List of People Related to Cajun Music
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List of People Related to Cajun Music

This is a list of notable Cajun musicians, Cajun music instrument makers, Cajun music folklorists, Cajun music historians, and Cajun music activists.

List of Cajun musicians

This is a list of musicians who perform or performed Cajun music. The musicians are not necessarily Cajuns, nor necessarily limited to Louisiana musicians.

Traditional Cajun

Country/Texas swing Cajun

Dancehall Cajun

Cajun "renaissance"

Contemporary Cajun music

Other Cajun musicians/groups

Solo artists


Other Cajun musicians playing non-Cajun music

Bobby Kimbal (keyboard & Vocals), Jack Rather (Vocals), Steve Morrow (Bass), Willie Trahan (Tenor Sax & Vocals), Bob Mercer (Trombone), Jeffrey Fournet (Alto Sax & Vocals). Frank Ball (Guitar & Vocals), Kirk Boudreaux (Organ), Sam Broussard (Guitar), Kirk Dubois (Guitar) The "Incredible" Julius Farmer (Bass), Sonny Landreth (Guitar), "Allen Wayne" Michon (Vocals) Ralph Mier (Organ & Vocals), Ray Salazar (Keyboards and Vocals), Danny Zeringue (Drums)

Other related Cajun music producers, authors, folklorists, historians, and activists

List of Cajun instrument makers

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