List of Crossings of the Cumberland River
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List of Crossings of the Cumberland River

This is a complete list of current bridges and other crossings of the Cumberland River from the Ohio River near Smithland upstream through northern Tennessee to the split into Martins Fork and Clover Fork near Baxter, in Harlan County, Kentucky.


Kentucky (western)


Crossings Carries Location Coordinates
Unnamed road bridge / Dover 36°29?27?N 87°50?20?W / 36.490805°N 87.838843°W / 36.490805; -87.838843
SR 233 Ferry Cumberland City 36°23?43?N 87°38?02?W / 36.395339°N 87.633997°W / 36.395339; -87.633997
Clarksville Bridge / Clarksville 35°28?52?N 87°22?28?W / 35.481107°N 87.374559°W / 35.481107; -87.374559
Cheatham Dam Cheatham Lake and Chapmansboro 36°19?09?N 87°13?24?W / 36.319046°N 87.223398°W / 36.319046; -87.223398
Cheatham County Veterans Memorial Bridge Ashland City 36°16?15?N 87°04?34?W / 36.270783°N 87.076173°W / 36.270783; -87.076173
Andrew B. Gibson Bridge (Briley Parkway) Nashville
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge / Nashville 36°11?29?N 86°49?39?W / 36.191411°N 86.827474°W / 36.191411; -86.827474
Fyle Fulton Memprial Bridge Nashville 36°11?31?N 86°46?58?W / 36.191847°N 86.782767°W / 36.191847; -86.782767
Kelly Miller Smith Memorial Bridge Jefferson Street Nashville 36°10?34?N 86°46?49?W / 36.176025°N 86.780262°W / 36.176025; -86.780262
Unnamed railroad bridge CSX / Louisville and Nashville Railroad Nashville
Victory Memorial Bridge (James Robertson Parkway) / / / / Nashville 36°10?07?N 86°46?35?W / 36.168557°N 86.776296°W / 36.168557; -86.776296
Woodland Street Bridge Woodland Street Nashville 36°09?28?N 86°46?33?W / 36.157643°N 86.775765°W / 36.157643; -86.775765
John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge Nashville 36°09?44?N 86°46?19?W / 36.162169°N 86.772058°W / 36.162169; -86.772058
Gateway Bridge Korean Veterans Blvd. Nashville 36°09?39?N 86°46?10?W / 36.160792°N 86.769436°W / 36.160792; -86.769436
Interstate 24 bridge Nashville 36°09?33?N 86°45?36?W / 36.159101°N 86.760003°W / 36.159101; -86.760003
Unnamed road bridge (Briley Parkway) Nashville and Madison 36°14?06?N 86°42?46?W / 36.235116°N 86.712848°W / 36.235116; -86.712848
William F. Lyell Memorial Bridge (Old Hickory Boulevard) Madison and Old Hickory 36°15?48?N 86°40?32?W / 36.263290°N 86.675477°W / 36.263290; -86.675477
Old Hickory Dam Old Hickory Lake
Davidson-Sumner County line
36°17?47?N 86°39?22?W / 36.296422°N 86.656147°W / 36.296422; -86.656147
Gallatin Bridge Gallatin and Martha 36°20?20?N 86°26?12?W / 36.338836°N 86.436568°W / 36.338836; -86.436568
Nathan J. Harsh Bridge / Hunters Point 36°17?59?N 86°15?48?W / 36.299853°N 86.263469°W / 36.299853; -86.263469
Coleman Winston Memorial Bridge Hartsville 36°22?24?N 86°10?30?W / 36.373396°N 86.175076°W / 36.373396; -86.175076
Smith County Veterans Memorial Bridge Carthage and South Carthage 36°14?27?N 85°56?38?W / 36.240964°N 85.943884°W / 36.240964; -85.943884
Cordell Hull Dam Carthage and Cordell Hull Lake
Route 262 Bridge Milltown 36°21?40?N 85°40?52?W / 36.360996°N 85.681208°W / 36.360996; -85.681208
PFC Ben Wade Stone Memorial Bridge / / Gainesboro 36°22?25?N 85°39?12?W / 36.373723°N 85.653247°W / 36.373723; -85.653247
Clay County Veterans Memorial Bridge Celina 36°33?15?N 85°30?50?W / 36.554031°N 85.513946°W / 36.554031; -85.513946

Kentucky (eastern)

Crossings Carries Location Coordinates
McMillans Ferry Otia (Monroe County)
Hugh E. Spear Memorial Bridge Burkesville 36°44?47?N 85°22?19?W / 36.746313°N 85.371953°W / 36.746313; -85.371953
Cumberland County Veterans Memorial Bridge Burkesville
Wolf Creek Dam Lake Cumberland
Bronston-Somerset Bridge Bronston
US 27 Bridge / Burnside
Cumberland Falls Bridge Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
Croley Bend Bridge Williamsburg
Williamsburg Bridge Williamsburg
Unnamed railroad bridge CSX Williamsburg
Yaden Bridge Yaden
Louden Bridge (Louden Bridge-Dixie Road) Louden
Unnamed road bridge
Unnamed road bridge
Lowell Bridge
Barbourville Bridge Barbourville
Artemus Bridge Artemus
Flat Lick Bridge Flat Lick
Unnamed road bridge US 25W Flat Lick and Fourmile
Unnamed road bridge US 25E Tinsley and Fourmile
William Lloyd Muncy, Jr. Memorial Bridge Fourmile 36°47?32?N 83°44?35?W / 36.792190°N 83.743070°W / 36.792190; -83.743070
E.J. Farris Memorial Bridge Tennessee Avenue Pineville
Pine Street Bridge Pine Street Pineville
Unnamed road bridge Calvin
Unnamed road bridge Miracle
Unnamed road bridge tejay
Hwy 72 Bridge Hulen
Unnamed road bridge Saylor Creek Road Molus
Coldiron Bridge Coldiron
Unnamed road bridge Wallins Creek
Dayhoit Bridge (Sutton Drive) Dayhoit
Loyall Bridge Park Hill Drive Loyall
Loyall Bridge 2 Loyall

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