Muji Language
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Muji Language
Native toChina
Native speakers
55,000 (2007)[1]
Language codes
ymc - Southern Muji
ymq - Qila Muji
ymx - Northern Muji (Bokha)
ybk - Bokha (Black Muji)
ypm - Phuma (Black Muji)

Muji, or Bokha, is a Loloish language cluster spoken by the Phula people of China. It is one of several such languages to go by the name Muji. Muji varieties are Northern Muji, Qila Muji, Southern Muji, and Bokha-Phuma (Pelkey 2011).

The representative Southern Muji dialect studied in Pelkey (2011) is that of Pujiazhai , Adebo Township ?, Jinping County.

Qila Muji is spoken the following 3 villages (Pelkey 2011:166).

  • Qila ,[3] Laojizhai Township ?, southern Jinping County, China
  • Wantan, Jinshuihe Township ?, southern Jinping County, China
  • Muong Gong, northwestern Lai Chau Province, Vietnam


Qila dialect has velar lateral affricates /k, k?, / (Pelkey 2011: 243).


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