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Moodagent Logo.png
Type of businessPrivate
HeadquartersCopenhagen, Denmark
Area servedWorldwide
  • Peter Berg Steffensen
  • Mikael A. Henderson
Key peoplePeter Berg Steffensen/CEO
Mikael A. Henderson/COO
IndustryMusic Data
ProductsSolutions for music recommendations, playlisting, smart radios, search, discovery and analytics.
ParentMoodagent A/S
LaunchedSeptember 2001
Current statusActive

Moodagent is a company specialised in music data, with proprietary methods for recognising emotional and musical characteristics of individual music tracks. The Moodagent brand is developed and owned by the Danish company Moodagent A/S.[1]

The technology behind Moodagent combines digital signal processing, machine learning, AI techniques and human musicology to create music profiles that incorporate characteristics such as mood, emotion, genre, style, instrument, vocal, orchestration, production, and beat/tempo.[2]

Since 2014 Moodagent has focused on delivering music data services on a B2B basis. Products include music metadata, tools for music recommendations, autogeneration of playlists & audio similarity search.[3] Clients include Sony Music, Universal Music Publishing Group, Mood Media, 7digital & TouchTunes.[4]

From 2009 to 2014 Moodagent provided consumer faced products, including mobile apps for music playlists & recommendations (iOS, Android, Nokia Symbian^3 & S40, Blackberry, WebOS, Windows Phone).[5] Moodagent was also included as an online music recommendation service in Winamp and among the first apps chosen for inclusion on Spotify's app platform.[6]



Entrepreneurs and music enthusiasts Peter Berg Steffensen & Mikael A. Henderson founded Moodagent (then under the company name Syntonetic Media Solutions) in 2001 to create an intelligent system that reads the inherent musical and emotional characteristics of each individual track, and strings them together in playlists that matches the style, tempo and current mood of the listener.[7]

An international patent was granted for an automated sequential logic mechanism in 2004,[8] which would form the basis of the Moodagent playlisting technology developed in the following years.


The earliest incarnation of the Moodagent music mobile app was named Playlist DJ, developed specifically for Nokia phones and unveiled at Nokia World 2009.[9]

With the release of a version for Apple's iOS in December 2009,[10] the app was completely redesigned and renamed Moodagent.

New versions of Moodagent soon followed for other platforms: Android,[11] (July 2010), Symbian[12] (January 2011), Winamp[13] (January 2011), Intel AppUp[14] (April 2011), BlackBerry[15] (May 2011), WebOS[16] (the first version of Moodagent designed strictly for tablets, July 2011), Spotify[17] (November 2011), Windows Phone[18] (January 2012), Nokia Asha[19] (February 2014).

When Moodagent announced the discontinuation of all of their B2C offerings in December 2014, the Moodagent apps had been installed on more than 15 millon mobile devices in 175 countries.[20]

The Moodagent music recommendation service preloaded with Winamp was downloaded more than 80 million times.[21]


A shift in focus from consumer faced music apps to selling music technology on a B2B basis was announced in December 2014.[20]

Earlier in 2014, Moodagent announced a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group for the delivery of metadata services.[22]

Several other partnerships have been announced, including deliveries for Mood Media's Mood Mix service[23] and The Electric Jukebox Company.[24]

In September 2016 Moodagent announced a joint partnership with Unruly, Affectiva and Kent State University to bring end-to-end emotional intelligence to digital advertising.[25]

Moodagent updated their official logo in October 2018, while the company webpage was replaced with a single picture of a mobile phone and the text "Launching soon".[26] No further info on what may be launching has been released, but a number of job postings indicates that Moodagent is staffing up to work on what is called a "music service of the future."[27]

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