Men's 3000 Metres World Record Progression
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Men's 3000 Metres World Record Progression
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Paavo Nurmi setting a 3,000 m world record in Berlin in 1926

The following tables shows the world record progression in the Men's 3000 metres. The International Amateur Athletics Federation, now known as the International Association of Athletics Federations, ratified its first world record in the event in 1912.

To June 21, 2009, 26 world records have been ratified by the IAAF in the event.[1]

Pre-IAAF era, to 1912

Time Athlete Date Place
9:02.4  Louis de Fleurac (FRA) 1904-06-19 Paris, France
8:55.0  Edward Dahl (SWE) 1907-10-27 Norrköping, Sweden
8:54.0  John Svanberg (SWE) 1908-08-21 Stockholm, Sweden
8:49.6  Jean Bouin (FRA) 1911-06-11 Colombes, France
8:48.5  Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) 1911-09-24 Oulunkylä, Finland
8:46.6  Bror Fock (SWE) 1912-05-24 Stockholm, Sweden

IAAF era, from 1912

Time Athlete Date Place
8:36.8  Hannes Kolehmainen (FIN) 1912-07-12[1] Stockholm, Sweden
8:33.2  John Zander (SWE) 1918-08-07[1] Stockholm, Sweden
8:28.6  Paavo Nurmi (FIN) 1922-08-27[1] Turku, Finland
8:27.6  Edvin Wide (SWE) 1925-06-07[1] Halmstad, Sweden
8:25.4  Paavo Nurmi (FIN) 1926-05-24[1] Berlin, Germany
8:20.4  Paavo Nurmi (FIN) 1926-07-13[1] Stockholm, Sweden
8:18.8  Janusz Kusoci?ski (POL) 1932-06-19[1] Antwerp, Belgium
8:18.4  Henry Nielsen (DEN) 1934-07-24[1] Stockholm, Sweden
8:14.8  Gunnar Höckert (FIN) 1936-09-16[1] Stockholm, Sweden
8:09.0  Henry Kälarne (SWE) 1940-08-14[1] Stockholm, Sweden
8:01.2  Gunder Hägg (SWE) 1942-08-28[1] Stockholm, Sweden
7:58.8  Gaston Reiff (BEL) 1949-08-12[1] Gävle, Sweden
7:55.6  Sándor Iharos (HUN) 1955-05-14[1] Budapest, Hungary
7:55.6  Gordon Pirie (ENG) 1956-06-22[1] Trondheim, Norway
7:52.8  Gordon Pirie (ENG) 1956-09-04[1] Malmö, Sweden
7:49.2  Michel Jazy (FRA) 1962-06-27[1] Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France
7:49.0+  Michel Jazy (FRA) 1965-06-23[1] Melun, France
7:46.0  Siegfried Herrmann (GDR) 1965-08-05[1] Erfurt, East Germany
7:39.6  Kipchoge Keino (KEN) 1965-08-27[1] Helsingborg, Sweden
7:37.6  Emiel Puttemans (BEL) 1972-09-14[1] Aarhus, Denmark
7:35.2  Brendan Foster (GBR) 1974-08-03[1] Gateshead, England
7:32.1  Henry Rono (KEN) 1978-06-27[1] Oslo, Norway
7:29.45  Saïd Aouita (MAR) 1989-08-20[1] Cologne, West Germany
7:28.96  Moses Kiptanui (KEN) 1992-08-16[1] Cologne, Germany
7:25.11  Noureddine Morceli (ALG) 1994-08-02[1] Monte Carlo, Monaco
7:20.67  Daniel Komen (KEN) 1996-09-01[1] Rieti, Italy

(+) - indicates en route time during longer race.

Auto times to the hundredth of a second were accepted by the IAAF for events up to and including 10,000 m from 1981.[1]

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