List of Central Lunar Eclipses
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List of Central Lunar Eclipses
The orange Moon shows a central lunar eclipse.

A central lunar eclipse is a lunar eclipse in which part of the Moon passes through the center of Earth's shadow.[1] This type of lunar eclipse typically appears darker than other lunar eclipses. It is relatively rare.

Central lunar eclipses are always total lunar eclipses and have large umbral eclipse magnitude, long duration and small value of gamma.

List of central lunar eclipses


There were 19 central lunar eclipses in this period.


There were 14 central lunar eclipses in this period.

Saros Eclipse Viewing Chart
123 1953 Jan 29 Lunar eclipse from moon-1953Jan29.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1953Jan29.png
128 1953 Jul 26 Lunar eclipse from moon-1953Jul26.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1953Jul26.png
122 1960 Mar 13 Lunar eclipse from moon-1960Mar13.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1960Mar13.png
127e 1960 Sep 05 Lunar eclipse from moon-1960Sep05.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1960Sep05.png
129 1964 Jun 25 Lunar eclipse from moon-1964Jun25.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1964Jun25.png
123e 1971 Feb 10 Lunar eclipse from moon-1971Feb10.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1971Feb10.png
128 1971 Aug 06 Lunar eclipse from moon-1971Aug06.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1971Aug06.png
130b 1975 May 25 Lunar eclipse from moon-1975May25.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1975May25.png
122 1978 Mar 24 Lunar eclipse from moon-1978Mar24.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1978Mar24.png
129c 1982 Jul 06 Lunar eclipse from moon-1982Jul06.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1982Jul06.png
128 1989 Aug 17 Lunar eclipse from moon-1989Aug17.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1989Aug17.png
130 1993 Jun 04 Lunar eclipse from moon-1993Jun04.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1993Jun04.png
122e 1996 Apr 04
Lunar eclipse April 4 1996 Hamois Belgium.jpg
Lunar eclipse from moon-1996Apr04.png Lunar eclipse chart close-1996Apr04.png
129 2000 Jul 16 Lunar eclipse from moon-2000Jul16.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2000jul16.png


There are 10 central lunar eclipses in this period.

Saros Eclipse Viewing Chart
128e 2007 Aug 28
Lunar Eclipse.jpg
Lunar eclipse from moon-2007Aug28.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2007aug28.png
130 2011 Jun 15
Lunar eclipse June 2011 Total.jpg
Lunar eclipse from moon-2011Jun15.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2011jun15.png
129 2018 Jul 27
Mondfinsternis 2018-07-27 cropped.jpg
Lunar eclipse from moon-2018Jul27.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2018Jul27.png
131b 2022 May 16 Lunar eclipse from moon-2022May16.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2022may16.png
136b 2022 Nov 08 Lunar eclipse from moon-2022Nov08.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2022nov08.png
130 2029 Jun 26 Lunar eclipse from moon-2029Jun26.png Lunar eclipse chart close-29jun26.png
129 2036 Aug 07 Lunar eclipse from moon-2036Aug07.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2036Aug07.png
131 2040 May 26 Lunar eclipse from moon-2040May26.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2040May26.png
136 2040 Nov 18 Lunar eclipse from moon-2040Nov18.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2040Nov18.png
130 2047 Jul 07 Lunar eclipse from moon-2047Jul07.png Lunar eclipse chart close-2047Jul07.png


There will be 15 central lunar eclipses in this period.

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