Listed Buildings in the United Kingdom
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Listed Buildings in the United Kingdom
Map of the United Kingdom

This is a list of listed buildings in the United Kingdom.

The organization of the lists in this series is on the same basis as the statutory registers, which generally rely on counties. For England and Wales, the county names are broadly those of the ceremonial counties of England and Wales and do not always match the current administrative areas, whereas in most cases they parallel the current subdivisions of Scotland. In Northern Ireland the province's six traditional counties are used, and these are unchanged in modern times.

Different classifications of listed buildings are used in different parts of the United Kingdom:

# of Sites
# of Sites
# of Sites
# of Sites
Northern Ireland
# of Sites
Grade I 9,309 n/a 488 n/a 9,797
Grade II* 21,768 n/a 2,104 n/a 23,872
Grade II 343,004 n/a 27,333 n/a 370,337
Category A n/a 3,707 n/a n/a 3,707
Category B n/a 23,839 n/a n/a 23,839
Category C n/a 20,103 n/a n/a 20,103
Grade A n/a n/a n/a 206 206
Grade B+ n/a n/a n/a 578 578
Grade B1 n/a n/a n/a
Grade B2 n/a n/a n/a
Total 374,081[1] 47,649[2] 29,925 ~8,500[3] ~460,000

Listed buildings in the United Kingdom

The lists for the countries of the UK are at:

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  • Full list. Many of the entries are private houses or village churches which are unlikely to have a resource page of their own.

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