List of in Flames Band Members
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List of in Flames Band Members
Two lineups of In Flames performing in 2006 (top) and 2017 (bottom).

In Flames is a Swedish heavy metal band from Gothenburg. Initially formed as a side project by Ceremonial Oath bassist Jesper Strömblad in 1990,[1] the group's first full lineup in 1993 also featured guitarist Glenn Ljungström and bassist Johan Larsson.[2] As the band were without an official vocalist, their 1994 debut Lunar Strain featured contributions from Dark Tranquillity frontman Mikael Stanne, as well as several guest musicians.[3] The 1995 EP Subterranean featured vocals by Dawn's Henke Forss,[4] as well as drums by Daniel Erlandsson of Eucharist and Anders Jivarp of Dark Tranquillity. Around the time of the EP's release, Björn Gelotte joined In Flames as the band's first official drummer, and a short time later Anders Fridén was brought in from Dark Tranquillity as the group's first official vocalist.[5][6]

The lineup of Fridén, Strömblad, Ljungström, Larsson and Gelotte released The Jester Race in 1996 and Whoracle in 1997.[7] By the end of the recording for Whoracle, however, both Ljungström and Larsson had announced that they were leaving the band. They were replaced for a short tour by Niclas Engelin and Peter Iwers, both of whom were ultimately retained as official members.[2] Engelin only remained until the following year, however, and his role was taken over by Gelotte.[8] The vacated position of drummer was soon filled by Daniel Svensson.[9] The band's lineup remained stable for over a decade, releasing several albums.[7]

In February 2010, founding member Strömblad announced that he was leaving In Flames, with the band admitting that "in order to keep a very dear friend this is probably for the best".[10] He was replaced for tour dates later in the year by a returning Niclas Engelin, who was later announced as a full member of the group in March 2011.[11] In late 2015, long-term drummer Svensson also left In Flames, explaining that he wanted to "spend more time with ... [his] wife and three daughters".[12]Joe Rickard was brought in as Svensson's replacement the following year.[13] Iwers also departed a year after Svensson, explaining that he felt it was "the time to move on with other musical and non-musical adventures".[14] Bryce Paul took over his place for future tour dates.[15] In July 2018, Tanner Wayne replaced Rickard.[16]

Official members


Image Name Years active Instruments Release contributions
2015 RiP In Flames - Bjoern Gelotte by 2eight - DSC5916.jpg
Björn Gelotte 1995-present
all In Flames releases from The Jester Race (1996) onwards
In Flames - Rock am Ring 2015-0120.jpg
Anders Fridén vocals
2015 RiP In Flames - Niclas Engelin by 2eight - DSC6050.jpg
Niclas Engelin
  • 1997-1998
  • 2011-present
    (touring 2010-2011)
all In Flames releases from Siren Charms (2014) onwards
Tanner Wayne 2009.jpg
Tanner Wayne 2018-present drums I, The Mask (2019)


Image Name Years active Instruments Release contributions
Jesper Strömblad 1990-2010
  • rhythm guitar
  • keyboards
  • lead guitar (1993-1997)
  • drums (1993-1994)
all In Flames releases from Lunar Strain (1994) to A Sense of Purpose (2008)
Glenn Ljungström 1993-1997 rhythm guitar all In Flames releases from Lunar Strain (1994) to Whoracle (1997)
Johan Larsson
2015 RiP In Flames - Daniel Svensson by 2eight - DSC5848.jpg
Daniel Svensson 1998-2015 drums all In Flames releases from Colony (1999) to Siren Charms (2014)
2015 RiP In Flames - Peter Iwers by 2eight - DSC5795.jpg
Peter Iwers 1997-2016 bass all In Flames releases from Colony (1999) to Battles (2016)
Joe Rickard 2016-2018 drums Battles (2016)

Other contributors


Image Name Years active Instruments Release contributions
Dark Tranquillity Paris 281008 11.jpg
Mikael Stanne 1993 vocals
  • Demo '93 (1993)
  • Lunar Strain (1994)
Carl Näslund rhythm guitar
Arch Enemy - Reload Festival 2016 04.jpg
Daniel Erlandsson 1994 drums Subterranean (1995)
Anders Jivarp
Fredrik Nordström 2010.05.06.jpg
Fredrik Nordström 1995-2000
Charlie Storm 1998-2000
  • synthesizers
  • programming
  • Colony (1999)
  • Clayman (2000)
Örjan Örnkloo 2002-present
  • keyboards
  • programming
all In Flames releases from Reroute to Remain (2002) onwards


Image Name Years active Instruments Notes
Dick Lövgren 2001 bass Dick Lövgren from Armaggedon supported In Flames on two North American tours around 2001.
20170615-164-Nova Rock 2017-In Flames-Bryce Paul.jpg
Bryce Paul 2017-present bass Paul joined as the band's touring bassist in May 2017, following the departure of Peter Iwers the previous year.[15]



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