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MusiCAD is a scorewriter program originally designed for folk music featuring irregular meter (like 22/16 or 'worse'). It can automatically generate accompaniment voices from chord symbols. One of its design goals was to be as predictable as possible: 'what-you-write-is-what-you'll-hear'. Later versions do not focus on folk music anymore and will allow up to 32 voices as well as percussion notation.

The name MusiCAD is a portmanteau of music and computer-aided design.

The DOS/XT and Dutch-only 1.65 version have been available since 1994. Version 2.0 added support for multivoice score editing, and the 3.0 version is available for Microsoft Windows and in English. Like a few other scrorewriters, it uses plain ASCII files for storage. MusiCAD will read and write ABC-notation as well as MIDI, and is capable of writing PDF-files for easy distribution of scores. There is an unlimited-time evaluation mode which allows storing and printing.

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