List of Political Parties in Basilicata
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List of Political Parties in Basilicata

The Politics of Basilicata, Italy takes place in a framework of a presidential representative democracy, whereby the President of Regional Government is the head of government, and of a pluriform multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the Regional Government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Regional Council.

Executive branch

The Regional Government (Giunta Regionale) is presided by the President of the Region (Presidente della Regione), who is elected for a five-year term, and is composed by the President and the Ministers (Assessori), who are currently 6, including a Vice President.[1]

List of Presidents

Legislative branch

The Regional Council of Basilicata (Consiglio Regionale della Basilicata) is composed of 30 members. 24 councillors are elected in provincial constituencies by proportional representation using the largest remainder method with a Droop quota and open lists, while 6 councillors (elected in bloc) come from a "regional list", including the President-elect. One seat is reserved for the candidate who comes second. If a coalition wins more than 50% of the total seats in the Council with PR, only 3 candidates from the regional list will be chosen and the number of those elected in provincial constituencies will be 26. If the winning coalition receives less than 40% of votes special seats are added to the Council to ensure a large majority for the President's coalition.[2]

The Council is elected for a five-year term, but, if the President suffers a vote of no confidence, resigns or dies, under the simul stabunt, simul cadent clause introduced in 1999 (literally they will stand together or they will fall together), also the Council is dissolved and a snap election is called.[3]

Local government


Province Inhabitants[4] President Party Election
Matera 198,190 Pietro Marrese Democratic Party 2018
Potenza 365,304 Rocco Guarino Civic List 2018


Provincial capitals

Municipality Inhabitants[4] Mayor Party Election
Matera 60,459 Raffaello De Ruggieri Independent (centre-right) 2015
Potenza 66,809 Mario Guarente League 2019

Parties and elections

Latest regional election

In the latest regional election, which took place on 24 March 2019, Vito Bardi of Forza Italia was elected President, ending 24 years of dominance by the centre-left coalition. The League, which fielded candidates for the first time in the region, was the largest party.

Basilicata Regional Council 2019.svg
Candidates Votes % Seats Parties Votes % Seats
Vito Bardi 124,716 42.20 1 League 55,393 19.15 6
Forza Italia 26,457 9.14 3
Brothers of Italy 17,112 5.91 1
Identity and Action 12,094 4.18 1
Positive Basilicata-Bardi for President 11,492 3.97 1
Total 122,548 42.36 12
Carlo Trerotola 97,866 33.11 1 Forward Basilicata 24,957 8.63 2
Democratic Party 22,423 7.65 2
Progressives for Basilicata 12,908 4.46 -
Italian Socialist Party 10,913 3.77 -
Basilicata First 9,748 3.37 -
Democratic Centre - Popular Project 9,559 3.30 -
Federation of the Greens-Reality Italy 5,492 1.90 -
Total 96,000 33.18 4
Antonio Mattia 60,070 20.32 - Five Star Movement 58,658 20.27 3
Valerio Tramutoli 12,912 4.37 - Possible Basilicata 12,124 4.19 -
Invalid votes 11,624 -
Total candidates 307,188 100.00 2 Total parties 289,330 100.00 19
Registered voters 573,970 53.52
Source: Ministry of the Interior - Results


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