List of Highlander: the Raven Episodes
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List of Highlander: the Raven Episodes

This is a list of television episodes from the American fantasy series Highlander: The Raven, a spin-off of Highlander: The Series and part of the Highlander franchise. The only season of the show aired between September 21, 1998 and May 22, 1999 and consisted of 22 episodes.[1] It has been released on DVD in Region 1 on June 14, 2005.[2] The series features flashbacks, sword fights and quickenings which are typical of the Highlander franchise,[3] as well as guest appearances of Highlander: The Series recurring actors Jim Byrnes (as Watcher Joe Dawson), Philip Akin and Valentine Pelka. Dates shown are original air dates on syndication.

Highlander: The Raven follows the adventures of Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen), a 1200-year-old immortal woman who can only die if she is beheaded. The first episode, "Reborn", introduces Amanda's lover and pre-Immortal Nick Wolfe (Paul Johansson). The subsequent episodes focus on Amanda and Wolfe's dealings with other Immortals and mortals, especially Amanda's friends Lucy Becker (Patricia Gage) and Father Liam Riley (Robert Cavanah), Wolfe's former boss Carl Magnus (Michael Copeman) and Wolfe's employer Bert Myers (Hannes Jaenicke). The last episode, "Dead on Arrival" depicts Wolfe's accession to immortality.


The show was co-produced by several production companies including Gaumont Television, M6, Firecorp IV Productions Inc., Rysher, Davis-Panzer Productions, Fireworks Distributing Corporation, ProSieben Media and Chum Television. The series was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and in Paris, France. The executive producers were Bill Panzer, Peter S. Davis, Christian Charret and Marla Ginsburg. Jay Firestone and Adam Haight were co-executive producers and David Abramowitz was Creative Consultant. Donald Paonessa was associate producer. Karen Harris was supervising producer and James Thorpe was executive story editor; both also contributed scripts. The regular directors were Dennis Berry and George Mendeluk. The producer was Steve Wakefield in Toronto; Denis Leroy who was executive in charge of production in Toronto, took over as producer in Paris. Regina Robb was production manager in Toronto, succeeded by Alexandre Deon in Paris. The sword choreographer on the Toronto segment was James Binkley, replaced in Paris by Philippe Guegan. The theme music was composed and performed by Jeff and Rob Pfeifer; incidental music was composed by Simon Cloquet.


No.Title [1][3][4]Directed by [1]Written by [1]Original air date [1]Prod.
code [5]
1"Reborn"Ian ToyntonKaren HarrisSeptember 21, 1998 (1998-09-21)98101-201
Immortal thief Amanda is followed by detectives Nick Wolfe and Claudia Hoffmann (Torri Higginson). Meanwhile, rogue detective Stanley Ferris (James Purcell) kills her fence, Immortal Basil Morgan (Julian Richings), and frames her. When Morgan fetches Amanda at the police station, he recognizes Ferris as his murderer. Ferris tries to kill Wolfe, who is saved by Amanda. Ferris then goes for Amanda, but Hoffmann dies in her place. Ferris shoots Amanda and is killed by Wolfe. Wolfe witnesses Amanda resurrecting.
2"Full Disclosure"Peter EllisJames ThorpeSeptember 28, 1998 (1998-09-28)98102-202
Wolfe and Amanda cannot prevent Navajo code talker Walter (James Kidnie) from being killed by Immortal Mario Cardoza (Carlo Rota). Amanda helped Cardoza in 1952 and Walter found evidence of them being still alive. Wolfe works this out. Amanda admits her immortality to him. Cardoza kills himself by paying a hitman in order to disappear. The plan works, but Amanda finally beheads Cardoza.
3"Bloodlines"Dennis BerryJames ThorpeOctober 5, 1998 (1998-10-05)98103-203
Wolfe kills Morgan Kenworth (Cedric Smith), an assassin whose target was media proprietor Denise Grady (Carolyn Dunn). Wolfe realizes Kenworth is Immortal. Amanda recalls how Denise Grady's ancestor killed Kenworth's son in 1897 and realizes Kenworth kills the best of the Gradys of every generation. Despite Amanda's warnings, Wolfe fights Kenworth, who is beheaded by a falling shard of glass.
4"Immunity"Dennis BerryKaren HarrisOctober 12, 1998 (1998-10-12)98104-204
Myers asks Wolfe to retrieve top secret plans at the Romanian embassy. Amanda agrees to help to escape Immortal Stefan Collier (James Kee). Amanda and Wolfe's attempted robbery is foiled by both Collier and enemy agent Marta Antonescu (Tara Rosling), who takes the plans and flees to the nearest airport. Amanda and Wolfe follow and stop Antonescu. Amanda finally fights Collier.
5"So Shall Ye Reap"René BonnièreMichael O'Mahoney, Sacha ReinsOctober 19, 1998 (1998-10-19)98105-205
FBI agents Martin Foster (Chuck Shamata) and Hewlitt (Frank Pellegrino) kill a scientist. His father, Charlie (Lawrence Dane), asks Amanda and Wolfe for help. After they find genetically modified seeds in another dead scientist's house, they are arrested by FBI. Foster bails them out to get the seeds, but they reveal the story to the press. Foster walks free after his trial and is killed by Charlie, who is killed by Hewlitt.
6"Birthright"George MendelukFrank EncarnacaoOctober 26, 1998 (1998-10-26)98106-206
Simon Clark (Philip Akin) and Riley Del Deegan (John Ralston) steal the jewels of the Maria Rose wreckage. Amanda had helped two freed slaves to get on board the Maria Rose in 1720. Clark, descendant of the freed slaves, wants the deed that freed his ancestors and kills Del Deegan who refuses to retrieve it. A dying Clark asks Amanda for help, and Amanda and Wolfe steal the deed for his children.
7"Crime and Punishment"René BonnièreTibby RothmanNovember 2, 1998 (1998-11-02)98107-207
Convicted murderer Ray Bonita (Mark Humphrey) tries to kill Wolfe, who arrested him. Wolfe discovers that Bonita was innocent and that Bonita's old friend Darryl Keenan (Andrew Jackson) framed Bonita for the crime. Bonita distrusts Wolfe and seeks help by Keenan. Wolfe cannot prevent Keenan from killing Bonita. Amanda blackmails Keenan to get him arrested.
8"The Unknown Soldier"George MendelukJames ThorpeNovember 9, 1998 (1998-11-09)98108-208
Amanda meets Immortal John Ray Fielding (Michael Rhoades) in a graveyard and remembers how she stole a pouch of jewels from him in 1917. Fielding wants Amanda's head because inside the pouch was a withdrawal order that never arrived. This caused the death of 120 soldiers. When Amanda realizes this, she offers her head to Fielding, but Fielding lets her live.
9"Cloak and Dagger"Rene ManzorFrank EncarnacaoNovember 16, 1998 (1998-11-16)98109-209
Myers asks Amanda to break into Ludwig Weiss' (Marc Strange) house with him to retrieve a secret file. Myers is forced to kill Weiss. Myers admits to Amanda and Wolfe that he met Weiss while working undercover in the Stasi. Weiss blackmailed Myers to have Myers kill a diplomat Myers is protecting. When the diplomat arrives in town, Myers, Amanda and Wolfe prevent Weiss' men from killing her.
10"Passion Play"Dennis BerryMorrie RuvinskyNovember 23, 1998 (1998-11-23)98110-210
In 1963, Lucy was a successful young actor married to Immortal Marco Becker (Kirby Morrow). Immortal Wilson Geary (Gordon Currie) used Lucy to behead Becker. Lucy has hated Geary ever since and refuses to hear Amanda and Wolfe's advice to grow beyond it. Geary kidnaps Lucy to get Amanda's head. Wolfe frees Lucy while Amanda fights Geary.
11"The Devil You Know"Donald PaonessaDurnford KingNovember 30, 1998 (1998-11-30)98111-211
Immortal Victor Hansen (Geordie Johnson) asks Amanda to help him steal the Valentino Diamond. Hansen kills security chief Bob Marshall (Richard Fitzpatrick) to get the security plans. Wolfe investigates the murder and suspects Hansen, then is nearly killed when his car explodes. During the robbery, Amanda learns what Hansen did to Wolfe and fights Hansen. Wolfe interrupts them and Hansen flees.
12"A Matter of Time"Dennis BerryKaren HarrisFebruary 1, 1999 (1999-02-01)98112-212
Wolfe meets Joe Dawson and learns about the Watchers. Dawson tells Amanda that her former mentor Andre Korda (Valentine Pelka) is after her. Amanda meets Korda and refuses to join him. Korda goes to Paris and leaves Immortal Chrysta (Ellen Dubin) to fight Amanda. Amanda wins but she and Dawson make Wolfe believe she is dead. A vengeful Wolfe goes to Paris and finds Korda, who shoots him.
13"The French Connection"Dennis BerryJames ThorpeFebruary 8, 1999 (1999-02-08)98113-213
A dying Wolfe is rescued by Myers. After a long search, Amanda finds Wolfe. Using Myers hi-tech equipment, Wolfe figures out Korda's plan: counterfeiting money. Amanda and Wolfe follow Korda in the catacombs of Paris and barely escape Korda. Korda's henchman kidnap Myers, who is rescued by Wolfe. Amanda fights Korda and beheads him. Amanda and Wolfe decide to settle in Paris.
14"The Rogue"George MendelukFrank EncarnacaoFebruary 15, 1999 (1999-02-15)98114-214
Immortal Frank Brennan (Michael Siberry) tries to kill actress Debra Dow (Lysette Anthony), Myers' current employer. Wolfe remembers having killed Brennan four years ago to protect Myers. When Brennan kills Rachael (Glynis Barber), one of the bodyguards working for Myers, Wolfe and Amanda realize Brennan is after Myers. Wolfe and Amanda protect Myers and Amanda finally beheads Brennan.
15"Inferno"Dennis BerryElizabeth BaxterFebruary 22, 1999 (1999-02-22)98115-215
Immortal Talia Bauer (Michelle Gomez) steals a briefcase. Its owner, Michael Garrett (Jolyon Baker), asks Wolfe to retrieve it. Amanda remembers how Bauer saved her head from the guillotine in 1792. Wolfe and Amanda search Bauer's flat. Amanda cracks Bauer's safe open and discovers the deadly virus the case contained. Wolfe defuses a bomb designed to disseminate the virus and Amanda fights Bauer.
16"The Frame"George MendelukTibby RothmanApril 5, 1999 (1999-04-05)98116-216
Immortal Jade (Charlotte Lewis) steals a priceless painting. Jade has been Amanda's rival in love and thieving for centuries. Wolfe and Amanda find Jade and bring the painting back to its owner, Sir Trevor Benton (Ronan Vibert). Sir Trevor had set up the robbery to get the insurance money. Amanda, Wolfe and Jade bring the painting and Sir Trevor back to the museum and leave him there to be arrested.
17"Love and Death"Gerard HamelineJocelyne Barque SimmonsApril 12, 1999 (1999-04-12)98117-217
Myers finds an old photograph of Amanda at the house of kidnapper and Immortal Derrick Markham (Stephen Billington). When Amanda sees the picture, she remembers how Markham killed the boy they had kidnapped in 1867. Markham is after Myers. When Myers witnesses Markham resurrecting, Amanda tells Myers she and Markham are Immortals but Myers does not believe her. Amanda fights Markham.
18"Thick as Thieves"George MendelukJames ThorpeApril 19, 1999 (1999-04-19)98118-218
Immortal Jeremy Dexter (Stephen Moyer) robs a casino. Amanda had stolen Queen Mary's treasury with Dexter in 1554 and refuses to help Wolfe and Interpol agent Nicolae Breslaw (Jan Triska) chase Dexter. Triska holds an old grudge against Dexter. Amanda vainly tries to help Dexter disappear with Wolfe and Triska in close pursuit. Triska is unable to kill Dexter, so Wolfe does it to end Triska's investigation.
19"The Manipulator"Brian GrantAndre JacquemettonApril 26, 1999 (1999-04-26)98119-219
Journalist Tim Helfet (Guy Lankester) asks Wolfe and Amanda to retrieve a laptop from Vladimir Rankov (Miles Richardson). Wolfe and Amanda withdraw when they discover Rankov is Immortal. Amanda remembers how Rankov, a war profiteer, had killed her protegee in 1565. Wolfe and Amanda finally retrieve the laptop but Helfet is captured by Rankov. While Wolfe frees Helfet, Amanda fights Rankov.
20"The Ex-Files"George MendelukKaren HarrisMay 3, 1999 (1999-05-03)98120-220
Wolfe's ex-wife Lauren (Rochelle Redfield) is after Immortal Julius Heller (Julian Wadham), a corrupt scientist, and asks Wolfe for help. Amanda remembers how Heller burnt a midwife at the stake like a witch in 1643. Heller kills Lauren. Amanda fights Heller, but they are interrupted by Wolfe before Heller can behead Amanda. Wolfe chases Heller and finally beheads him.
21"War and Peace"Brian GrantCatherine PorcionculaMay 10, 1999 (1999-05-10)98121-221
Amanda fights Immortal Sean (Benedick Bates) when they are interrupted. Liam remembers how he fought on the British side in the American Revolutionary War, while Sean was on the American side. Liam killed Sean in battle. Liam vowed to become a priest if Sean's stepmother survived her injuries. She died, but Amanda lied to Liam about it. In the present, Liam offers his head to Sean, who relents.
22"Dead on Arrival"George MendelukJames ThorpeMay 17, 1999 (1999-05-17)98122-222
Immortal Evan Peyton (Thomas Lockmeyer) kills a hacker. When Wolfe and Amanda investigate the case, Peyton visits Amanda. Amanda remembers how Peyton had poisoned a friend of hers in 1610. Wolfe listens to Peyton and Amanda and follows Peyton. Peyton poisons Wolfe. Wolfe becomes increasingly sick but helps Amanda behead Peyton. Amanda shoots Wolfe to trigger his immortality. Wolfe angrily tells her he cannot love someone whom he will eventually have to behead and walks away.


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