List of Least Carbon Efficient Power Stations
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List of Least Carbon Efficient Power Stations

This is a list of least carbon efficient power stations in selected countries. Lists were created by the WWF and lists the most polluting power stations in terms of the level of carbon dioxide produced per unit of electricity generated. In 2005 WWF created list of power stations from 30 industrialised countries, also list for EU,[1] in 2007 WWF published updated EU list. In 2009 European Commission list with absolute emissions only, also in 2014 Climate Action Network Europe, WWF, European Environmental Bureau, Health and Environment Alliance and Climate Alliance Germany.

30 industrialised countries list from 2005 report


Europe list from 2007 report


intensity (kg/kWh) Power Station, Location Country Fuel Emissions (Mt)
1.350 Agios Dimitrios Power Station, Agios Dimitrios, Kozani  Greece Lignite 12.4
1.250 Kardia Power Station, Kardia Kozanis  Greece Lignite 8.8
1.200 Niederaussem Power Station, Niederaussem  Germany Lignite 27.4
1.200 Jänschwalde Power Station, Jänschwalde  Germany Lignite 23.7
1.187 Frimmersdorf Power Station, Grevenbroich  Germany Lignite 19.3
1.180 Weisweiler Power Station, Eschweiler  Germany Lignite 18.8
1.150 Neurath Power Station, Grevenbroich  Germany Lignite 17.9
1.150 Turów Power Station, Bogatynia  Poland Lignite 13.0
1.150 As Pontes Power Station, Ferrol  Spain Lignite 9.1
1.100 Boxberg Power Station, Boxberg, Saxony  Germany Lignite 15.5
1.090 Be?chatów Power Station, Be?chatów  Poland Lignite 30.1
1.070 Pruné?ov Power Station, Pruné?ov  Czech Republic Lignite 8.9
1.050 Sines Power Station, Sines  Portugal Hard Coal 8.7
1.000 Schwarze Pumpe power station, Spremberg  Germany Lignite 12.2
0.970 Longannet power station, Longannet  United Kingdom Hard Coal 10.1
0.950 Lippendorf Power Station, Lippendorf  Germany Lignite 12.4
0.940 Cottam power stations, Cottam  United Kingdom Hard Coal 10.0
0.930 Rybnik Power Station, Rybnik  Poland Hard Coal 8.6
0.915 Kozienice Power Station, Kozienice  Poland Hard Coal 10.8
0.900 Scholven Power Station, Scholven  Germany Hard Coal 10.7
0.900 West Burton power stations, Gainsborough  United Kingdom Hard Coal 8.9
0.900 Fiddlers Ferry power station, Fiddlers Ferry  United Kingdom Hard Coal & Oil 8.4
0.895 Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, Ratcliffe-on-Soar  United Kingdom Hard Coal 7.8
0.892 Kingsnorth power station, Kingsnorth  United Kingdom Hard Coal & Oil 8.9
0.890 Brindisi Sud power station, Brindisi  Italy Coal 14.4
0.850 Drax Power Station, Long Drax  United Kingdom Hard Coal 22.8
0.840 Ferrybridge power stations, Ferrybridge  United Kingdom Hard Coal 8.9
0.840 GKW Mannheim power station, Mannheim  Germany Hard Coal 7.7
0.840 Eggborough power station, Eggborough  United Kingdom Hard Coal 7.6
0.624 Didcot A+B power station, Didcot  United Kingdom Hard Coal & Gas 9.5

2015 report - companies

In 2015 the Stranded Assets Programme at the University of Oxford's Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment published Stranded Assets and Subcritical Coal report analyzing inter alia carbon intensity of subcritical coal-fired power stations of 100 largest companies having these power stations.[4]

EC list from 2009[5]

2014 list



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