Progressive Rock Supergroups
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List of Progressive Rock Supergroups

This is a list of progressive rock supergroups, with each band's founding line-up and members who joined within a year of founding. This list contains only groups which have performed more than a single song or live show together.

List of progressive rock supergroups by decade


Founded Band/project name Members Notes
1970 Emerson, Lake & Palmer[1] Albums: Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Tarkus, Trilogy, Brain Salad Surgery, and more
1971 Captain Beyond[2] Albums: Captain Beyond, Sufficiently Breathless, Dawn Explosion
1971 Matching Mole Albums: Matching Mole, Matching Mole's Little Red Record
1973 Badger Albums: One Live Badger, White Lady
1974 Refugee Albums: Refugee
1975 National Health Albums: National Health, Of Queues and Cures, D.S. Al Coda, Playtime
1976 801 Albums: 801 Live, Listen Now, Manchester University
1977 UK Albums: U.K., Danger Money, Night After Night and more.
1977 Strontium 90 Albums: Strontium 90: Police Academy (released 1997)
1978 Soft Heap/Soft Head[3] Albums: Rogue Element, Soft Heap, A Veritable Centaur


Founded Band/project name Members Notes
1981 Asia[4][5] Albums: Asia, Alpha, Astra, and more
1982 In Cahoots Albums: In Cahoots Live 86-89, Digging In, Live in Japan, Recent Discoveries, Parallel, Out of the Blue, All That
1983 Moraz - Bruford Albums: Music for Piano and Drums, Flags
1983 News from Babel Albums: Work Resumed on the Tower, Letters Home
1986 GTR Album: GTR


Founded Band/project name Members Notes
1991 Short Wave Album: Short Wave Live
1992 The Chris Squire Experiment Toured, but released no albums. Later re-emerged as Conspiracy
1997 Bozzio Levin Stevens Albums: Black Light Syndrome, Situation Dangerous
1997 Explorers Club Albums: Age of Impact, Raising the Mammoth
1997 Rudess/Morgenstein Project Albums: Rudess/Morgenstein Project, The Official Bootleg
1998 Gordian Knot Albums: Gordian Knot, Emergent
1998 Liquid Tension Experiment Albums: Liquid Tension Experiment, Liquid Tension Experiment 2
1999 Bruford Levin Upper Extremities Albums: Bruford Levin Upper Extremities, B.L.U.E. Nights
1999 Qango Album: Live in the Hood
1999 Planet X Albums: Universe, Live From Oz, MoonBabies, Quantum
1999 Transatlantic Albums: SMPT:e, Live in America, Bridge Across Forever, Live in Europe, The Whirlwind, Kaleidoscope


Founded Band/project name Members Notes
2000 Conspiracy

Guest musicians:

Albums: Conspiracy, The Unknown
  • Band began in 1992 as the Chris Squire Experiment
2000 John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess Album: An Evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess
2002 The Tangent Albums: The Music That Died Alone, The World That We Drive Through, A Place in the Queue
2002 21st Century Schizoid Band Albums: Official Bootleg V.1, Live in Japan, Live in Italy, Pictures Of A City -- Live in New York
2002 Jelly Jam Albums: Jelly Jam, Jelly Jam 2, Shall We Descend
2003 OSI (Office of Strategic Influence)

Guest musicians:

Albums: Office of Strategic Influence, Free, Blood, Fire Make Thunder
2004 Altera Enigma

Former member:

Albums: Alteration
2005 White Albums:
Loyal (unreleased)

White (2006)

2006 Circa Album: Circa 2007
2007 Amaran's Plight Album: Voice in the Light
2007 UKZ EP: Radiation
2009 Yoso Album: Elements
2009 Floating Me Album: Floating Me


Founded Band/project name Members Notes
2012 Flying Colors Albums: Flying Colors, Second Nature
2014 The Birds of Satan Album: The Birds of Satan
2017 Sons of Apollo Album: Psychotic Symphony

Star coverbands

Founded Band/project name Members Notes
1993 Spin 1ne 2wo The band covered classic rock songs by Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Blind Faith, Steely Dan and Bob Dylan.
2003 Yellow Matter Custard The Beatles cover band.
2006 Hammer of the Gods Led Zeppelin cover band.
2006 Cygnus and the Sea Monsters Rush cover band.
2007 Amazing Journey The Who cover band.

Abortive projects

Founded Band/project name Members Notes
c. 1976 British Bulldog[6] Rehearsed, but project fell apart. Some material later re-used on UK's first album and on Rick Wakeman's Criminal Record.
1980 unnamed band Group proposed by Geffen Records, but Wakeman walked out before the band had ever played together; described in Wakeman's autobiography "Say Yes!".[7]
1981 XYZ Recorded demos; some material later re-used in other bands.


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