Medieval World Series
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Medieval World Series
The cover of the fourth edition of Medieval Monasticism by C.H. Lawrence, 2015.

The Medieval World Series is a history book series published first by Longman and later by Routledge. Works in the series are intended to be an introduction to the authors' specialist subjects and a summing up of the current scholarship and debates of the relevant subjects.[1]

The founding editor of the series was David Bates. Julia M.H. Smith was a former editor. The editor as of 2015 is Warren C. Brown.[2]

Selected titles


  • The Viking Diaspora, Judith Jesch, 2015.
  • Medieval Monasticism: Forms of Religious Life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages, 4th Edition, C.H. Lawrence, 2015.
  • The Cistercian Order in Medieval Europe 1090-1500, Emilia Jamroziak, 2013.
  • Church and People in the Medieval West, 900-1200, Sarah Hamilton, 2013.
  • The Cathars: Dualist Heretics in Languedoc in the High Middle Ages, 2nd Edition, Malcolm Barber, 2013.
  • Disunited Kingdoms: Peoples and Politics in the British Isles 1280-1460, Michael Brown, 2013.
  • Christian Jewish Relations 1000-1300: Jews in the Service of Medieval Christendom, Anna Sapir Abulafia, 2011.
  • Violence in Medieval Europe, Warren C. Brown, 2010.


  • Europe's Barbarians AD 200-600, Edward James, 2009.
  • Edward the Black Prince: Power in Medieval Europe, David Green, 2007.
  • The Devil's World: Heresy and Society 1100-1300, Andrew Roach, 2005.
  • The Mongols and the West: 1221-1410, Peter Jackson, 2005.
  • The Crusader States and their Neighbours: 1098-1291, P.M. Holt, 2004.
  • The Fourth Crusade: Event and Context, Michael J. Angold, 2003.
  • The Godwins: The Rise and Fall of a Noble Dynasty, Frank Barlow, 2003.
  • Margery Kempe and her world, A.E. Goodman, 2002.
  • The Welsh Princes: The Native Rulers of Wales 1063-1283, Roger K. Turvey, 2002.
  • Crime in Medieval Europe: 1200-1550, Trevor Dean, 2001.
  • The Age of Robert Guiscard: Southern Italy and the Northern Conquest, Graham Loud, 2000.
  • The Reign of Richard Lionheart: Ruler of The Angevin Empire, 1189-1199, Ralph V. Turner & Richard Heiser, 2000.
  • The Age of Charles Martel, Paul Fouracre, 2000.
  • The English Church, 940-1154, H.R. Loyn, 2000.


  • Ambrose: Church and Society in the Late Roman World, John Moorhead, 1999.
  • Alfred the Great: War, Kingship and Culture in Anglo-Saxon England, Richard Abels, 1998.
  • Abbot Suger of St-Denis: Church and State in Early Twelfth-Century France, Lindy Grant, 1998.
  • Charles I of Anjou: Power, Kingship and State-Making in Thirteenth-Century Europe, Jean Dunbabin, 1998.
  • Philip Augustus: King of France 1180-1223, Jim Bradbury, 1997.
  • The Western Mediterranean Kingdoms: The Struggle for Dominion, 1200-1500, David S.H. Abulafia, 1997.
  • The Formation of English Common Law: Law and Society in England from the Norman Conquest to Magna Carta, John Hudson, 1996.
  • Bastard Feudalism, M.A. Hicks, 1995.
  • Medieval Canon Law, James A. Brundage, 1995.
  • Justinian, John Moorhead, 1994.
  • English Noblewomen in the Later Middle Ages, Jennifer C. Ward, 1992.
  • Charles The Bald, Janet L. Nelson, 1992.

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