List of Mandolinists (sorted)
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List of Mandolinists Sorted

List of mandolinists, people who have specifically furthered the mandolin, by composing for it or playing it or by teaching it. They are identified by their affiliation to the instrument.

First generation mandolinists (c. 1744 - 1880)

Golden age mandolinists (c. 1880 - c. 1920)

Modern mandolinists 1920 to present (deceased)

Modern mandolinists 1920 to present

Check the section above, Modern mandolinists 1920 to present (deceased), for deceased classical music mandolinists.

Mainly classical


Check the section above, Modern mandolinists 1920 to present (deceased), for deceased blues mandolinists.


Check the section above, Modern mandolinists 1920 to present (deceased), for deceased bluegrass mandolinists.


Check the section above, Modern mandolinists 1920 to present (deceased), for deceased choro mandolinists.


Check the section above, Modern mandolinists 1920 to present (deceased), for deceased country music mandolinists.

Mix: Americana, American folk, progressive bluegrass, blues, jazz, rock, country

Check the section above, Modern mandolinists 1920 to present (deceased), for deceased blues and jazz mandolinists.


British folk and folk rock


Japanese pop and anime music


Check the section above, Modern mandolinists 1920 to present (deceased), for decreased jazz mandolinists.

Gospel music / klesmer

Mandolin orchestras

Golden age


  • Athenian Mandolinata Nikolaos Lavdas
  • Amsterdam Mandolin Orchestra (Netherlands)
  • Auckland Mandolinata (New Zealand)
  • Austin Mandolin Orchestra (Austin, Texas)
  • Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra (United States)[207]
  • Bloomfield Mandolin Orchestra
  • Dayton Mandolin Orchestra
  • Denver Mandolin Orchestra
  • Esmoriz Mandolin Orchestra (Portugal)
  • Hamamatsu Mandolin Orchestra (Japan)[208]
  • Kalamazoo Mandolin Orchestra
  • Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra
  • Manndolinen-Konzertgesellschaft Wuppertal (Germany)[209]
  • New York Mandolin Orchestra
  • Oregon Mandolin Orchestra
  • Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra (
  • Providence Mandolin Orchestra
  • Seattle Mandolin Orchestra
  • Sydney Mandolin Orchestra (Australia)


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