neil Leyton, Cold Ethyl

Nicke Andersson (also known as Nick Royale born 1 August 1972), is a Swedish singer, guitarist, drummer, songwriter and composer most known for his work as the singer and guitarist of the successful Grammis award-winning rock band The Hellacopters and drummer for Swedish death metal band Entombed. He has also done work as a producer as well as artwork for most the bands he has been involved with. Besides his work with the Hellacopters, Andersson is currently the drummer and songwriter in the soul band The Solution, the death metal band Death Breath, and the hard rock band Lucifer. Andersson has been involved in well over a hundred different official releases with different bands. He is currently touring with his new project, Imperial State Electric.[1] Andersson was also the drummer of Tiamat in 1989, who were under the name of Treblinka, but he was no longer in the group by that year and he did not record any material with them.

Recording career

Andersson's interest began early in life with KISS as his favorite band and soon discovered his childhood friend and future bandmate Kenny Håkanssons father's record collection and bands such as The Ramones and Sex Pistols. His interest soon turned towards heavier music, trading cassettes and vinyl and writing for fanzines.[2] It wasn't long before Andersson started playing music and was soon playing drums and guitars in rock and metal bands such as Brain Dead Bodies, The Breaking, Belsen Barnen, Parodi, Maximal Skandal, Sons of Satan, Blasphemy, Nihilist and a number of other bands.


Andersson formed Nihilist after answering an ad in Heavy Sound, a record store in Stockholm[2] When Nihilist broke up in 1989, the same musicians formed Entombed with a different bass player. Andersson was predominantly the drummer in the band but also contributed with bass, guitars and vocals as well. Entombed took influences from many different genres but mostly from death metal in the band's first two albums Left Hand Path and Clandestine. With their third album the group started incorporating more traditional influences from hard rock and heavy metal and the album Wolverine Blues is widely considered to be the origin of Death 'n' roll.[3]

The Hellacopters

In late 1994, Andersson formed The Hellacopters as a side project together with Dregen, Kenny Håkansson and Robert Eriksson, all of whom earlier had been roadies during Andersson's time in Entombed. In January 1995 they released their first single Killing Allan on their own label Psychout Records.[4] Their first full-length album Supershitty to the Max! was released in 1996 and was recorded in 25 hours and later awarded with a Grammies. The group recruited Anders Lindström and supported KISS on their Scandinavian shows in 1997. The album was followed up the next year with Payin' the Dues. Due to the band's success, Andersson left Entombed to focus full-time on his new band. However the next year guitarist Dregen left The Hellacopters to focus full-time on his other band Backyard Babies.[5] With their third record The Hellacopters changed the direction of their music to a more cleaner sound than the early garage/punk rock style. The band continued to tour with temporary replacements before Robert 'Strings' Dahlqvist joined the band as their full-time guitarist.[6] The band continued to release albums and tour extensively in Scandinavia, Europe and other parts of the world as well as opening up for The Rolling Stones on two shows in 2002. In 2006 The Hellacopters joined forces with The Hives, Backyard Babies, The Soundtrack of Our Lives and Millencolin and embarked on a successful tour throughout Sweden. In 2007 the band announced that they would be breaking up after the release of their 7th full-length album 'Head off', a collection of cover songs which will be followed by a last tour through Europe and Scandinavia. After the breakup of The Hellacopters Andersson is planning on recording a solo record, exactly what direction the album will take is still not decided.[1]

Scott Morgan collaborations

While on tour in USA with The Hellacopters, the band played several shows in the same venue as the former Sonic's Rendezvous Band singer Scott Morgan. This led to the formation of The Hydromatics which went on to release their first record Parts Unknown in 1999. Andersson and Morgan teamed up once again in 2004 this time under the name The Solution to release Communicate which was followed up with Will Not Be Televised in 2007.[7]

Death Breath

In 2005 Death Breath was formed by Andersson and Robert Pehrsson. Soon Scott Carlson and Erik Wallin joined, making the band's lineup complete. The band plays metal music inspired by some of Andersson's favorite early extreme metal bands such as Venom, Autopsy and Celtic Frost. The band released Stinking Up the Night in 2006 and Let It Stink in 2007.[8]

Cold Ethyl

After the breakup of The Hellacopters, Andersson formed Cold Ethyl along with Thomas Eriksson, Tobias Egge and Dolf De Borst from The Datsuns who opened up together with "Demons" for The Hellacopters during the later part of The Tour Before the Fall. The band states that they have no interest in recording or releasing any material at this time and that the only way to experience the band is through their live shows. the band played their first show at Debaser Slussen in Stockholm early 2009 and held a short tenure at the club "Fanclub".[9]

Imperial State Electric

At first a Nicke Andersson solo recording project Imperial State Electric soon evolved into a touring band with the same members as Cold Ethyl. They toured Scandinavia and Europe during 2010-2011 on the back of the first self-titled record (released Jan. 2010). I.S.E played mostly headline shows and festivals but there were also support act slots to KISS and Guns N' Roses. For the recording of the second album "Pop War" (released 9 March 2012) Imperial State Electric was declared a band proper. The "Pop War" tour was unofficially started with two gigs supporting The Hives, one "by invitation only" secret gig on 28 March 2012 and one official The Hives gig three days later. The Imperial State Electric Pop War tour officially started on 4 April at Katalin in Uppsala, Sweden.

Other work

" have Nicke in the band is the piece de resistance you know, cause he is such a solid musician to begin with, just fundamental, knows music, knows chords, knows melodies, his technique is superior and he has the connection to the music. He gets it, you know, he understands how it all works together. So he's able to work with in the context of it and bring something to it."

Wayne Kramer of the MC5.[10]

In 1998 Andersson, together with former bandmate Dregen, Ginger (from The Wildhearts) and Thomas Skogsberg formed Supershit 666, the band's music was very reminiscent of the early Hellacopters sound.[11] The band released a self-titled EP in 1999 but never played live. However Dregen and Ginger have both expressed interest in playing together again, possibly as Supershit 666.[12] After releasing "By the Grace of God", Andersson was invited to join Wayne Kramer and the remaining members of the MC5 for their reunion tour in 2003 and 2004.[13] In 2004 Andersson joined up with Swedish punk veteran Johan Johansson from KSMB and Strindbergs. They released the single (Komma ut ur matchen) NU!. A Swedish version of (Gotta get som action) NOW! They were joined by musicians such as Anders "Boba" Lindström and Dregen from Hellacopters and Sulo from Diamond Dogs. The single also contained the song 8 pm, an English version of the KSMB song Klockan 8. Along with fellow Hellacopter member Robert Dahlqvist, Andersson recorded drums and guitars for Swedish singer/songwriter Stefan Sundströms 2004 album Hjärtats melodi. Apart from being a producer/co-producer with his own bands, Andersson produced Swedish rock band Dollhouse's second album The Royal Rendezevous in Acetone Studio, Stockholm in late 2005. Also at Acetone Studio he played on Neil Leyton's The Betrayal of the Self album along with Backyard Babies's guitarist Dregen. The next year he produced the Backyard Babies fifth studio album People Like People Like People Like Us.[14] In 2009, it has been announced that Andersson and Neil Leyton have a side-project called The Point, with a 7" single titled "Give it a try" due to be released in the spring of 2010.

Musical equipment



Band timeline

Selected discography

Year Bands Title Notes
1988 Mezzrow Frozen Soul (Demo) Bass
1989 Mezzrow The Cross of Tormention (Demo) Bass
1990 Entombed Left Hand Path Drums, bass, artwork
1991 Dismember Like an Ever Flowing Stream Lead guitar
1991 Entombed Clandestine Drums, lead vocals, artwork
1993 Entombed Hollowman Drums, arrangements
1993 Entombed Wolverine Blues Drums, guitar, artwork
1996 The Hellacopters Supershitty to the Max! Vocals, guitar, maracas
1996 Daemon Seven Deadly Sins Guitars, drums
1997 Entombed DCLXVI: To Ride Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth Drums, percussion
1997 Entombed Entombed Drums, guitar
1997 The Hellacopters Payin' the Dues Vocals, guitar, piano, percussion
1997 Entombed Wreckage Drums
1997 The Hellacopters/Gluecifer Respect the Rock Vocals, guitar
1998 The Backyard Babies Total13 Songwriting
1998 Electric Frankenstein/Hellacopters Electric Frankenstein Vs. The Hellacopters Vocals guitar
1999 The Hellacopters Grande Rock Vocals, guitar
1999 Supershit 666 Supershit 666 Drums
1999 The Hydromatics Part Unknown Drums, percussion backing vocals
1999 The Hydromatics Fluid Drive Drums, percussion
2000 The Hellacopters High Visibility Vocals, guitar, clavinet, percussion
2000 The Hellacopters Cream of the Crap Vol. 1 Vocals, guitar
2001 The Hellacopters/The Flaming Sideburns White Trash Soul Vocals, guitar
2002 Scarve Luminiferous Songwriting
2002 The Hellacopters By the Grace of God Vocals, guitar, percussion, piano
2002 Entombed Sons of Satan Praise the Lord Drums
2002 The Hellacopters Cream of the Crap Vol. 2 Vocals, guitar
2003 Mensen Oslo City Mixing, percussion
2004 Kurt-Sunes med Helveteshundarna (Komma Ut Ur Matchen) NU! Guitar, vocals
2004 The Solution Communicate! Production, drums, percussion, guitar, backing vocals
2004 MC5 Purity Accuracy Guitar, vocals
2004 Stefan Sundström Hjärtats Melodi Drums, backing vocals
2005 The Hellacopters Rock & Roll Is Dead Vocals, guitar, percussion, piano
2005 Nihilist Nihlist (1987-1989) Drums, guitar, artwork
2005 Dollhouse The Royal Rendezevouz Production
2006 Death Breath Stinking Up the Night Drums, guitar
2006 Neil Leyton The Betrayal of the Self Guitar
2006 Jeff Walker Und Die Flüffers Welcome To Carcass Cuntry Vocals
2006 The Hellacopters Air Raid Serenades Vocals, guitar, percussion
2006 Backyard Babies People Like People Like People Like Us Production
2007 Death Breath Let It Stink Drums, guitar, bass
2007 The Solution Will Not Be Televised Production, drums, percussion, guitar, backing vocals, mixing, artwork
2008 The Hellacopters Head Off Vocals, guitar, percussion
2008 Bullet Bite the Bullet Mixing
2009 The Bitter Twins Global Panic! Lead guitar, vocals
2010 Imperial State Electric Imperial State Electric Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keyboard
2010 Stefan Sundström 5 Dagar i Augusti Piano, backing vocals, percussion
2010 Necronaut Necronaut Lead guitar
2011 Imperial State Electric In Concert! EP Vocals, guitar
2011 Stefan Sundström Jonny Dunders Elektriska Circus Live! Piano
2011 Morbus Chron Sleepers in the Rift Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing
2012 '77 High Decibels Production, mixing, additional vocals
2012 Imperial State Electric Pop War Vocals, guitar, production, engineering, artwork
2013 Imperial State Electric Reptile Brain Music Vocals, guitar, production, engineering, artwork
2013 Imperial State Electric Radio Electric Vocals, guitar, production, engineering, artwork
2014 Imperial State Electric Eyes EP Vocals, guitar, production, engineering, artwork
2015 Imperial State Electric Honk Machine Vocals, guitar, production, engineering, artwork
2015 Honeymoon Disease The Transcendence Co-Producer
2016 Imperial State Electric All Through the Night Vocals, guitar, production, engineering, artwork
2018 Imperial State Electric Anywhere Loud (Live) Vocals, guitar, production, engineering, artwork
2018 Lucifer Lucifer II Drums, guitar, bass


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