List of Presidents of the Gaelic Athletic Association
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List of Presidents of the Gaelic Athletic Association

The president of the Gaelic Athletic Association (Irish: Uachtarán Cumann Lúthchleas Gael)[1] is the head of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).

The president holds office for three years. The role of president has existed since the foundation of the GAA. The president of the GAA is one of the leading figures in civil society in Ireland, as the association has around one million members and is present in every parish in the country. The role of president involves representing the GAA in Ireland and across the world. Former presidents of the GAA have a key role within the GAA, sitting on the motions committee which rules if motions to the annual Congress are in order. They also have become known for other roles such as Seán Kelly, who is now an MEP.

The current president is John Horan, installed in 2018 succeeding Aogán Ó Fearghaíl. The president travels across Ireland and the world to promote the organisation and attend games; former President Nickey Brennan travelled 160,000 miles in Ireland alone during his three years as president, and visited Great Britain, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East on several occasions, meeting dignitaries such as New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg along the way.[2]


Gaelic Athletic Association Congress


In 1981, John Kerry O'Donnell became the first overseas member of the GAA to run for president.[3]

In 2020, Larry McCarthy became the first overseas member of the GAA to be elected as president.[3]

List of presidents of the Gaelic Athletic Association

# Name Portrait Entered office Left office County
1. Maurice Davin Maurice Davin Portrait.png 1884 1887 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary
2. Edward Bennet 1887 1888 Colours of Clare.svg Clare
N/A Maurice Davin (2nd term) Maurice Davin Portrait.png 1888 1889 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary
3. Peter Kelly 1889 1895 Colours of Galway.svg Galway
4. Frank Dineen Frank Dineen.jpg 1895 1898 Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick
5. Michael Deering 1898 1901 Colours of Cork.svg Cork
6. James Nowlan Alderman James Nowlan GAA President 1901 - 1921.jpg 1901 1921 Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny
7. Daniel McCarthy 1921 1924 Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin
8. Patrick Breen 1924 1926 Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford
9. Liam Clifford 1926 1928 Colours of Leinster Council.svg Limerick
10. Seán Ryan 1928 1932 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary
11. Seán McCarthy 1932 1935 Colours of Cork.svg Cork
12. Bob O'Keeffe 1935 1938 Colours of Laois.svg Laois
13. Pádraig MacNamee 1938 1943 Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim
14. Séamus Gardiner 1943 1946 Colours of Clare.svg Clare
15. Dan O'Rourke 1946 1949 Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon
16. Michael Kehoe 1949 1952 Colours of Wexford.svg Wexford
17. Vincent O'Donoghue 1952 1955 Colours of Galway.svg Galway
18. Séamus McFerran 1955 1958 Colours of Antrim.svg Antrim
19. Joseph Stuart 1958 1961 Colours of Clare.svg Clare
20. Aodh Ó Broin 1961 1964 Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow
21. Alf Murray 1964 1967 Colours of Armagh.svg Armagh
22. Séamus Ó Riain 1967 1970 Colours of Roscommon.svg Tipperary
23. Pat Fanning 1970 1973 Colours of Monaghan.svg Waterford
24. Donal Keenan 1973 1976 Colours of Roscommon.svg Roscommon
25. Con Murphy 1976 1979 Colours of Cork.svg Cork
26. Paddy McFlynn 1979 1982 Colours of Down.svg Down
27. Paddy Buggy 1982 1985 Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny
28. Dr Mick Loftus
(Micheál Ó Lochláin)
1985 1988 Colours of Mayo.svg Mayo
29. John Dowling 1988 1991 Colours of Offaly.svg Offaly
30. Peter Quinn 1991 1994 Colours of Leinster Council.svg Fermanagh
31. Jack Boothman 1994 1997 Colours of Roscommon.svg Wicklow
32. Joe McDonagh 1997 2000 Colours of Galway.svg Galway
33. Seán McCague 2000 2003 Colours of Monaghan.svg Monaghan
34. Seán Kelly Kelly, Seán-9813.jpg 2003 2006 Colours of Leitrim.svg Kerry
35. Nickey Brennan[4] 2006 2009 Colours of Kilkenny.svg Kilkenny
36. Christy Cooney[5] 2009 2012 Colours of Cork.svg Cork
37. Liam O'Neill[6][7] 2012 2015 Colours of Laois.svg Laois
38. Aogán Ó Fearghaíl[8] 2015 2018 Colours of Laois.svg Cavan
39. John Horan[9] 2018 Colours of Dublin.svg Dublin

Living former presidents

Currently, there are at least eight living former presidents: Mick Loftus, Peter Quinn, Seán McCague, Seán Kelly, Nickey Brennan, Christy Cooney, Liam O'Neill and Aogán Ó Fearghaíl.

Aodh Ó Broin is not listed as deceased.


  • ? was the oldest president to enter office, aged ?.
  • ? was the oldest president to leave office, aged ?.
  • ? was the youngest president to enter office, aged ?.
  • ? was the youngest president to leave office, aged ?.
  • ?, who died in office, had the shortest presidency of ? days.
  • ?, who resigned, served for ? days.
  • Maurice Davin uniquely served for two terms.
  • James Nowlan is the longest-serving.
  • Pat Fanning was the former president to have survived the longest after serving.[clarification needed][10]


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