List of Best-selling Music Artists in the United States
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List of Best-selling Music Artists in the United States

This is the list of the highest-certified music artists in the United States based on certifications by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).[1]RIAA certifications are based on wholesale shipments rather than retail sales. Since 2016, the RIAA album certification has also included on-demand audio/video streams (1,500 streams = 1 album unit) and track sale equivalent (10 track sales = 1 album unit).[2] Additionally, awards are only presented if and when a record company applies for certification. Therefore, the total certified units for a given artist may be incomplete or out of date.

The RIAA began its certifications in 1958, therefore, popular artists from earlier eras are generally not represented on this list. The Beatles are the act with highest-certified albums, while Drake is the act with the highest-certified digital singles. Michael Jackson is the only act in the Top 20 of both lists, placing 7th with albums and 17th with singles.

Top 100 certified music artists (albums)

List of artists with the highest-certified albums as of September 26, 2019[3]
Rank Units
Name Nat. Active
1 183 The Beatles UK 1960s-1970s
2 148 Garth Brooks US 1980s-2010s
3 146.5 Elvis Presley US 1950s-1970s
4 120 Eagles US 1970s-2010s
5 111.5 Led Zeppelin UK 1960s-1980s
6 84.5 Billy Joel US 1970s-2010s
7 84 Michael Jackson US 1960s-2000s
8 78.5 Elton John UK 1960s-2010s
9 75 Pink Floyd UK 1960s-2010s
10 72 AC/DC Australia 1970s-2010s
11 69 George Strait US 1980s-2010s
12 68.5 Barbra Streisand US 1960s-2010s
13 66.5 Aerosmith US 1970s-2010s
The Rolling Stones UK 1960s-2010s
Mariah Carey US 1990s-2010s
16 65.5 Bruce Springsteen US 1970s-2010s
17 64.5 Madonna US 1980s-2010s
18 63 Metallica US 1980s-2010s
19 58.5 Whitney Houston US 1980s-2010s
20 56.5 Van Halen US 1970s-2010s
21 54.5 Fleetwood Mac UK 1960s-2010s
22 52 U2 Ireland 1970s-2010s
23 50 Celine Dion Canada 1980s-2010s
24 49.5 Neil Diamond US 1960s-2010s
25 48 Journey US 1970s-2010s
Kenny G US 1980s-2010s
Shania Twain Canada 1990s-2010s
28 47.5 Kenny Rogers US 1950s-2000s
29 46.5 Alabama US 1970s-2010s
30 46 Eminem US 1990s-2010s
31 44.5 Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band US 1960s-2010s
Guns N' Roses US 1980s-2010s
33 44 Taylor Swift US 2000s-2010s
34 43.5 Alan Jackson US 1980s-2010s
Santana US 1960s-2010s
36 41 Reba McEntire US 1970s-2010s
37 40 Eric Clapton UK 1960s-2010s
38 38.5 Chicago US 1960s-2010s
Simon & Garfunkel US 1960s-1970s
40 38 Foreigner US 1970s-2010s
Rod Stewart UK 1960s-2010s
42 37.5 Tim McGraw US 1990s-2010s
43 37 Backstreet Boys US 1990s-2010s
44 36.5 Tupac Shakur US 1990s
45 36 Bob Dylan US 1960s-2010s
46 35.5 Def Leppard UK 1970s-2010s
47 35 Queen UK 1970s-2000s
48 34.5 Bon Jovi US 1980s-2010s
Dave Matthews Band US 1990s-2010s
Britney Spears US 1990s-2010s
51 33.5 Phil Collins UK 1970s-2010s
John Denver US 1960s-1990s
53 33 The Doors US 1960s-1970s
James Taylor US 1960s-2010s
55 32 R. Kelly US 1990s-2010s
56 31.5 Willie Nelson US 1950s-2010s
Pearl Jam US 1990s-2010s
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers US 1970s-2010s
59 31 Boston US 1970s-2010s
60 30.5 Kenny Chesney US 1990s-2010s
Dixie Chicks US 1980s-2000s
62 30 Linda Ronstadt US 1960s-2000s
63 29.25 Ozzy Osbourne UK 1960s-2010s
64 28.5 Lynyrd Skynyrd US 1960s-2000s
65 28 Adele UK 2000s-2010s
Bee Gees UK 1960s-2000s
Michael Bolton US 1980s-2010s
Creedence Clearwater Revival US 1960s-1970s
Mannheim Steamroller US 1970s-2010s
NSYNC US 1990s-2000s
71 27.5 Brooks & Dunn US 1990s-2000s
Jay Z US 1990s-2010s
Linkin Park US 1990s-2010s
Barry Manilow US 1970s-2010s
John Mellencamp US 1970s-2010s
76 27 Boyz II Men US 1990s-2010s
Frank Sinatra US 1930s-1990s
78 26.5 Enya Ireland 1980s-2010s
79 26 Janet Jackson US 1980s-2010s
80 25.5 Faith Hill US 1990s-2010s
Steve Miller Band US 1960s-2010s
Luther Vandross US 1960s-2000s
83 25 Creed US 1990s-2000s
Hootie & the Blowfish US 1980s-2010s
Toby Keith US 1990s-2010s
Mötley Crüe US 1980s-2010s
Nirvana US 1980s-1990s
Red Hot Chili Peppers US 1980s-2010s
Rush Canada 1970s-2010s
ZZ Top US 1970s-2010s
91 24.5 The Carpenters US 1960s-1980s
REO Speedwagon US 1970s-2010s
93 24 Vince Gill US 1970s-2010s
Green Day US 1980s-2010s
Nickelback Canada 1990s-2010s
96 23.5 The Cars US 1970s-2010s
Johnny Cash US 1970s-2000s
Earth, Wind & Fire US 1970s-2010s
Kid Rock US 1990s-2010s
Sade UK 1980s-2010s

Top 50 certified music artists (digital singles)

List of artists with the highest-certified digital singles [4]
Rank Units
Name Nat. Active
1 163 Drake Canada 2000s-2010s
2 125 Rihanna Barbados 2000s-2010s
3 121 Taylor Swift US 2000s-2010s
4 107.5 Eminem US 1990s-2010s
5 102 Katy Perry US 2000s-2010s
6 69.5 Justin Bieber Canada 2000s-2010s
Chris Brown US 2000s-2010s
Bruno Mars US 2000s-2010s
9 69 Kanye West US 1990s-2010s
10 67 Maroon 5 US 2000s-2010s
11 64 Ed Sheeran UK 2000s-2010s
12 61 Lady Gaga US 2000s-2010s
13 53 The Weeknd Canada 2010s
14 51 Post Malone US 2010s
15 49.5 Luke Bryan US 2000s-2010s
Flo Rida US 2000s-2010s
17 42.5 Florida Georgia Line US 2010s
18 42 Michael Jackson US 1960s-2000s
19 41 Kendrick Lamar US 2010s
Twenty One Pilots US 2010s
21 39.5 Mariah Carey US 1990s-2010s
22 35.5 Ariana Grande US 2010s
Kesha US 2000s-2010s
24 33.5 Jason Derulo US 2000s-2010s
25 33 Wiz Khalifa US 2000s-2010s
Lil Wayne US 1990s-2010s
27 32.5 Cardi B US 2010s
Carrie Underwood US 2000s-2010s
29 32 Imagine Dragons US 2010s
Khalid US 2010s
31 31.5 Adele UK 2000s-2010s
32 30.5 Nicki Minaj Trinidad and
33 30 Linkin Park US 1990s-2010s
34 29.5 Jason Aldean US 2000s-2010s
Keith Urban Australia 1990s-2010s
36 29 Tim McGraw US 1990s-2010s
Sam Smith UK 2000s-2010s
38 28.5 The Chainsmokers US 2010s
Kenny Chesney US 1990s-2010s
Panic! at the Disco US 2000s-2010s
Travis Scott US 2000s-2010s
Meghan Trainor US 2010s
43 28 DJ Khaled US 2000s-2010s
Blake Shelton US 2000s-2010s
45 27.5 Big Sean US 2000s-2010s
46 27 Queen UK 1970s-2010s
47 26 Beyoncé US 1990s-2010s
Miley Cyrus US 2000s-2010s
Fall Out Boy US 2000s-2010s
Rae Sremmurd US 2000s-2010s

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