List of Mosques in Azerbaijan
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List of Mosques in Azerbaijan

This is a list of mosques in Azerbaijan.

Name Images Location Year/century G Remarks
Abu Muslim Mosque
?bu Müslim m?scidi (Cek) 4.JPG
Jek, Quba Rayon
Agdam Mosque
Agdam 1868-1870 TS
Ajdarbey Mosque
Ajdarbey mosque in Baku.jpg
Baku 1912-1913
Ali Mosque
The Ali Mosque in Boradigah Azerbaijan.jpg
Ashaghi Govhar Agha Mosque
Ruins of the Govheraga Mosque, XVIII c..jpg
Shusha 1875-1876 TS
Yukhari Govhar Agha Mosque
Shusha 1768-1885 TS The mosque also bears the name Boyuk Juma Mosque of Govhar Agha
Ali ibn Abi Talib Mosque
Friday mosque of Ali ibn Abu Talib, Buzovna, 2010 (4).jpg
Buzovna (Baku) TS
Ambarass Mosque
Ordubad, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic XVII TS Also known as the Sultan Murad Mosque or Mir Jafar Mosque
Bibi-Heybat Mosque
Bibiheyb?t m?scidi 1.JPG
Baku 1281 TS
Juma Mosque
Cüm? m?scidi 2016.jpg
Baku 1899 TS
Juma Mosque
The Juma Mosque in Boradigah Azerbaijan.JPG
Boradigah TS
Juma Mosque
Ordubad cüm? m?scidi ümumi görünü?.jpg
Ordubad 1604 TS
Juma Mosque
Qabala XVIII
Haji Rufai Bey Mosque
Haji Rufai Bey mosque - 18th century-2.JPG
Nakhichevan XVIII TS
Haji Shahla Mosque Haji Shahla mosque.jpg XIV
Lezgi Mosque
Lezgi mosque-Old City Baku Azerbaijan 1169.jpg
Baku 1169 S
Mashadi Garib Mosque
Mashadi Garib Mosque, Buzovna, 2010.jpg
Buzovna (Baku) 1429 U
Muhammad Mosque
Muhammad Mosque (Baku) 1.JPG
Baku 1078-1079 TS also known as S?n?qqala Mosque
Mustafa Qazdal Mosque
Kusary Moscue.JPG
Qusar S
Omar Effendi Mosque
Öm?r ?f?ndi m?scidi, ki (01).jpg
Shaki XIX
Palace Mosque
Shirvanshahs Palace Mosque common.JPG
Baku 1441-1442 TS
Sakina khanim mosque
Sakina khanim mosque in Quba.jpg
Quba, Quba Rayon 1854
Mosque of the Martyrs
Mosque of the Martyrs.jpg
Baku Beginning of the 1990s
Shah Abbas Mosque
 -   .jpg
Ganja 1606 TS
Sheikh ?brahim Mosque
?eyx ?brahim m?scidi.JPG
Baku 1416 TS
Taza Pir Mosque
T?z?pir m?scidi cut.jpg
Baku 1914 TS
Tuba Shaxi Mosque
M?rd?kan (Baku) 1481-1482 TS
Ulu Mosque
Ulu m?scid.jpg
?lisu, Qakh Rayon XVIII S
Garghabazar Mosque
Qar?abazar m?scidinin plan?-001.jpg
Qar?abazar, Fuzuli 1683-1684 U
Juma Mosque, Shamakhi
Qo?a minar?li m?scid. ?amax? h?ri.JPG
Shamakhi 743 U
Heydar Mosque Baku 2014 U
Khidir Mosque
X?d?r m?scidi 2016.jpg
Baku 1301 U
Molla Ahmad Mosque
Molla ?hm?d m?scidi 1.JPG
Baku 1300 U
Sayyid Yahya Murtuza Mosque
Seyid Murtuza Y?hya M?scidi 2016.jpg
Baku XVII century U
Nardaran mosque
R?him? xan?m m?scidi.jpg
Nardaran 1663 U
Shah Sultan Hussein Mosque
?ah Sultan Hüseyn m?scidi 1.jpg
Novxan? XVIII century U
Ozan mosque
Ozan m?scidi.jpg
Ganja 1884 TS
Huseyniyya masjid
Huseyniyye mosque in Ganja city.JPG
Ganja 1825 TS
Gazakhlar mosque
Qazaxlar m?scidi.jpg
Ganja 1880 U
Girikhli mosque
Q?z?lhac?l? m?scidi.jpg
Ganja XVIII century U
Shahsevanlar mosque
?ahsev?nl?r m?scidi.jpg
Ganja 1882 U
Saatli Mosque
Saatl? m?scidi.jpg
Shusha 1883 U
Barda Juma mosque
B?rd? Cüm? m?scidi.jpg
Barda 1905 U
Big Bazaar mosque
Böyük bazar m?scidi.png
Lankaran 1864 U
Kichik Bazaar mosque
Kiçik bazar mosque.png
Lankaran 1906 U

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