List of Baronetcies in the Baronetage of Ireland
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List of Baronetcies in the Baronetage of Ireland

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This is a list of baronetcies in the Baronetage of Ireland. There were first created in 1619, and was replaced by the Baronetage of the United Kingdom in 1800. The list is in alphabetical order.

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Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Alen of St Wolstans 1622 Alen extinct 1627  
Annesley of Newport Pagnell 1620 Annesley extant first Baronet created Viscount Valentia in 1622 - Premier Baronet of Ireland
Arragh of Arragh 1624 Arragh extinct 1626  
Aylmer of Balrath 1662 Aylmer, Whitworth-Aylmer extant seventh Baronet succeeded as Baron Aylmer in 1766
Aylmer of Donadea 1622 Aylmer extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Barret of Iniscarry 1631 Baret extinct 1648  
Barrett of Newburgh 1628 Barett extinct 1645 first Baronet created Lord Barrett in 1627
Barrett of Castlemore 1665 Barrett extinct 1673  
Barry of Dublin 1775 Barry extinct or dormant c.1895  
Bateson of Killoquin 1789 Bateson, Bateson-Harvey extinct 1870  
Bath of Athcarne 1666 Bath extinct 1686  
Batersby of Tyrone 1687 Batersby, Battersby, Badersby dormant
Bayly of Plas Newydd 1730 Bayly, Paget extant third Baronet had already succeeded as Baron Paget de Beaudesert in 1769, created Earl of Uxbridge in 1784; second Earl created Marquess of Anglesey in 1815
Barnewall of Crickstown 1623 Barnewall extant  
Bellew of Barmeath 1688 Bellew dormant seventh Baronet was created Baron Bellew in 1848; Baronetcy dormant, under review (11th Baronet died 1975)
Bellingham of Dublin 1667 Bellingham extinct 1699  
Beresford of Coleraine 1665 Beresford extant fourth Baronet created Earl of Tyrone in 1746; second Earl created Marquess of Waterford in 1789
Blaquiere of Ardkill 1784 Blaquiere extinct 1920 first Baronet was created Baron de Blaquiere in 1800
Blackwood of Ballyleidy 1763 Blackwood dormant third Baronet succeeded as Baron Dufferin and Claneboye in 1800; Baronetcy dormant (10th Baronet died 1988)
Blake of Galway 1622 Blake extant  
Blundell of Edendeny 1620 Blundell extinct 1756 third Baronet created Viscount Blundell in 1720
Blunden of Castle Blunden 1766 Blunden extant  
Bond of Coolamber 1794 Bond extinct 1823  
Bond of Peckham 1658 Bond extinct 1767  
Borrows of Grangemellon 1646 Borrowes extinct 1939  
Boulen of Holland 1623 Boulen extinct c. 1660  
Bourke of Kilpeacon 1645 Bourke extinct c.1707  
Brabazon of Newpark 1797 Brabazon extinct 1840  
Bradstreet of Castilla 1759 Bradstreet extinct 1924  
Bramhall of Rathmullen 1662 Bramhall extinct 1667  
Brooke of Colebrooke 1764 Brooke extinct 1785  
Browne of Kishack 1622 Browne extinct 1682  
Browne of Palmerston 1797 Brabazon extinct 1890  
Browne of Molahiffe 1622 Browne extinct 1952 seventh Baronet created Earl of Kenmare in 1801
Bulkeley of Dunlaven 1672 Bulkeley extinct 1710  
Burke of Glinsk 1628 Burke extinct 1909  
Burke of Marble Hill 1797 Burke extant  
Burton of Pollacton 1758 Bradstreet extinct 1902  
Butler of Cloughgrenan 1628 Butler extant  
Butler of Polestown 1645 Bourke extinct or dormant c.1762  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Caldwell of Rossberg 1683 Caldwell extinct 1858  
Carden of Templemore 1787 Carden extant  
Chapman of Killua Castle 1782 Chapman extinct 1919  
Chinnery of Flintfield 1799 Chinnery extinct 1868  
Cogan of Greenwich 1657 Cogan extinct 1660  
Colclough of Tintern Abbey 1628 Colclough extinct 1687  
Cole of Newland 1661 Cole extinct 1754 second Baronet created Baron Ranelagh in 1715
Colthurst of Ardrum 1744 Colthurst extant
Cooke of Dublin 1741 Cooke extinct 1758  
Cooper of Dublin 1758 Cooper extinct 1761  
Coote of Castle Cuffe 1621 Coote extant  
Coote of Donnybrooke 1774 Coote extinct 1922  
Cotter of Rockforest[1] 1763 Cotter extant  
Courtenay of Newcastle 1621 Courtenay extinct c. 1700  
Cox of Castletown 1706 Cox extinct 1873  
Crofton of the Mote 1758 Crofton dormant fourth Baronet succeeded as Baron Crofton in 1817; Baronetcy dormant (9th Baronet died 1989) - under review
Crofton of the Mote 1661 Crofton extinct 1780  
Cromie of Stacrombie[2] 1776 Cromie extinct 1841  
Crooke of Baltimore 1624 Crooke extinct c. 1666  
Crosbie of Maryborough 1630 Crosbie extinct 1936  
Cusack-Smith of Tuam 1799 Smyth, Cusack-Smith extinct 1970  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Dancer of Modreeny 1662 Dancer extinct 1933  
Deane of Muskerry 1710 Deane dormant sixth Baronet created Baron Muskerry in 1781; Baronetcy dormant (11th Baronet died 1954)
De Burgo of Castle Conel 1785 Blaquiere extinct 1873  
De Montmorency of Upper Wood 1758 Morres, de Montmorency extinct 1829  
De Vere of Curragh 1784 Hunt, de Vere extinct 1904  
Denny of Castle More 1782 Denny extant  
Des Voeux of Indiaville 1787 des Voeux extinct 1944  
Domvile of Templeogue 1686 Domvile extinct 1768  
Dowdall of Athlumney 1663 Dowdall forfeit 1691  
Dungan of Castletown 1623 Dungan extinct 1715 fourth Baronet created Earl of Limerick in 1686


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Eaton of Dunmoylin 1682 Eaton extinct 1697  
Echlin of Clonagh 1721 Echlin extinct 2007  
Esmonde of Clonegall 1629 Esmonde extant  
Eustace of Castle Martin 1685 Eustace forfeit 1691  
Evans of Kilcreene 1683 Evans extinct 1690  
Everard of Ballybay 1622 Everard extinct c.1740  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Falkiner of Anne Mount 1778 Falkiner dormant ninth Baronet died 1997
Fenton of Mitchelstown 1661 Fenton extinct 1671  
Fetherston of Ardagh[2] 1776 Fetherston extinct 1923  
ffrench of Castle ffrench 1779 ffrench extant second Baronet succeeded as Baron ffrench in 1805
Fish of Lissameon 1622 Fish extinct c.1670  
Fitzgerald of Clenlish 1644 Fitzgerald forfeit 1691  
Fitzharris of Kilfinin 1622 Fitzgerald extinct c.1704  
Flood of Newton Ormond 1780 Flood extinct 1824  
Forster of Coolderry 1794 Forster extinct 1904  
Fownes of Dublin 1724 Echlin extinct 1778  
Freke of Castle Freke 1768 Freke, Evans-Freke extant second Baronet succeeded as Baron Carbery in 1807


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Galwey of Kallwollin 1624 Galwey extinct c. 1700  
Gethin of Gethinsgrott 1665 Gethin extant  
Gifford of Castle Jordan 1661 Gifford extinct 1662  
Gleadowe-Newcomen of Carrickglass 1781 Gleadowe-Newcomen extinct 1825 second Baronet succeeded as Viscount Newcomen in 1817
Godfrey of Bushfield 1785 Godfrey extinct 1971  
Gore of Lissadill 1760 Gore, Gore-Booth extant  
Gore of Manor Gore 1622 Gore extant  
Gore of Newtown Gore 1662 Gore extant third Baronet created Earl of Arran in 1760
Gore of Magherabegg 1622 Gore extant  
Gorges-Meredyth of Catharines Grove 1787 Gorges-Meredyth extinct 1821  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Haman of Woodhouse 1727 Haman extinct 1728  
Hamilton of Dunamana 1781 Hamilton extinct 1818  
Hamilton of Manor Cunningham 1775 Hamilton extinct 1782  
Hamilton of Monilla 1662 Hamilton extinct 1682  
Hamilton of Mount Hamilton 1683 Hamilton extinct c.1730  
Hamilton of Donalong 1660 Hamilton extant second Baronet succeeded as Earl of Abercorn in 1701
Hartstonge of Bruff 1681 Hartstonge extinct 1797  
Hayes of Drumboe Castle[3] 1789 Hayes extinct 1912  
Herbert of Derrogh 1630 Herbert extinct 1712  
Hill of Brook Hill 1779 Hill extant  
Hoare of Annabella 1784 Hoare extant  
Hodson of Holybrook House[3] 1789 Hodson extant  
Hopkins of Athboy 1795 Hopkins extinct 1860  
Horsfall of Kilkenny 1642 Horsfall extinct c.1693  
Hurly of Knockalong 1645 Hurly forfeit 1691  
Hutchinson, later Synge-Hutchinson of Castlesallagh 1782 Hutchinson, Synge-Hutchison extinct 1906  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Irvine of Ardscragh 1677 Irvine extinct 1689  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Jervis-White-Jervise of Bally Ellis 1797 Jervis-White-Jervise extinct 1947  
Johnson-Walsh of Dublin 1775 Johnson, Johnson-Walsh extinct 1953  
Johnston of Gilford 1772 Johnston extinct 1841  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Kennedy of ? 1665 Kennedy forfeit 1710  
King of Boyle Abbey 1682 King, King-Tenison extant fifth Baronet created Earl of Kingston in 1768; Baronetcy unproven (5th Baronet died 2002) - under review


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Lake of Carnow 1661 Lake extinct 1674  
Lane of Tulske 1661 Lane extinct 1724 second Baronet created Viscount Lanesborough in 1676
Langford of Kilmackedrett 1667 Langford extinct c.1725  
Langrishe of Knocktopher 1777 Langrishe extant  
Lawless of Abington[2] 1776 Lawless extinct 1929 first Baronet was created Baron Cloncurry in 1789
Leigh of Tyrone 1622 Leigh extinct 1638  
Leslie of Tarbert 1787 Leslie extinct 1818  
Levinge of Knockdrin Castle 1704 Levinge extant  
Lighton of Merville 1791 Lighton extant  
Loftus of Mount Loftus 1768 Loftus extinct 1864  
Lumm of Lumville 1775 Lumm extinct 1797  
Lynch-Blosse of Galway 1622 Lynch, Lynch-Blosse extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Macartney of Nish 1799 Macartney extant  
Macdonnell of Maye 1627 Macdonnell forfeit 1691  
MacMahon of Clondirrala 1628 MacMahon extinct c. 1680  
Magill of Gill Hall 1680 Magill extinct 1700  
Magrath of Allevolan 1629 Magrath extinct c. 1670  
Mannix of Richmond 1787 Mannix extinct 1822  
Loftus of Loftus Hall 1780 Tottenham, Loftus extant  
Massy of Donass 1782 Massy extinct 1870  
Maude of Dondrum 1705 Maude dormant third Baronet created Viscount Hawarden in 1791; Baronetcy dormant (10th Baronet died 1991) - under review
May of Mayfield 1763 May extinct 1834  
Meade of Meadstown 1703 Mead extant fourth Baronet created Earl Clanwilliam in 1776
Meredyth of Carlanstown 1795 Meredyth extinct 1923  
Meredyth of Greenhills 1660 Hamilton extinct 1904  
Miller of Glenlee 1788 Miller extant  
Molyneux of Castle Dillon 1730 Molyneux extinct 1940  
Moore of Ross 1681 Moore extant  
Morres of Castlemorres 1631 Morres, de Montmonrency extant  
Mullins of Ventry 1797 Mullins, de Moleyns, Eveligh-de-Moleyns extant first Baronet created Baron Ventry in 1800
Musgrave of Tourin 1782 Musgrave extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Newcomen of Kenagh 1623 Newcomen extinct 1789  
Newport of Newpark[3] 1789 Newport extinct 1859  
Norton of Charlton 1624 Norton extinct c. 1690  
Nugent of Ballinlough 1795 Nugent extant  
Nugent of Donore 1768 Nugent extinct 1799  
Nugent of Dysery 1782 Nugent extinct c. 1813  
Nugent of Moyrath 1622 Nugent extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
O'Brien of Leaghmenagh 1686 O'Brien extant fifth Baronet succeeded as Baron Inchiquin in 1855; Baronetcy dormant (eleventh Baron and ninth Baronet died 1982)
O'Connor of Sligo 1622 O'Connor extinct 1625  
O'Donnell of Newport House 1780 O'Donnell extinct 1889  
O'Neill of Killelagh 1666 O'Neill forfeit 1691  
O'Neill of Upper Claneboys 1643 O'Neill dormant 1799  
Osborne of Ballentaylor 1629 Osborne extant  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Palmer of Castle Lackin 1777 Palmer extinct 1910  
Parnell of Rathleague 1766 Parnell extant fourth Baronet created Baron Congleton in 1841
Parsons of Birr Castle 1677 Parsons extant fifth Baronet succeeded as Earl of Rosse in 1807
Parsons of Bellamont 1620 Parsons extinct 1764 third Baronet created Viscount Rosse in 1681
Paul of Paulville 1794 Paul extinct 1961  
Perceval of Kanturk 1661 Perceval extinct 2011 fifth Baronet created Earl of Egmont in 1733
Pierce of Pierce Court 1622 Pierce extinct c. 1649  
Piers of Tristernagh Abbey 1661 Piers extant  
Prendergast of Gort 15 July 1699 Prendergast extinct 1760  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Reading of Dublin 1675 Reading extinct 1689  
Reynell of Laleham 1678 Reynell extinct 1848  
Ribton of Woodbrook 1760 Ribton extinct 1901  
Richardson of Aughre 1787 Richardson, Richardson-Bunbury extant  
Riggs-Miller of Ballicasey 1778 Riggs-Miller extinct 1828  
Roche of Fermoy 1782 Roche extinct 1807  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Sands of Dublin 1676 Sands extinct c. 1704  
Sarsfield of Carrickleamlery 1619 Sarsfield forfeit 1691 first Baronet created Viscount Sarsfield in 1627
Shaen of Kilmore 1663 Dowdall extinct 1725  
Shee of Dunmore 1794 Shee extinct 1870  
Smyth of Tinny Park[2] 1776 Smyth extinct 1797  
Somerville of Somerville[4] 1748 Somerville dormant fifth Baronet created Baron Athlumney in 1863, which title became extinct in 1929; Baronetcy dormant (second Baron and sixth Baronet died in 1929)
Southwell of Castlemattress 1662 Southwell extant second Baronet created Baron Southwell in 1717
St George of Carrickdrumrusk 1660 St George extinct 1735 second Baronet created Baron St George in 1715
St George of Woodsgift 1766 St George extant  
Staples of Lissone 1628 Staples extinct or dormant 2013  
Staunton of Cargins 1785 Staunton extinct 1859  
Steele of Hampstead 1768 Steele extinct or dormant 1876  
Stewart of Ramalton 1623 Stewart extant  
Style of Beckenham 1624 Style extinct 1659  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Taylour of Kells 1704 Taylour extant third Baronet created Earl of Bective in 1766, second Earl created Marquess of Headfort in 1800; Baronetcy unproven (9th Baronet died 2005) - under review
Talbot of Belfast 1790 Talbot extinct 1850  
Talbot of Carton 1623 Talbot forfeit 1691  
Trant of Portarlington 1686 Trant forfeit 1691  
Treswell of the Army 1665 Kennedy extinct 1670  
Tufton of Vintners 1623 Tufton extinct 1664  
Tuite of Sonagh 1622 Tuite extant  
Tydd of Lamberton 1795 Tydd extinct 1803  
Tynte of Dunlaven 1778 Tynte extinct 1785  


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Vesey of Abbey Leix 1698 Vesey dormant second Baronet created Baron Knapton in 1750 and Viscount de Vesci 1776; Baronetcy dormant (sixth Viscount and seventh Baronet died 1983)


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Waller of Newport 1780 Waller extant unproven (ninth Baronet died 2003) - under review
Walsh of Little Ireland 1645 Walsh extinct c. 1690  
Ward of Killagh 1682 Ward extinct 1691  
Warren of Warren Court 1784 Warren extant  
Weldon of Dunmore 1723 Weldon extant  
Wheeler-Denny-Cuffe of Leyrath 1800 Wheeler-Denny-Cuffe, Wheeler-Cuffe extinct 1934  
Wilmot of Witney 1621 Wilmot extinct 1629  
Wilson of Killenure 1629 Wilson extinct 1636  
Wolseley of Mount Wolseley 1745 Wolseley dormant twelfth Baronet died 1991


Title Date of creation Surname Current status Notes
Yorke of Dublin[5] 1761 Yorke extinct 1776  

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