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List of Eurobeat Artists
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List of Eurobeat Artists
Name Label(s) Aliases Groups Notes
Alberto Contini Discomagic, A-Beat C Alberto Contini A-Beat Friends, RCS (Rodgers, Contini and Sinclaire), A-Beat C All Stars
Gianni Coraini Flea, Time Records, A-Beat C, Delta, Asia, Boom Boom Beat, Vibration. DJ NRG, KL Jones, Alvin (1), Maltese, Gordon Jim, Ric Fellini, Francis Cooper (3), Danny Keith (2), Ken Laszlo, Boysband, Billy the Butcher, Captain America (1), Otello, Fancy, Maxx Ducati, Jackie 'O (2), Jean Corraine, J. Corraine, Ken Hunter, Boys Band, Mr. Bean, Spencer.
Cristiana Cucchi Hi-NRG Attack, Flea. Bazooka Girl, Samanta Claus, Chris, Cristiana, HRG Unlimited, Cindy, Lou Lou Marina, Princess F., Valery Scott, Leslie Hammond, Betty Blue. Live Music Gang
Elena Ferretti Time Records, Asia Records, A Beat-C, Delta, Eurogrooves. Sophie, Alexis (2), Sara, Karina, Jenny Kee (2), Marie Belle (2), Helena, Ann Sinclair (2), Jilly (2), Rose, Elisha, Victoria, Erika, Linda, Valentina, Margaret, Queen Of Times, Vanessa (2), Barbie, Vanity, Apple. Love & Pride, Eurosisters, King & Queen, A-Beat Sisters, Kate & Karen, Gipsy & Queen. Used the alias Barbara Maniscalch at A-Beat C
Daniela Galli Time Records Dany, Magika, Susy Time
Alessandra Mirka Gatti A-Beat C, SCP-Music, Go Go's Music. Domino, Juliet, Mirka, Eskimo, Sheela, Marie Aldridge, Paula Roberts. Go Go Girls, King & Queen, Dynamika, A-Beat Sisters, 94 Sale, Groove Twins, Salt & Pepper,A-Beat C All Stars
Annerley Gordon A-Beat C, Time Records Annerley Gordon, Annalise, Lolita (1), Virginelle (1), Ann Sinclair (1), Niki Niki (1). Go Go Girls, A-Beat C All Stars, Groove Twins, King & Queen. Famous English pop singer under the name Ann Lee
Maurizio De Jorio A-Beat C, Delta, SinclaireStyle. Niko, D.Essex, David Essex, Derreck Simons (2), Oda (1), Marko Polo (1), Morris, Max Coveri (2), Eddy Huntington, 7th Heaven, Cody (1), Casanova, Dejo. Tokyo Future, Edo Boys
Andrea Leonardi A-Beat C, Delta, SinclaireStyle Bratt Sinclaire RCS (Rodgers, Contini, & Sinclaire), A-Beat C All Stars
Fabio Lione A-Beat C J. Storm A-Beat C All Stars Fabio Lione (J. Storm) is the vocalist in the rock band Rhapsody
Kiko Loureiro A-Beat C, Go Go's Music Kiko Loureiro A-Beat C All Stars Is the guitarist of Brazilian metal band Angra and American metal band Megadeth
Giancarlo Pasquini Flea, Time Records, A-Beat C, Go Go's Music (producer only), Sun Fire Records. Dave Rodgers, Lucky Boy, Danny Wilde, Derreck Simons (1), Dr. Money (2), Mike Hammer (2), Robert Stone (2), Chester (2), Patrick Hooley (2), Coriander, The Big Brother, Robert Patton (2), Mario Ross (2), Romeo, Atrium (3), Alkogan. The Spiders From Mars, Dynamika, Happy Hour, Aleph, A Beat Friends, Thomas & Schulbert, Red Skins, RCS (Rodgers, Contini, & Sinclaire), A-Beat C All Stars. Married Alessandra Mirka Gatti (Domino), but broke up. As a hyper techno singer, he uses the alias La Cima
Christian Codenotti SCP-Music[1] Ace GO2, Ace & Pamsy, Scream Team Guitarist and vocalist of Italian pop-jazz band called Hippie Tendencies[2]

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