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List of Mayors of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
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List of Mayors of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

This is a list of mayors of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a city in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania.

Office Term Number Name Term Start Term End Political Party
1 Ira M. Kirkendall June 1871 June 1874 Democrat
2 Greg Monster June 1874 February 1877  
3 William W. Loomis April 1877 April 1880  
4 Thomas Brodrick April 1880 February 1886  
5 Charles B. Sutton April 1886 April 1892 Republican
6 Francis M. Nichols April 1892 April 1902 Republican
7 Charles H. Price April 1902 April 1905  
8 Frederick C. Kirkendall April,1905 April,1908  
9 Lewis P. Kniffen April 1908 December 1911 Republican
10 John V. Kosek December 1911 January 1920 Democrat
11 Daniel L. Hart January 1920 February 1933 Democrat
12 Charles N. Loveland April 1933 January 1944 Republican
13 Con McCole January 1944 January 1948 Democrat
14 Luther M. Kniffen January 1948 January 1960 Republican
15 Frank Slattery January 1960 January 1968 Democrat
16 John V. Morris January 1968 January 1970 Republican
17 John B. McGlynn January 1970 January 1972 Democrat
18 Con "Firpo" Salwoski January 1972 January 1976 Democrat
19 Walter Lisman January 1976 January 1980 Democrat
20 Thomas McLaughlin January 1980 January 1988 Democrat
21 Lee Namey January 1988 January 1996 Democrat
22 Thomas D. McGroarty January 1996 January 2004 Democrat
23 Thomas Leighton January 2004 January 2016 Democrat
24 Anthony George January 2016 Present Democrat

Buildings named after Wilkes-Barre mayors

  • A restaurant in the Rolling Mill Hill section of Wilkes-Barre was named "The Hart" in honor of former mayor Daniel Hart. The restaurant closed in 2007.
  • The John B. McGlynn Learning Center, located in the Boulevard Townhomes on Wilkes-Barre Boulevard, was founded in 1988. The learning center, was named in McGlynn's honor. John B. McGlynn served as Wilkes-Barre's 17th mayor, and did so from 197 to 1972.


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