List of Hope
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List of Hope
Pervasive Coalition of Reformists

ChairmanAli Soufi
SpokespersonMahmoud Mirlohi
Head of Policymaking CouncilMohammad Reza Aref
National affiliationIranian Reformists
Colours     Persian Blue
Slogan"Hope and Serenity, Economic Bloom"

Pervasive Coalition of Reformists: The Second Step (Persian: : ‎), named The List of Hope (Persian: ? ?‎) by Mohammad Khatami,[1] was the sole coalition and electoral list affiliated with the Iranian reform movement for the 2016 legislative election. The group also endorsed candidates for the 2016 Assembly of Experts election. Reformists backed a list of 236 candidates for the Parliament and 77 for the Assembly of Experts, even though many of them are not reformists but moderate-leaning figures.[2]

The coalition includes Council for Coordinating the Reforms Front member groups, National Trust Party (close to Mehdi Karroubi), newly established Union of Islamic Iran People Party, Moderation and Development Party (close to Hassan Rouhani) and the principlist Followers of Velayat faction led by Ali Larijani.

Allied groups

Endorsing non-members

Electoral performance

Year Body Seats Ref
2016 Parliament [5]
Assembly of Experts [5]


Those who are concerned about the country's interests, progress and removal of threats and limitations should vote for all individuals on both [People's Experts and Pervasive Coalition of Reformists] lists, "I repeat, for all individuals on both lists".[6]

-- Mohammad Khatami, on a video message


Speakers of the Parliament

Political figures

Directors, actors and actresses


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