List of One-hit Wonders in Canada
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List of One-hit Wonders in Canada

A one-hit wonder is a Top 40 phenomenon: the combination of artist and song that scores big in the music industry with one hit, but is unable to repeat the achievement with another hit. The term can refer to the artist, the song, or both together. The following were notable one-hit wonders in English speaking Canada.

Many performers who are commonly labelled as one-hit wonders in fact had more than one Top 40 hit during their careers. They may, with time, come to be remembered for one particular song, but cannot be considered true one-hit wonders.

Listed here are generally or entirely songs that originated in Canada or within the Canadian music industry. Songs from international artists that were one-hit wonders elsewhere have frequently been one-hit wonders in the Canadian market as well. Meanwhile, songs from Canadian artists may be listed as one-hit wonders elsewhere, where the performer had other hits in Canada.


  • "Take A Look But Don't Touch" by Touché





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