List of Post-grunge Bands
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List of Post-grunge Bands

This is an alphabetical list of rock music groups whose primary genre is post-grunge.



Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Acroma 1999-2004 Salt Lake City, Utah
Adelitas Way 2005-present Las Vegas, Nevada
Age of Days 2012-present Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Radioactivity (2013)
Age of Daze
pre-Age of Days
2005-2011 Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Hollywood Ending (2008)
Alter Bridge 2004-present Orlando, Florida
Another Animal 2006-present Pittsfield, New Hampshire
Aranda 2001-present Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Army of Anyone 2005-2007 Los Angeles, California
Art of Dying 2005-present Vancouver, British Columbia
Atom Smash 2006-present Miami, Florida
  • Love Is in the Missile (2010)
  • Beautiful Alien (2012)
  • Passage to the Sun (2013)
Audioslave 2001-2007 Glendale, California
Audiovent 1993-2004 Calabasas, California
Axium 1999-2006 Kansas City, Missouri


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Ben Moody 1995-present Little Rock, Arkansas
Better Than Ezra 1988-present Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Birdbrain 1992-1997 Boston, Massachusetts
Black Stone Cherry 2001-present Edmonton, Kentucky
Bleeker Ridge 2003-present Orillia, Ontario
Bonehead 1994-2003, 2005-present Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Fade (1999)
  • Broken and Glued (2007)
Breaking Benjamin 1998-2010, 2014-present Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Breaking Point 1999-2007, 2011 Memphis, Tennessee
Brides of Destruction 2002-2006 Los Angeles, California
Burn Halo 2007-present Orange County, California; Tulsa, Oklahoma
Burn Season 2001-2007, 2009, 2010-present Jacksonville, Florida
Bush 1992-2002, 2010-present London, England


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Call Me No One 2012-present United States
Calling, The 1999-2005, 2013-present Los Angeles, California
Candlebox 1990-2000, 2006-present Seattle, Washington
Cavo 2001-present St. Louis, Missouri
Chevelle 1995-present Grayslake, Illinois
Chris Cornell
Soundgarden, Audioslave
1984-2017 Seattle, Washington
cKy 1998-present West Chester, Pennsylvania
Cold 1996-2006, 2009-present Jacksonville, Florida
Collective Soul 1992-present Stockbridge, Georgia
Course of Nature 2001-present Enterprise, Alabama
Creed 1995-2004, 2009-2012 Tallahassee, Florida
Crossfade 1999-present Columbia, South Carolina


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Dark New Day 2004-2008, 2012 Florida; Georgia; Kentucky; Ohio
Daughtry 2006-present McLeansville, North Carolina
David Cook
1999-present Houston, Texas
Day of Fire 2003-2010 Nashville, Tennessee
Days of the New 1995-present Charlestown, Indiana
Decyfer Down 1999-present Morehead City, North Carolina
deepfield 2005-2011 Charleston, South Carolina
Default 1999-present Vancouver, British Columbia
Devilhead 1993-1998 Seattle, Washington
Dinosaur Pile-Up 2007-present Leeds, West Yorkshire
Dishwalla 1994-2006, 2008-present Santa Barbara, California
doubleDrive 1996-2003 Atlanta, Georgia
Dogstar 1991-2002 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dropbox 2002-2006 New York City, New York
Drowning Pool 1996-present Dallas, Texas
Dust for Life 1999-2008 Memphis, Tennessee
  • Dust For Life (1999)
  • Dust For Life (2000)
  • Degrees of Black (2003)
  • The Consequence of Vanishing (2008)



Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Failure 1990-1997, 2014-present Los Angeles, California
Failure Anthem 2013-present Greensboro, North Carolina
Familiar 48
2002-2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Feeder 1992-present Newport, Wales
Filter 1993-present Cleveland, Ohio
Finger Eleven 1989-present Burlington, Ontario
Fireflight 1999-present Orlando, Florida
Flightside 1992-1995, 2012-present Uxbridge, England
  • Circles EP (1993)
  • M.C.K EP (1994)
  • Shark (2012)
Flyleaf 2002-present Belton, Texas; Temple, Texas
Flys, The 1994-2002 Los Angeles, California
Foo Fighters 1995-present Seattle, Washington
Forty Foot Echo 2002-present Vancouver, British Columbia
Fuel 1989-present Jackson, Tennessee
Future Leaders of the World 2003-2005, 2009-present Little Rock, Arkansas


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Ga Ga's, The 2002-2006 London, England
  • Tonight the Midway Shines (2005)
Gavin Rossdale
Bush, Institute
1983-present London, England
Godsmack 1995-present Lawrence, Massachusetts
Gracious Few, The 2009-present York, Pennsylvania
Green Apple Quick Step 1992-1998, 2009-present Seattle, Washington
Greta 1990-1995 Los Angeles, California
Grey Daze 1993–1998 Phoenix, Arizona
  • Wake Me (1994)
  • ...No Sun Today (1997)
Grinspoon 1995-present Lismore, New South Wales
pre-Three Days Grace
1992–1997 Norwood, Ontario
  • Wave of Popular Feeling (1995)
Guano Apes 1994-2006, 2009-present Göttingen, Germany


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Halestorm 1998-present Red Lion, Pennsylvania
hHead 1991-1997 Toronto, Ontario
Hinder 2001-present Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Home Town Hero 2000–2004 Los Angeles, California
Hoobastank 1994-present Agoura Hills, California
Hurt 2000-present Virginia


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Incubus 1991-present Calabasas, California
Injected 1995-present Atlanta, Georgia
InMe 1996-present Essex, England
Institute 2004-2006 United States



Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Kilgore 1991-2000, 2007, 2016 Providence, Rhode Island
Kutless 1999-present Portland, Oregon


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Life of Agony 1989-1999, 2002-2012 Brooklyn, New York
Lifehouse 1999-present Los Angeles, California
Like a Storm 2005-present Auckland
Limblifter 1996-present Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Limblifter (1996)
  • Bellaclava (2000)
  • I/O (2004)
Live 1988-2009, 2011-present York, Pennsylvania
Logan 2003-present Glasgow, Scotland
Lostprophets 1997-2013 Pontypridd, Wales
Lynda Thomas 1989-2002 Los Angeles, California



Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Nickelback 1995-present Hanna, Alberta
Night Shift 1991-present Belgrade
Nine Black Alps 2003-present Manchester, England
Nixons, The 1990–2000, 2001–2002 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Foma (1995)
  • The Nixons (1997)
  • Baton Rouge (1998)
  • Latest Thing (2000)


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Oleander 1995-2004, 2008-present Sacramento, California
Operator 2003-present Los Angeles, California
Our Lady Peace 1992-present Toronto, Ontario


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Palomar 1998 Lawrence, Kansas
Paw 1990-2000, 2008 Lawrence, Kansas
Pluto 1993-1999 Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Cool Way to Feel (1995)
  • Pluto (1996)
  • Shake Hands with the Future (1998)
Pop Evil 2001-present Grand Rapids, Michigan
The Pretty Reckless 2009-present New York City, New York
Projected 2012-present United States
The Prom Kings 2001-2006 Los Angeles, California
Puddle Of Mudd 1992-present Kansas City, Missouri


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Red 2004-present Nashville, Tennessee
Red Sun Rising 2007-present Akron, Ohio
Remy Zero 1989-2003, 2010 Birmingham, Alabama
Rev Theory 2002-present North Andover, Massachusetts
Revis 1999-2005, 2010-2012 Carbondale, Illinois
Rubyhorse 1988-2005 Cork, Ireland
  • A Lifetime In One Day (1995)
  • Rise (2002)
  • Goodbye To All That (2004)


Band Years active Origin Studio albums
SafetySuit 2002-present Tulsa, Oklahoma
Saint Asonia 2015-present Toronto, Ontario
Saron Gas
1999-2002 Pretoria, South Africa
  • Fragile (2000)
Saving Abel 2004-present Corinth, Mississippi
Scott Stapp
1994-present Orlando, Florida
Seether 1999-present Pretoria, South Africa
Semisonic 1995-present Minneapolis, Minnesota
Seven Mary Three 1992-present Williamsburg, Virginia
Shaman's Harvest 1996-present Jefferson City, Missouri
Shinedown 2001-present Jacksonville, Florida
Sick Puppies 1997-present Sydney, New South Wales
Silverchair 1992-2003, 2006-2011 Newcastle, New South Wales
Since October 2005-present Bradenton, Florida
Sinch 1994-present Doylestown, Pennsylvania
Slaves to Gravity 2006-2011 London, England
Smile Empty Soul 1998-present Santa Clarita, California
Socialburn 2000-2007 Blountstown, Florida
SOiL 1997-present Chicago, Illinois
Souls Harbor 2001-present Beaufort, South Carolina
  • Writings on the Wall (2006)
  • Anxiety Society (2010)
Sponge 1991-present Detroit, Michigan
Staind 1995-2012 (hiatus) Springfield, Massachusetts
Stereo Fuse 2000-present Dallas, Texas
Stiltskin 1989-1996; 2006-present Coatbridge, United Kingdom
Stone Sour 1992-1997, 2002-present Des Moines, Iowa
Submersed 2000-2008 Stephenville, Texas
Subways, The 2000-present Hertfordshire, England
Sugartooth 1993-1997 Los Angeles, California
Switchfoot 1996-present San Diego, California



Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Unified Theory
former Blind Melon members supergroup
1998-2001 Seattle, Washington



Band Years active Origin Studio albums
Watchmen, The 1988-2003, 2008-present Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winterville 2003-2007 County Durham, England
Within Reason 2005-present Birmingham, Alabama
  • Bloodshot Life (2009)
  • After the Crawl (2012)

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