Mayors and Independents
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Mayors and Independents

Mayors and Independents

Starostové a nezávislí
LeaderVít Raku?an
Deputy LeadersRadim Sr?e?
V?ra Ková?ová
Jan Horník
Chamber of Deputies LeaderJan Farský
Senate LeaderJan Horník
Youth wingYoung Mayors and Independents
Membership (2019)160[1]
Political position
European Parliament groupEuropean People's Party
ColoursSky blue, yellow, Atlantis green, red, white, gray
Chamber of Deputies
European Parliament
Regional councils
Governors of the regions
Local councils

The Mayors and Independents (Czech: Starostové a nezávislí), abbreviated to STAN, is a political party in the Czech Republic. The Mayors and Independents focus on localism[2] and promoting powers for municipalities. The party grew out of four minor parties, including Independent Mayors for the Region,[8] which allied itself with the liberal-conservative SNK European Democrats, and cooperated with the similarly liberal-conservative TOP 09 until 2016.

In the 2013 election to the Chamber of Deputies, STAN won five seats on the TOP 09 list: Jan Farský, Stanislav Pol?ák, V?ra Ková?ová, Franti?ek Vácha and acting leader Petr Gazdík. In the Czech Senate, STAN has four members. The party competes separately in local government elections. In the 2010 local elections, the party won 1,243 councillors, making it the sixth-largest party on local councils.[9]

In the 2017 election to the Chamber of Deputies, STAN won six seats: Petr Gazdík, Jan Farský, V?ra Ková?ová, Vít Raku?an, Martin P?ta (who was replaced by Petr Pavek) and Jana Krutáková.


STAN grew out of NSK (Nezávislí starostové pro kraj; Independent Mayors for Region) founded in 2004 and transformed in 2009. Led by its first Leader Petr Gazdík and Deputy Leader Stanislav Pol?ák elected in 2009, STAN started co-operating with the liberal-conservative TOP 09 at all political levels; with Petr Gazdík leading the TOP 09 and STAN parliamentary group. In 2013, the said co-operation was de facto curtailed to the parliamentary level, i.e. was continued only in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. In 3/2014, Petr Gazdík was succeeded in the STAN leadership by Martin P?ta (Governor, Liberecký Region); and became the First Deputy Leader deputised by Stanislav Pol?ák. Sharing common candidates standing in the 2014 European Parliament election, STAN and TOP 09 polled 15.95% of the votes and gained four seats with one being taken by STAN Deputy Leader Stanislav Pol?ák. In 2016, Martin P?ta was succeeded by Petr Gazdík leading STAN into the regional and Senate elections.


The party's top priorities include: good stewardship, high-quality education, environmental care and heritage protection - investing in education is key to the future prosperity that, however, must be built on the principles of good stewardship (management of public funds, use of energy resources and prudential landscape interventions). In promoting the principle of subsidiarity, STAN encourages localism, decentralisation, reduced bureaucracy and corruption clampdown. STAN further promotes: European integration, high-quality education, investments in science, state economy driven by the principles of a free market with the social aspect and sanctity of private property in mind, and environment protection.

Election results

Leader of the movement Vít Raku?an

Chamber of Deputies

Year Vote Vote % Seats Place Govt?
2010 Ran on TOP 09 list
6th Yes (TOP 09)
2013 Ran on TOP 09 list
8th Decrease No
2017 262,157 5.2
9th No
Billboard in Prague


Election First round Second round Seats won Seats overall +/-
Votes % Places Votes % Places
2012 4,460 0.5 25th -
Steady 0
20141 1,613 7.0 7th -
Steady 0
2014 15,576 1.5 9th 11,099 2.3 9th
Increase 2
2016 43,234 4.9 7th 25,389 6.0 6th
Increase 3
20182 7,615 33.5 1st 30,331 67.11 1st
Increase 1
2018 76,817 7.05 7th 47,317 11.31 3rd
Increase 5
20193 4,514 23.53 2nd 7,070 59.50 1st
Increase 1
2020 122,948 12.3 2nd 104,538 23.1 1st
Increase 7
Leading the movement

1 By-election in Zlín district.
2 By-election in Trutnov district.
3 By-election in Prague-9 district.

Presidential election

Indirect Election Candidate First round result Second round result Third round result
Votes %Votes Result Votes %Votes Result Votes %Votes Result
2008 Jan ?vejnar 128 49.10 Runner-up 141 47.19 Runner-up 111 44.05 Lost
Direct Election Candidate First round result Second round result
Votes %Votes Result Votes %Votes Result
2013 Karel Schwarzenberg 1,204,195 23.40 Runner-up 2,241,171 45.20 Lost
2018 Ji?í Draho? 1,369,601 26.60 Runner-up 2,701,206 48.63 Lost

European Parliament

Year Vote Vote % Seats Place
2009 53,984 2.3
2014 Ran on TOP 09 ticket
2019 Ran on TOP 09 ticket

Regional election

Year Vote1 Vote %1 Seats +/- Place
2008 35,584 1.22
2012 28,763 1.09
31 Increase 5th
2016 101,696 4.02
18 Increase 6th
2020 167,459 6.04
35 Increase 4th

1 Does not include coalitions


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