Percussion Instruments
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List of Percussion Instruments
Collection of percussion instruments

This is a wide-ranging, inclusive list of percussion instruments.

It includes:

These three groups overlap heavily, but inclusion in any one is sufficient for an instrument to be included in this list. However, when only a specific subtype of the instrument qualifies as a percussion instrument, only that subtype is listed here. For example, a samba whistle (or apito) is an unpitched percussion instrument, but a whistle in general is not.

For brevity, synonyms represented in resource by redirects to a main article are not listed, but may be mentioned as a note. Only the main article names are listed in these cases. For example, apito is listed but samba whistle is merely noted as an alternate name. A distinct instrument or type represented only by a redirect to an article section should however be shown. Instruments represented only by redlinks have no resource articles as yet but are shown.

See list of percussion instruments by type for some shorter, more focused lists. Use the sorting arrows on the common usage column to group instruments as pitched, unpitched or both. Use the sorting arrows on the Classification column to group instruments according to their Hornbostel-Sachs classification.

Percussion instruments

Name(s) Picture Origin Common usage

Pitched /Unpitched /Both

Hornbostel-Sachs Classification References and notes
Aburukuwa   Ghana Unpitched 211 Membranophone  
Acme siren Hudsons The ACME City Patent Whistle (13187381764).jpg England Unpitched Aerophone  
Afoxé Abe agbe afoxe.jpg Brazil Unpitched 112.122 Idiophone  
Agogô AgogoNoir-2tons2.JPG Yoruba Unpitched 111.242 Idiophone Commonly used in Samba.
Agung Agung 08.jpg Philippines Unpitched 111.241.2 Idiophone  
Agung a tamlang Agung a Tamlang.jpg Philippines   111.24 Idiophone  
Alarm device Old-style fire alarm horn.jpg   Both   May be electronic or mechanical
Alfaia Music instrument alfaia.jpg Brazil Unpitched 211.212.1 Membranophone  
Alligator drum   China Unpitched 211.2 Membranophone  
Angklung Eight-pitch Angklung, Mitchell Park, Milwaukee.jpg Indonesia Pitched 111.232 Idiophone [1]
Anvil Anvil by Zureks.jpg   Unpitched 111 Idiophone A similar-sounding alternative is often used due to the weight of the blacksmith's anvil[2]
Apito SambaWhistle.jpg Brazil Unpitched 421.221.11 Aerophone Also known as samba whistle. Some apitos produce up to three different tones, but none of these is normally used as a pitched note.[3]
Ashiko Ashiko.jpg Yoruba Unpitched 211.251.1 Membranophone  
Atabaque Atabaque (confeccionado por Pancho Piñones).JPG Brazil Unpitched 211.221.1 Membranophone  
Babendil Babendil 01.jpg Philippines Unpitched 111.242.1 Idiophone  
Bak Bak EthnM.jpg Korea Unpitched 111.12 Idiophone  
Balafon Balafoon.jpg Mali Pitched 111.212 Idiophone  
Bamboula     Unpitched 211.212.1 Membranophone  
Bara   West Africa Unpitched 211.11 Membranophone  
Bass drum WLA nyhistorical Bass drum 1836.jpg   Unpitched 211.212.1 Membranophone  
Batá drum Bata drums.jpg Nigeria Unpitched 211.242.12 Membranophone  
Beatboxing Mike Patton-39.jpg   Both 4 Aerophone  
Bedug Beduk Keraton Kasepuhan.jpg Indonesia Unpitched 211.212.1 Membranophone  
Bell Gfp-china-beijing-bell.jpg China Both 111.242 Idiophone  
Bell plate Bell Plates (from LA Percussion Rentals).jpg Asia Pitched 111.222 Idiophone  
Bell tree Belltree.png   Unpitched 111.242.221 Idiophone Often confused with mark tree
Bendir Bendir.jpg North Africa Unpitched 211.311 Membranophone  
Berimbau Berimbau 1.jpg Brazil Pitched Chordophone  
Bianzhong Bianzhong.jpg China Pitched Idiophone  
Binzasara Binzasara 2.jpg Japan Unpitched Idiophone  
Bo   China Unpitched Idiophone  
Bock-a-da-bock     Unpitched 111.1 Idiophone  
Bodhrán Bodhran.jpg Ireland Unpitched 211.321 Membranophone  
Body percussion Haka at Mitai.jpg   Unpitched Membranophone  
Bombo criollo Bombos (2896447435).jpg   Unpitched Membranophone  

IndonesiaPitched111.241.2 Idiophone 

Bones (instrument)Bones mus.jpg Unpitched111.11 Idiophone Bongo drumBongo.jpgCubaUnpitched211.251.2 Membranophone Boobam United StatesUnpitched211.211.1 Membranophone BoomwhackerBoomwhaker diatonic playing.jpgUnited StatesPitchedIdiophonePlastic percussion tubesBougarabouBougarabou der Firma www.djembe-shop com.jpgWest AfricaUnpitched211.261.2 Membranophone Bubon UkraineUnpitched232.311 MembranophoneType of skinned TambourineBukKorea-Gyeongbokgung-Guard.ceremony-14.jpgKoreaUnpitched211.222.1 Membrarophone CabasaCabasa.jpg Unpitched112.122 Idiophone Cajón PeruUnpitched111.24 IdiophoneBox DrumCajón de rumbaCajónRumbero.JPGCubaUnpitched111.24 Idiophone CalungCOLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Xylofoon van bamboe met vijftien toetsen onderdeel van tjalung-ensemble TMnr 1029-11a.jpgIndonesiaPitched111.232 Idiophone Carimbo AfricaUnpitchedMembranophone Candombe drums6ta. Llamada de Candombe (6575098947).jpgUruguayUnpitchedMembranophone CannonCannon Riga.JPG UnpitchedPyrophoneUsed in 1812 OvertureCantaro Mexico   CarillonCarillon Olympiapark Muenchen.jpgBelgiumPitched111.242.2 IdiophoneA type of bell tower inner workings.CastanetsCastanuelas1.jpg Unpitched111.141 Idiophone CaxirolaCarlinhos Brown com Caxirolas.jpgBrazilUnpitchedIdiophone CaxixiCaxixi.jpgWest AfricaUnpitched112.13African basket rattleCelestaHelmes Celesta, RCA Studio B.jpgFrancePitched111.222 IdiophoneAs a keyboard instrument, not part of the percussion section of the orchestra[4]ChácarasChakara.JPGCanary IslandsUnpitched111.141 Idiophone ChendaChenda.JPGIndiaUnpitched211.212 Membranophone Chime barBar chime.JPG Pitched111.221 Idiophone Chime (bell instrument)CN - Hubei - Wuhan - Hubei Provincial Museum - Chime bells.JPG Pitched111.242.2 Idiophone China cymbalChina cymbal.jpg Unpitched111.24 Idiophone CimbalomCimbalom (from Emil Richards Collection).jpg PitchedChordophone ClapperChaozhouban.jpg UnpitchedIdiophone ClappingHands-Clapping.jpg UnpitchedIdiophone Clap stickClapsticks.JPGAustraliaUnpitched111.11 Idiophone Clash cymbalsChinese New Year Seattle 2007 - 25.jpg Unpitched111.142 Idiophone ClavesClaves.jpg Unpitched111.11 Idiophone ClavichordClavicorde Lépante.JPG Pitched314.122-4-8 ChordophoneSound formed by striking the strings, but played as a keyboard instrumentClay drum     Cocktail drumCocktail drum.jpg UnpitchedMembranophone CongaPair of congas.jpgCubaUnpitched211.221.1 Membranophone CowbellKoebel.jpg Both111.242 IdiophoneTuned cowbells are known as almglocken or alpine bells[5]CrotaleCymbal NAM Athens 7959.jpg Both111.24 Idiophone CrystallophoneCrystallophone (3277689654).jpg PitchedIdiophone CuícaCuica ArM.jpgDisputedPitched231.11 Friction Membranophone Cup chimeBell splash cymbal.JPG Pitched111.24 IdiophoneThe only pitched cymbal, it is identical to a bell cymbal in all but usageCymbalSound Mania.JPG Unpitched111 Idiophone DabakanDabakan 05.jpgPhilippinesUnpitched211 Membranophone, although shape is variously described as goblet, hourglass, conical, or tubular. DafDaf-isfahan.jpgIranUnpitched211.311 MembranophoneAlso known as Dafli, Dap, Def, Tef, Defi, Gaval, Duf, and larger ones defi or daireDamaruDamaru.jpgSouth AsiaUnpitched212 MembranophoneType of Pellet drum.DamphuDamfu nepal.jpgNepalUnpitchedMembranophone ?àn tam th?p l?c VietnamPitchedChordophoneType of hammered dulcimer.Davul2009 Ottawa Turkish Festival davul.jpg Unpitched211.212 Membranophone DaxophoneDaxophone.jpgGermanyPitched132.1 Friction IdiophoneBowed percussion invented by Hans ReichelDayerehDaf-Khalaj.jpgIranUnpitched211.311 MembranophoneAlso known as doyra, dojra, dajre, doira, dajrejaDen-den daikoDendendaiko.jpgJapanUnpitched212 MembranophoneType of Pellet drum.Derkach UkraineUnpitched112.24 IdiophoneType of ratchettDhaa NepalUnpitched211.212 Membranophone Dhimay NepalUnpitched211.212 Membranophone DholakDholak.jpgSouth AsiaBoth211.222.1 MembranophoneAlso known as dholki, similar to dohlDholDhols.JPGIndiaBoth211.212.1 MembranophoneThe bass head is pitched, the treble often unpitched, see pitched percussion instruments easily mistaken for unpitchedDholak India Membranophone Dimdi IndiaUnpitched211.311 Membranophone DjembeDjembé's.jpgMandinkaUnpitched211.261.1 Membranophone Dohol Middle EastBoth211.212.1 Membranophone DolluDollu-kunitha.jpgIndiaUnpitched211.222.1 Membranophone ?ông S?n drumsDrumFromSongDaVietnamDongSonIICultureMid1stMilleniumBCEBronze.jpgVietnam  Bronze drumsDrum stickDeath DTA Gene Hoglan Motocultor 15 08 2015 02.jpg Unpitched111.11 Idiophone DununDoundoun.jpgMandéBoth211.212.1 MembranophoneIn ballet style playing, a repeating melody is played on three pitched drumsEgg shakerGanza 10cm.JPG Unpitched112.13 Idiophone EkweEkwe.jpgNigeriaUnitched111.24 IdiophoneA type of Slit drumElectronic drumSimmons SDS5 Electric Drum.jpgEnglandBoth53 Electrophone Esterilla ColombiaUnpitchedIdiophone FerrinhoBino Branco with Ferrinho.jpgCape VerdeUnpitchedIdiophone FiddlesticksEmilyplayingthestraws.jpg  Chordophone Finger snapping">File:Snapping fingers.ogvPlay media UnpitchedIdiophone FlexatoneFlexatone Apr2005.jpg Unpitched112.12 Idiophone Flower drum ChinaUnpitchedIdiophone Fontomfrom Ghana Membranophone Found object     Frame drumDrums for sale at the National Museum of the American Indian.jpg Unpitched211.3 Membranophone Friction drumRummelpott.jpg BothMembranophoneA drum where a stick or chord is drawn through a hole in the membrane to make a sound.Galgo KoreaUnpitched211.242.1 Membranophone GandinganGandingan 04.jpgPhilippinesUnpitched111.241.2 Idiophone GanzáGanzá.jpgBrazilUnpitched112.13 Gbedu YorubaUnpitchedMembranophone GendèrTraditional indonesian instrument being played at the indonesian embassy.jpgIndonesiaPitched111.222 Idiophone GeophoneGeophonephoto.jpgFranceUnpitchedMembranophone GhatamGhatam.jpgIndiaUnpitchedIdiophone GlasschordGlasschord by Beyer, 1786.png    Glass harmonicaThomasBlochHandsGlassharmonica low notes on left and high notes on right.jpgUnited StatesPitched133.2 IdiophoneSpecifically a friction IdiophoneGlass harpGlasharfenspielerin.jpgIrelandPitched133.2 IdiophoneSpecifically a friction IdiophoneGlockenspielGlockenspiel-malletech.jpg Pitched111.222 Idiophone Goblet drumGoblet drum 01.jpg Unpitched211.261 MembranophoneGeneric type by construction, see also individual instrument namesGoema South AfricaUnpitchedMembranophone GongMiniature orchestral gong.jpgChinaPitched111.241.1 Idiophone Gong bass drumGong Drum (from Emil Richards Collection).jpgJapanUnpitched211.311 Membranophone GonguêGonguê.jpgBrazilUnpitched111.242 Idiophone Gubguba India 32 Chordophone Gudugudu YorubaPitched211.11 Membranophone GüiraGuira from Dominican Repub.jpgDominican RepublicUnpitched112.23 Idiophone Güiro180 Museu de la Música, el Bosc.jpg Unpitched112.23 IdiophoneAlso known as scraperHammered dulcimerHammered dulcimer.JPG PitchedChordophoneListed as a stringed instrument in some classificationsHand bellHandbells Whitechapel.jpgEnglandBoth111.242 Idiophone HandchimeHand Chimes.jpg Pitched111.231 Idiophone Hand-repiqueHand-repique.jpgBrazilUnpitched211.211.1 Membranophone HangPanart hang.jpgSwitzerlandPitched111.24 Idiophone Hi-hatHihat123.jpg Unpitched111.142 Idiophone HoshoHosho instrument.jpgZimbabweUnpitched112.13 Idiophone Huiringua    Type of slit drumHydraulophoneHydraulophone installation at pinehill estates dsc14proc.jpg    HyoshigiHyoshigi01.jpgJapanUnpitched111.11 Idiophone Igba  UnpitchedMembranophone Ikembe">File:Kisanji.ogvPlay mediaAfricaPitched122.1 IdiophoneLamellophoneIkoroIkoro.jpgNigeriaUnpitched111.24 Idiophone Ilimba ZimbabweUnpitched211.11 Membranophone Jam blockJam Block on white background.jpg Unpitched111.2 Idiophone Janggu / Janggo / ChanggoJanggu.jpgKoreaPitched211.242.1 Membranophone JawboneQuijada.jpgPeruUnpitched112.211 Idiophone Jew's harpJewsHarpCivilWar.jpgChina?Pitched121.2 Lamellophone JhallariJhallari.JPGIndiaPitchedChordophone JingleTambourin Détail.jpg    JunjungSerer Royal War Drum (Jung-Jung). 19th Century. Jung-Jung From The Kingdom of Sine (in modern day Senegal).jpgSererUnpitchedMembranophone KakkoInstrumentos de musica japonesa. El Hing-Ku (1882).jpgJapanUnpitched211.212.1 Membranophone KanjiraKanjira.JPGIndiaUnpitched211.311 Membranophone KaryendaGitega drums.JPG    KeberoÄthiopien Kirchentrommel Linden-Museum 21084.jpgEast AfricaUnpitchedMembranophone KecerKecer.jpgIndonesiaUnpitched111.142 Idiophone KemanakCOLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Bekken van messing TMnr 2711-1a.jpgIndonesiaPitched111.24 Idiophone Kempyang and ketukKetuk.jpgIndonesia 111.241.1 Idiophone KendangMaen kendang.jpgSoutheast AsiaUnpitched211.222.1 Membranophone KenongCOLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Model van een gong van koper hangend in een frame onderdeel van een gamelan-orkest TMnr A-4394d.jpgIndonesiaPitched111.241.2 Idiophone Kepyak IndonesiaUnpitched111 Idiophone Keyboard glockenspiel  Pitched111.222 IdiophoneA keyboard instrument, not normally part of a percussion sectionKhimChiangmai-market3.jpgSouth AsiaPitchedChordophoneType of hammered dulcimerKholKhol treble.jpgIndiaUnpitchedMembranophone KirikoketaKirikoketa kalean.jpgBasque Idiophone Kiringi     Kisanji">File:Kisanji.ogvPlay mediaCongoPitchedLamellaphone Klong khaekKlong khaek.jpgThailandUnpitchedMembranophone Klong yao ThailandUnpitchedMembranophone KpanlogoKpanlogo public domain.jpgGhanaUnpitched211.221.1 Membranophone KulintangKulintang 03.jpgSoutheast AsiaPitched111.241.2 Idiophone KunduPNG Kundu Drum QM r.jpgPapuaUnpitched211.222.1 MembranophonePapuan musical instrumentKus Persia MembranophoneAncient Persian kettledrumLambegLambegdrumming.jpgIrelandUnpitched211.212 Membranophone Lion's roar  Unpitched232.11 MembranophoneHas also been referred to as a Chordophone or a Friction drumLithophoneOrgan and Chimes - Caverns of Luray Va 1906 postcard.pngGlobalPitchedIdiophoneEither natural or placed rock formations which produce differing tones when struck.LujonLujon (from Emil Richards Collection).jpgUnited StatesPitched111.222 IdiophoneBass MetalophoneLummi stick Native AmericanUnpitched111.11 Idiophone MadalMadal nepal krish.jpgNepalUnpitchedMembranophone MaddaleMaddale.jpgIndiaUnpitched211.222 Membranophonre MadhalamMaddalam.jpgIndiaUnpitchedMambranophone Maktoum  UnpitchedMembranophone Makuta CubaUnpitchedMembranophone Malimbe CongoPitched111.212 Idiophone Mangey Middle EastUnpitchedMembranophone MaracaMar-3-flaschenkürbis-gourd-maraca-shaker-rassel-rattle-natural-percussion - Maultrommel, Jew's Harp.jpgLatin AmericaUnpitched112.13 Idiophone Maram (drum)Maram.jpgIndia Membranophone Marching machine  Unpitched111.212 Idiophone[6]Marfa     MarimbaEsmeraldian (Afro-Ecuadorian) marimba.jpgGuatemalaPitched111.212 Idiophone MarímbulaMarimbula player.jpgCaribbeanPitched122.1 Idiophone Mark treeMeinl CH-12 Chimes.jpgUnited StatesUnpitched111.232 IdiophoneAlso known as a chime tree or bar chimesMbiraKalimba - Royal Museum for Central Africa - DSC07085.JPGAfricaPitched122.1 IdiophoneAfrican musical instrument, a type of plucked idiophone (lamellophone)MetallophoneMetalófono.JPGAsiaPitched111.222 Idiophone Monkey stickPhoto of a group of Mendoza's or Monkey Sticks.jpgEnglandUnpitched112.12 IdiophoneAlso known as mendoza or lagerphoneMridangamWiki-mridangam.jpgIndiaPitched211.222.1 Membranophone Musical sawMusical saw 2.jpg Pitched132.1 Friction Idiophone MuyuGuanghuasi muyu.JPGJapanUnpitched111.24 Idiophone NagaraNagara, MDMB 945.jpgMiddle EastUnpitchedMembranophone NaqaraSack of a city.jpgMongoliaUnpitchedMembranophoneLarge battle drumNaqarehIraqi Naqqarat.jpgMiddle EastUnpitchedMembranophone Naqus Morocco Idiophone Ngoma drumsBundesarchiv Bild 105-DOA0543, Deutsch-Ostafrika, Ngoma-Schlagen.jpgAfricaUnpitchedMembranophone North DrumsProf-pic-HardRockCasinoLV.jpgUnited StatesUnpitchedMembranophone Ocean drum  Unpitched  OctobanOctobans.jpgJapanBoth211.211.1 Membranophone Omele Nigeria   OnavilluOnavillu.jpgIndiaPitchedChordophone ?tsuzumiJapanese small hand drum,kotsudumi,katori-city,japan.JPGJapanPitched211.242.1 Membranophone Padayani thappuHand-thappu.jpgIndiaUnpitchedMembranophone PahuDrum (pahu) LACMA M.2008.66.11.jpgHawaiiUnpitchedMembranophone Pah? pounamuRichard Nunns 17.jpgNew ZealandUnpitchedIdiophoneTraditional Maori gong.PaibanChaozhouban.jpgChinaUnpitched111.11 Idiophone Paila criolla CubaUnpitchedMembranophone PakhavajPakhawaj.JPGIndiaUnpitched211.222.1 Membranophone PambaiA close-up of Pambai 1.JPGIndiaUnpitchedMembranophone PandeiroPandeiro.JPGBrazilUnpitched211.311 Membranophone Pandero jarocho MexicoUnpitched211.311 MembranophoneOctagonal TambourinePantalonPantaleon-Clavier (Nachbau).jpgEuropePitchedChordophoneA type of hammered dulcimer.Parsifal bell     Pat waing BurmaPitchedMembranophoneA circle of 21 drumsPellet drumDendendaiko.jpg Unpitched212 Membranophone PianoSteinway grand piano - brown.jpgItalyPitchedChordophoneA keyboard instrument, not normally part of a percussion section but listed as percussion in some older classifications, and stringed in othersPixiphonePixiphone chromatic.jpgEnglandPitched111.212 Idiophone Practice pad


 Unpitched  PlasmaphoneElectric plasmaphone instrument.jpgUnited States   PyrophonePyrophone (2).JPG    Quadrangularis ReversumQuadrangularis Reversum.jpgUnited StatesPitched111.212 Idiophone QuintephoneQuintephone brainwave regen poster colour.jpg    RainstickRainstick 01.pngMexicoUnpitched112.13 IdiophoneSubclassed as a combination Shaken Idiophone and Individual friction vesselRakatak Ghana   Ranat ekRanat ek.jpgThailandPitchedIdiophone Ranat ek lekRanat ek lek.jpgThailandPitchedIdiophone Ranat thumRanat thum.jpgThailandPitchedIdiophone Ranat thum lekRanat thum lek.jpgThailandPitchedIdiophone RatchetPurim gragger.jpg Unpitched112.24 Idiophone RattleCalabash rattle, Nigeria, 1851-1920 Wellcome L0057071.jpg Unpitched112.13 Idiophone Ravanne MauritiasUnpitched  RepiqueRepinique.JPGBrazilUnpitched211.212.1 Membranophone Ring of bellsBeckwithshaw belfry 012.JPG PitchedIdiophone Ring-repique BrazilUnpitched211.212.1 Membranophone Ringing rocksRinging Rocks.jpg  Idiophone RiqRiqq.jpgMiddle EastUnpitchedMembranophone Rock gongEthiopian Lithophones with Stand, Monastery of Na'akuto La'ab (3425530734).jpg Both111.22 IdiophoneA type of constructed LithophoneRototomRototom 1.jpgUnited StatesBoth211.311 Membranophoneclassified it as no handle although it is usually mountedSabarSabar-Lamb.jpgSenegalUnpitchedMembranophone Sakara YorubaUnpitchedMembranophone SalterioSalterio.jpgEuropePitchedChordophone SambalIndian drummer.JPGIndiaUnpitchedMembranophone Samphor CambodiaUnpitched211.222.1 Membranophone Sand blocksSanding blocks.jpg Unpitched13 Idiophone SantoorIndian santoor musician.jpgSouth AsiaPitchedChordophone SanturHasht-Behesht Palace santur.jpgIranPitchedChordophoneType of hammered dulcimer.SaronDemung Saron Peking, STSI Surakarta.jpgIndonesiaPitched111.222 IdiophoneSize from smallest to largest is Saron panerus, Saron barung,

Saron demung.

SemantronA01 5873.JPG BothIdiophoneUsed to summon monastics to prayerShekereShekere.jpgWest AfricaUnpitched112.122 Idiophone Shime-daikoShime Daiko drum - Shime Taiko Trommel.jpgJapanUnpitched211.222.1 Membranophone Shishi-odoshiShishi-odishi-2.jpgJapan   Sh?koShoko.JPGJapanUnpitchedIdiophone Sikulu Congo   Silex Piano  PitchedIdiophoneLithophoneSinging bowlNepalese singing bowl.JPGHimalayasPitched111.242.11 Idiophone Siren (alarm)Thunder Bolt siren 1000.jpgScotlandBothElectrophone SkrabalaiSkrabalai.gifLithuaniaPitched111.242.222 Idiophone Skull   Idiophone Sleigh bells3 sleigh bells.jpg Unpitched112.112 IdiophoneJingle bellsSlenthemCOLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Metallofoon met veertien toetsen onderdeel van gamelan Slendro TMnr 500-4.jpgIndonesiaPitched111.222 Idiophone Slide whistleFlauta d'èmbol.jpg BothAerophone Slit drumPate Drum.JPG Both111.24 Idiophone Snare drumPearl MCX snare drum.JPG Unpitched211.212.1 Membranophone Song bellsSong Bells (Deagan).jpg PitchedIdiophone Sounding stoneYunban at Fa yuan temple.jpgChina Idiophone Spoon  Unpitched111.11 Idiophone Steel panPan player.jpgTrinidad & TobagoPitched111.241.12 and 111.241.22 Idiophone[7]Also known as steel drumStomp boxMDMII.jpg Unpitched111.24 Idiophone Stone marimbaStone marimba (from Emil Richards Collection).jpg PitchedIdiophoneLithophoneSuikinkutsuSuikinkutsu.jpgJapan   SurdoSurdo22animal.JPGBrazilUnpitched211.212.1 Membranophone Suspended cymbal2006-07-06 splash 10.jpg Unpitched111.24 Idiophone TablaTabla-Paar (Cweiss).jpgIndiaPitched211.221.2 MembranophoneSee pitched percussion instruments easily mistaken for unpitchedTabla tarang IndiaPitchedMembranophone TaikoKodo mt.jpgJapanUnpitched211 MembranophoneRefers to traditional Japanese drums in general.TalempongTalempong.jpgIndonesiaPitchedIdiophone Talking drumTalkingDrum.jpgWest AfricaPitched211.242.11 MembranophoneHas a sound that mimics the human voiceTamboraTambora dominicana.jpgDominican RepublicUnpitched211.212.1 Membranophone TamborimTamborim.JPGBrazilUnpitched211.311 Membranophone Tamborita calentana MexicoUnpitchedMembranophone TambourTambour et képi du garde-champêtre de Talmont-17 jusqu'en 1970. Musée de Talmont.JPG UnpitchedMembranophone TambourineMeinl CTA2B-BK Tambourine.jpg Unpitched211.311 MembranophoneBut the headless tambourine is an idiophoneTan-tanTamtam2.JPGBrazilUnpitched211.211.1 Membranophone Tap shoeTapshoes.jpg Unpitched111.222 Idiophone TaphonThai taphon.jpgThailandUnpitched211.222.1 Membranophone Tar (drum)  UnpitchedMembranophone Tassa IndiaUnpitchedMembranophoneType of kettle drumTaxi HornHorn (instrument).jpg BothAerophone TbilatTbilat,Marokko2.jpgMoroccoUnpitchedMembranophone Temple blockModern Templeblocks.jpgEast AsiaBoth111.24 Idiophone[5][8]Thappu">File:A tamil thappu.ogvPlay mediaIndiaUnpitchedMembranophone ThavilThavilplayer.jpgIndiaUnpitched211.222.1 Membranophone Thunder machine (instrument)  Unpitched  Thunder sheet  Unpitched111.221 Idiophone TimbalTimbal.JPGBrazilUnpitched211.251.1 Membranophone TimbalesTimbalesy HLTBR-1011 firmy Hayman cropped.jpgCubaUnpitched211.212.2 Membranophone TimpaniParkside Concert Series - Timpani.jpg Pitched211.12 MembranophoneAlso called kettle drumsTingshaTingsha.jpgTibetUnpitched111.142 Idiophone Tom-tom drumTom-tom 12x8.jpg Pitched211.211.1 Membranophone TonbakTOM.BAK.jpgIranUnpitched211.261.1 MembranophonePersian, also known as tombak, donbak and dombak, and as Tombakh Naar in KashmirTriangleTriangel1.jpg Both111 Idiophone Triccaballacca ItalyUnpitchedIdiophone TsuzumiJapanese small hand drum,kotsudumi,katori-city,japan.JPGJapanPitched211.242.1 Membranophone Tsymbaly UkrainePitchedChordophoneType of hammer dulcimer.Tubular bellsChimes at XULA.jpg Pitched111.232 Idiophone Tumba  UnpitchedMembranophone TurntableIIDX - Turntable.jpg Both53 Electrophone Tumdak'A Santal drummer playing Tumda.jpgIndiaUnpitchedMembranophone Turkish crescentOsmanischer Schellenbaum.jpg UnpitchedIdiophone TxalapartaTxalaparta performance.JPGBasquePitched111.222 Idiophone UduUdu.jpgNigeriaUnpitchedIdiophoneAlso classed as an implosive Aerophone.VibraphoneVibraphone.jpgUnited StatesPitched111.222 Idiophone VibraslapVibraslap2.jpgUnited StatesUnpitched112 Idiophone WashboardVaskebrett.JPGUnited StatesUnpitched132.1 Idiophone WhipLudwig Slapstick.JPG Unpitched111.11 IdiophoneAlso known as slapstickWhistlePea Whistle.jpg UnpitchedAerophone Wind chimeChime closeup.jpg Unpitched111.232 IdiophoneBorderline as pitched or unpitched, as a melody can sometimes be perceivedWind machineRavensburg Konzerthaus Historische Klangerzeuger Windmaschine.jpg Unpitched13 Idiophone Wobble board Australia   Wood blockTublarWoodBlock.jpg Unpitched111.24 Idiophone Xylophone(Xylophone) Centro Histórico Quito.JPGDisputedPitched111.212 Idiophone XylorimbaXylorimba (from Emil Richards Collection).jpg Pitched111.212 Idiophone Yanggeum KoreaPitchedChordophoneType of hammered dulcimer.YangqinYangqin1.jpgChinaPitchedChordophoneType of hammered dulcimer.Yuka CongoUnpitchedMembranophoneMade from a hollowed out avocado trunk with a leather membrane.ZabumbaAlfaias, zabumbas e surdo.JPGBrazilUnpitched211.212.1 Membranophone Zatula UkraineUnpitched112.2 Idiophone ZillFinger cymbals.jpg Unpitched111.142 IdiophoneAlso known as finger cymbal

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