List of Cantonal Legislatures of Switzerland
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List of Cantonal Legislatures of Switzerland

The assembly room of the Grand Council of Vaud.

This is a list of cantonal legislatures of Switzerland. Each canton of Switzerland has a democratically elected cantonal legislature, as well as electing members to the Federal Assembly.

The largest legislatures, in Zürich and St. Gallen, have 180 members each, whilst the smallest, in less-populous Appenzell Innerrhoden, has only 49 members. Appenzell Innerrhoden is also the only legislature that is non-partisan. All other legislatures operate party political systems. The Swiss People's Party (SVP) are the largest party in ten legislatures, whilst FDP.The Liberals and the Christian Democratic People's Party (CVP) are the largest in seven each and the Social Democratic Party (SP) are the largest in one legislature.

Two cantons, Appenzell Innerrhoden and Glarus, hold Landsgemeinden as their highest legislative body. Under this system, a form of direct democracy, all adult citizens may attend an annual general assembly, where they may vote on laws. A permanent legislature also sits more frequently, but sovereignty resides with the Landsgemeinden. For the purpose of this article, the permanent legislature is considered the cantonal legislature.


Canton Legislature
Official name(s)
Members Largest party Last election Next election
Aargau AG Aargau Grand Council
Grosser Rat  (German)
140 SVP (45) 2016 2020
Appenzell Ausserrhoden AR Appenzell Ausserrhoden Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
65 FDP (23) 2015 2019
Appenzell Innerrhoden AI Appenzell Innerrhoden Grand Council[Note 1]
Grosser Rat  (German)
49 Non-partisan 2015 2019
Basel-City BS Basel-Stadt Grand Council
Grosser Rat  (German)
100 SP (34) 2016 2020
Basel-Country BL Basel-Landschaft Landrat  (German) 90 SP (22) 2019 2023
Berne BE Bern Grand Council
Grosser Rat  (German)
Grand Conseil  (French)
160 SVP (49) 30 March 2014 2018
Fribourg FR Fribourg Grand Council
Grand Conseil  (French)
Grosser Rat  (German)
110 SP (28) 2016 2021
Geneva GE Geneva Grand Council
Grand Conseil  (French)
100 FDP (24) 6 October 2013 2017
Glarus GL Glarus Landrat  (German)[Note 1] 60 SVP (17) 30 November 2014 2018
Grisons GR Graubünden Grand Council
Grosser Rat  (German)
Cusegl grond  (Romansh)
Gran Consiglio  (Italian)
120 FDP (33) 18 May 2014 2018
Jura JU Jura Parliament
Parlement  (French)
60 CVP (17) 2015 2020
Lucerne LU Lucerne Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
120 CVP (38) 2015 2019
Neuchâtel NE Neuchâtel Grand Council
Grand Conseil  (French)
115 FDP (35) 14 April 2013 2017
Nidwalden NW Nidwalden Landrat  (German) 60 FDP(17) 2014 2018
Obwalden OW Obwalden Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
55 CVP (19) 9 March 2014 2018
Schaffhausen SH Schaffhausen Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
60 SVP (21) 2016 2020
Schwyz SZ Schwyz Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
100 SVP (33) 2016 2020
Solothurn SO Solothurn Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
100 FDP (26) 3 March 2013 2017
St. Gallen SG St. Gallen Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
120 SVP (40) 2016 2020
Thurgau TG Thurgau Grand Council
Grosser Rat  (German)
130 SVP (44) 2016 2020
Ticino TI Ticino Grand Council
Gran Consiglio  (Italian)
90 FDP (24) 2015 2019
Uri UR Uri Landrat  (German) 64 CVP (22) 2016 2020
Valais VS Valais Grand Council
Grand Conseil  (French)
Grosser Rat  (German)
130 CVP (49) 3 March 2013 2017
Vaud VD Vaud Grand Council
Grand Conseil  (French)
150 FDP (49) 30 April 2017 2022
Zug ZG Zug Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
80 CVP (22) 5 October 2014 2018
Zurich ZH Zürich Cantonal Council
Kantonsrat  (German)
180 SVP (54) 2015 2019

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  1. ^ a b The ultimate legislative body is the annual Landsgemeinde.

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