Mohajer Technical and Vocational College of Isfahan
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Mohajer Technical and Vocational College of Isfahan
Mohajer Technical University of Isfahan (MTU)
TypeLand grant, Minor of Technical University in affinity of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
AffiliationMinistry of Science, Research and Technology (Iran)
ChancellorDr. S. Vahid Modares
Eng. Hossein Madiyeh
Dr. Nasrollah Vali
Eng. Fashid Karimi
PresidentDr. Gholamreza Shams
Administrative staff
378 & 61 Fix personnels
Students8,885 Boys & 625 Girls
Location, ,

The Mohajer Technical University of Isfahan (Persian: ? ‎) is one of the higher education centers in Isfahan, Iran. The old name of this University was "Isfahan Institute of Technology" and then was changed to "Mohajer Technical University" after the 1979 revolution. It is an independent and separated part of the southern side of University of Isfahan enclosures which occupied 84,000 cubic meters in "Hezar Jerib" street of Isfahan. it is also first significant professional higher education center[1] in technical major academic fields in esfahan (And second in whole country) which consists almost all industrial fields of study. Till now, Mohajer provides Associate degree in sixteen and Bachelor's degree in six fields of study.


Pahlavi"-dynasty(suffix) obviously paint-covered by Islamic republic censorship policies on first educate-blocks, built by Austrian contractor, Mr. Mueller.

In 1967 Mohajer center started to train technicians with "Isfahan Institute of Technology" title. Since before 1972 it called "Pahlavi Technical academy of Isfahan" with 30 people staffs and 240 students. Those fame professional-educate-blocks are believed they were result of a contract between budget of school-building share and an austrian contractor, Mr. Mueller. Through Iran revolution and Iran-Iraq War, in 1979 it named after "Mohsen Mohajer" (A martyr) who was studying electricity there. Finally in 2010 after 5 years program of Islamic consultative assembly, Mohajer turns into a university. Affinity of ministry of science, research and technology instead of ministry of education.


Mohajer is very close to some various international industries, such as Mobarakeh Steel Company, SAIRAN and HESA. They conduct their hiring exams in that place and want to employ students from Mohajer center.


Faculty departments and implications[2][circular reference]

Accounting Department

Including commercial accounting associate degree

Group of physical education

Included is an associate degree in physical education.

Electric Institute

Includes three groups which are:

  • Department of Industrial Electrical Power
  • Department of Computer
  • Department of Electronics

Training courses are:

  • Computer Technician
  • Electronic Technician (Electrical) and Power Engineering Technology
  • MB in engineering technology associate's e-mail

Side laboratories workshop are: Institute of Electrical & Computer

  • Microscopy Laboratory pulse techniques
  • Workshop TV and radio

Computer Lab and Internet (including a computer equipped with 6 sites) Industrial Electronics Lab Public Lab electrical machines

  • Workshop command circuit
  • Workshop winding
  • Joint workshops and networking
  • Laboratory

Circuit Lab Lab Contacts

  • Workshop P.L.C
  • Workshop on Computer Components and Hardware
  • Digital Lab

Lab Operational Amplifier

  • General Electric workshop
  • Laboratory of Industrial Control

Development Institute

Departments Institute are:

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Surveying

Courses in the Institute are:

  • Associate mapping
  • Building Technician (Public Works Building)
  • Associate implement concrete building
  • Associate Drawing Architecture

Laboratory workshop side:

  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory

Concrete Lab

  • Reinforcement workshop
  • Welding Workshop Business Card
  • Packing workshop and meter stick
  • Workshop building components
  • Workshop photometry
  • Atelier Architecture
  • Operation mapping / geodesy / Photo Gram try / Cartography

Mechanics Institute

Departments Institute are:

  • Department of manufacturing
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering Car
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering Industries
  • Department of Metallurgy (casting)
  • Department of Utilities
  • Department of Industrial Design

Courses in the Institute are:

  • Auto Mechanic Technician
  • Bachelor of Mechanical
  • Associate Manufacturing and Engineering Manufacturing (ISM tools)
  • Associate manufacturing (ISM molding)
  • Industrial Mechanical Technician
  • Associate General Drawing (Industrial Design)
  • Associate facility MB in thermal plant engineering equipment
  • Associate metallurgical foundry MB in engineering, metallurgy (metallurgical)

Laboratory workshop side:

  • Strength of Materials Laboratory mechanical properties of metals
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Thermodynamics

Hydraulic Lab Pneumatic Lab

  • Laboratory precision measurements
  • Laboratory of Heat
  • Laboratory microscopes
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratories Metals

Lab and meter model

  • Laboratory control systems installations
  • Lab automation installations

Refrigerating thermal installations Lab

  • Workshop C.N.C
  • Modeling workshop
  • Welding Workshop
  • Modular CNC spare parts
  • Auto Electrical Workshop
  • Workshop adjust the steering wheel
  • Workshop diesel fuel
  • Workshop molding materials
  • Automatic installation workshop
  • Heat workshop equipment
  • Workshop billets
  • Refrigeration workshop
  • Heat transfer workshop
  • Workshop gasoline fuel
  • Workshop normal power transmission
  • Automatic power travel over the workshop
  • Workshop perfect car navigation
  • Workshop chassis and body
  • Multiplex workshop
  • Power generating plant
  • Exhibition car mechanic


  • First place national competitions casting (Metallurgical) in 2013 and 2011.[3]

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