List of English Heritage Blue Plaques in Camden
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List of English Heritage Blue Plaques in Camden

This is a list of the 169 English Heritage blue plaques in the London Borough of Camden.

Person Inscription Address Year issued Photo Notes
Agnes Arber née Robertson
"Botanist lived here 1890-1909" 9 Elsworthy Terrace,
Primrose Hill NW3 3DR
2018 AGNES ARBER nee Robertson 1879-1960 Botanist lived here 1890-1909.jpg
Joanna Baillie
"Poet and dramatist. Lived in this house for nearly 50 years" "Bolton House", Windmill Hill
Hampstead NW3 6SJ
1900 Joanna Baillie (4624434775).jpg
Dame Henrietta Barnett
(1851-1936) and Samuel Barnett
"Dame Henrietta Barnett 1851-1936 Founder of Hampstead Garden Suburb and Samuel Barnett 1844-1915 Social Reformer lived here" Heath End House, Spaniards Road
Hampstead NW3 7JE
1983 Blue Plaque on Evergreen Hill, Spaniards Road, NW3 - - 1131493.jpg
Andrés Bello
"Poet, Jurist, Philologist and Venezuelan Patriot lived here in 1810" 58 Grafton Way
Fitzrovia W1T 5DL
1996 AndresBelloPlaque.jpg
John Desmond Bernal
"Crystallographer lived and died here" 44 Albert Street
Camden NW1 7NU
2001 John-Desmond-Bernal-1901-1971.jpg
Sir Walter Besant
"Novelist and Antiquary Lived and died here" 18 Frognal Gardens
Hampstead NW3 6XA
1925 SIR WALTER BESANT (1836-1901) Novelist and Antiquary Lived and died here.jpg
Sir John Betjeman
"Poet lived here 1908-1917" 31 Highgate West Hill
Highgate N6 6NP
2006 Sir John Betjeman Blue Plaque.jpg
Robert Polhill Bevan
"Camden Town Group Painter lived here 1900-1925" 14 Adamson Road
Belsize Park NW3 3HR
1999 ROBERT POLHILL BEVAN 1865-1925 Camden Town Group Painter lived here 1900-1925.jpg
Arthur Bliss
"Composer lived here 1929-1939" East Heath Lodge, 1 East Heath Road
Hampstead NW3 1BN
1993 Sir Arthur Bliss (4624466261).jpg
David Bomberg
"Painter lived and worked here 1928-1934" 10 Fordwych Road
West Hampstead NW2 3TP
1996 DAVID BOMBERG 1890-1957 Painter lived and worked here 1928-1934.jpg
Sir Adrian Boult C. H.
"Conductor lived at flat No.78 1966-1977" 78 Marlborough Mansions, Cannon Hill
West Hampstead NW6 1JT
1998 SIR ADRIAN BOULT C.H. 1889-1983 Conductor lived at flat No.78 1966-1977.jpg
Henry Noel Brailsford
"Writer. Champion of equal and free humanity, lived here" 37 Belsize Park Gardens,
Belsize Park NW3 4JH
1983 BrailsfordPlaque.jpg
Dennis Brain
"Horn-player lived here" 37 Frognal
Hampstead, NW3 6YD
1995 DennisBrainPlaque.jpg
Vera Brittain
(1893-1970) and Winifred Holtby
"Writers and reformers lived here" 58 Doughty Street
Holborn WC1N 2LS
1995 Brittain Holtby Plaque.jpg
Ford Madox Brown
"Painter lived here" 56 Fortess Road
Kentish Town NW5 2HG
1976 MadoxBrownPlaque2.jpg
Sir Edward Burne-Jones
(1833-1898) and William Morris
(1834-1896) and Dante Gabriel Rossetti
"In this house lived in 1851 Dante Gabriel Rossetti Poet and Painter and from 1856 to 1859 William Morris Poet and Artist and Sir Edward C. Burne-Jones Painter" 17 Red Lion Square
Holborn WC1R 4QH
1911 Rossetti-morris-burne-jones plaque.jpg
Richard Burton
"Actor lived here 1949-1956" 6 Lyndhurst Road
Hampstead NW3 5PX
2011 Richard Burton 1925-1984 Actor lived here.jpg
Frances Mary Buss
"Pioneer of Education for Women was Headmistress here 1879-1894" Camden School for Girls, Sandall Road
Kentish Town NW5 2DB
2000 Blue plaque re Frances Mary Buss - - 1404455.jpg
Dame Clara Butt
"Singer lived here 1901-1929" 7 Harley Road
Swiss Cottage NW3 3BX
1969 Dame CLARA BUTT 1873-1937 SINGER lived here 1901-1929.jpg
William Butterfield
"Architect lived here" 42 Bedford Square
Bloomsbury WC1B 3HX
1978 William Butterfield 42 Bedford Square blue plaque.jpg
Randolph Caldecott
"Artist and Book Illustrator lived here" 46 Great Russell Street
Bloomsbury WC1B 3PA
1977 Randolph Caldecott's Blue Plaque - - 1156735.jpg
Thomas Carlyle
"Lived here" 33 Ampton Street
King's Cross WC1X 0LT
1907 THOMAS CARLYLE 1795-1881 Lived Here.jpg
Henry Cavendish
"Honourable Henry Cavendish natural philosopher lived here" 11 Bedford Square
Bloomsbury WC1B 3RF
1903 Henry Cavendish (3990581946).jpg Erected by The Bedford Estate
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury
"Prime Minister lived here" 21 Fitzroy Square
Fitzrovia W1T 6EL
1965 Robert Gascoyne Cecil (5026548570).jpg
Sir Arthur Hugh Clough
"Poet lived here 1854-1859" 11 St Mark's Crescent
Primrose Hill NW1 7TS
2009 Arthur Hugh Clough (4812208881).jpg
C. R. Cockerell
"Architect and Antiquary lived and died here" 13 Chester Terrace
Regent's Park NW1 4ND
1989 CockerellPlaque.jpg
John Constable
"Painter lived here" 40 Well Walk
Hampstead NW3 1BX
1923 John Constable (4625067184).jpg
George Cruikshank
"Artist. Lived here from 1850 to 1878" 293 Hampstead Road
Camden Town, NW1 3EA
1885 George Cruikshank artist. Lived here from 1850 to 1878. B Sept. 27th 1792. D Feb. 1st 1878..jpg
Richard D'Oyly Carte
"Opera Impresario and Hotelier lived here 1860-1870" 2 Dartmouth Park Road
Kentish Town NW5 1SY
2010 DoylyCartePlaque.jpg
Sir Henry Dale
"Physiologist lived here" Mount Vernon House, Mount Vernon
Hampstead NW3 6QR
1981 HenryDalePlaque.jpeg
George Dance the Younger
"Architect lived and died here" 91 Gower Street
Bloomsbury WC1E 6AA
1970 George Dance plaque.jpg
William Daniell
"Artist and engraver of Indian scenes lived and died here" 91 Gower Street
Bloomsbury NW1 0SY
2000 William Daniell (5021263164).jpg
Charles Darwin
"Lived in a house on this site 1838-1842" Biological Sciences Building, University College London, Gower Street
Bloomsbury WC1E 6BT
1961 Charles Darwin 1809-1882 naturalist lived in a house on this site 1838-1842.jpg
Francisco De Miranda
"Precursor of Latin American Independence lived here 1802-1810" 58 Grafton Way
Fitzrovia W1T 5DL
1996 FMirandaPlaque.jpg
Frederick Delius
"Composer lived here 1918-1919" 44 Belsize Park Gardens
Belsize Park NW3 4LY
1999 DeliusPlaque.jpg
David Devant
"Magician lived here in flat No.1" Flat 1 Ornan Court, Ornan Road
Belsize Park NW3 4PT
2003 David Devant 1868-1941 Magician lived here in Flat No.1.jpg
Charles Dickens
"Novelist lived here" 48 Doughty Street (now the Charles Dickens Museum)
Holborn WC1N 2LX
1903 Dickens Plaque 1338.jpg
Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield
"Earl of Beaconsfield Born Here 1804" 22 Theobalds Road
Holborn WC1X 8NX
1903 Brown LCC plaque re Benjamin Disraeli on 22 Theobald's Road, WC1 - - 1246574.jpg
George du Maurier
"Artist and writer lived here 1863-1868" 91 Great Russell Street
Bloomsbury WC1B 3PS
1960 Blue plaque George du Maurier.jpg
George du Maurier
"Lived here 1874-1895" New Grove House, 28 Hampstead Grove
Hampstead NW3 6SP
1900 George du Maurier lived here 1874 to 1895.jpg Erected by private subscribers 1900, adopted by London County Council in 1959
Sir Gerald du Maurier
"Actor-Manager lived here from 1916 until his death" Cannon Hall, 14 Cannon Place
Hampstead NW3 1EH
1967 Sir Gerald Du Maurier (4624449539).jpg
Thomas Earnshaw
"Site of the business premises of Thomas Earnshaw 1749-1829 noted watch and chronometer maker" 119 High Holborn
Holborn WC1V 6RD
Sir Charles Eastlake
"Painter and First Director of the National Gallery lived here" 7 Fitzroy Square
Fitzrovia W1T 5HL
1985 Charles Eastlake (5026540966).jpg
John Passmore Edwards
"Journalist, editor and builder of free public libraries lived here" 51 Netherhall Gardens
Hampstead NW3 5RJ
1988 John Passmore Edwards 1823-1911 Journalist editor and builder of free public libraries lived here.jpg
Lord Eldon
"Lord Chancellor lived here" 6 Bedford Square
Bloomsbury WC1B 3RA
1954 Lord Eldon 6 Bedford Square blue plaque.jpg
Frederich Engels
"Political Philosopher lived here 1870-1894" 122 Regent's Park Road
Primrose Hill NW1 8XL
1972 EngelsPlaque.jpg
Fabian Society "The site of 17 Osnaburgh Street where the Fabian Society was founded in 1884" The White House, Osnaburgh Street
Regent's Park NW1 3UP
1985 Fabian Society (5026519016).jpg
Millicent Garrett Fawcett
"Pioneer of women's suffrage lived and died here" 2 Gower Street
Bloomsbury WC1E 6DP
1954 Millicent Garrett Fawcett 2 Gower Street blue plaque.jpg
Roger Fenton
"Photographer lived here" 2 Albert Terrace
Primrose Hill NW1 7SU
1991 Roger Fenton's blue plaque, Albert Terrace, NW1 - - 851354.jpg
Kathleen Ferrier
"Contralto lived here" 97 Frognal
Hampstead NW3 6XT
1979 Kathleen Ferrier (4624419491).jpg
Ruth First
(1925-1982) and Joe Slovo
"South African Freedom Fighters lived here 1966-1978" 13 Lyme Street
Camden Town NW1 0EH
2003 Ruth First and Joe Slovo (5021266886).jpg
Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher
"Statistician and Geneticist lived here 1896-1904" Inverforth House, North End Way
Hampstead NW3 7EU
2002 Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher plaque.jpg
Captain Matthew Flinders R. N.
"Explorer and navigator lived here" 56 Fitzroy Street
Fitzrovia W1T 5BU
Theodor Fontane
"German Writer and Novelist lived here 1857-1858" 6 St Augustine's Road
Camden Town NW1 9RN
1974 Theodor Fontane (5020650543).jpg
Anna Freud
"Pioneer of Child Psychoanalysis lived here 1938-1982" 20 Maresfield Gardens (now the Freud Museum)
Hampstead NW3 5SX
2002 Anna Freud (4625084946).jpg
Sigmund Freud
"Founder of Psychoanalysis lived here 1938-1939" 20 Maresfield Gardens (now the Freud Museum)
Hampstead NW3 5SX
2002 Sigmund Freud (4625084022).jpg
Roger Fry
"In this house Roger Fry 1866-1934 Artist and Art Critic ran the Omega Workshops 1913-1919" 33 Fitzroy Square
Fitzrovia W1P 6AY
2010 Roger Fry (5025909677).jpg
Hugh Gaitskell
"Statesman lived here" 18 Frognal Gardens
Hampstead NW3 6XA
1986 HUGH GAITSKELL 1906-1963 Statesman lived here.jpg
John Galsworthy
"Novelist and playwright lived here 1918-1933" Grove Lodge, Admiral's Walk
Hampstead NW3 6RS
1950 Blue plaque on the cottage next to Admiral's House, Admiral's Walk, NW3 - - 1072725.jpg
Sir Harold Gillies
"Pioneer Plastic Surgeon lived here" 71 Frognal
Hampstead NW3 6XY
1997 Sir Harold Gillies (4625023832).jpg
E H Gombrich
"Art historian lived here" 19 Briardale Gardens
Hampstead NW3 7PN
2015 E H GOMBRICH Art historian lived here 1952-2001.jpg
Spencer Frederick Gore
"Painter lived and worked here 1909-1912" 31 Mornington Crescent
Camden NW1 7RE
2017 SPENCER FREDERICK GORE 1878-1914 Painter lived and worked here 1909-1912.jpg
Kate Greenaway
"Artist lived & died here" 39 Frognal
Hampstead NW3 6YD
1949 KATE GREENAWAY 1846-1901 ARTIST lived & died here.jpg
Sir Nigel Gresley
"Locomotive Engineer had his office in this station 1923-1941" Platform 8, King's Cross station
King's Cross N1 9AG
1997 GresleyPlaque.jpg
Walter Gropius
Marcel Breuer
László Moholy-Nagy
"Pioneers of modern design at the Bauhaus lived here" Lawn Road Flats, Hampstead, London NW3 2XD 2018 WALTER GROPIUS 1883-1969 MARCEL BREUER 1902-1981 LÁSZLÓ MOHOLY-NAGY 1895-1946 Pioneers of modern design at the Bauhaus lived here.jpg
Barbara Hammond
(1873-1961) and J. L. Hammond
"Social Historians lived here 1906-1913" 'Hollycot', Vale of Health
Hampstead NW3 1BB
1972 J.L. and Barbara Hammond (4624453191).jpg
Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe
"Journalist and Newspaper Proprietor lived here" 31 Pandora Road
West Hampstead NW6 1TS
1979 ALFRED HARMSWORTH Viscount Northcliffe 1865-1922 Journalist and Newspaper Proprietor lived here.jpg
John Harrison
"Inventor of the marine chronometer lived and died in a house on this site" Summit House, Red Lion Square
Bloomsbury WC1R 4QD
1954 HarrisonBP.jpg
Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins
(Anthony Hope)
"Novelist lived here 1903-1917" 41 Bedford Square
Bloomsbury, WC1B 3HX
1976 Anthony Hope 41 Bedford Square blue plaque.jpg
John Heartfield
"Master of Political Photomontage lived here 1938-1943" 47 Downshire Hill
Hampstead NW3 1NX
2004 John Heartfield (4625080970).jpg
Robert Travers Herford
"Unitarian Minister Scholar and Interpreter of Judaism lived and worked here" Dr Williams's Library, 14 Gordon Square
Bloomsbury WC1H 0AG
1990 Robert Travers Herford 14 Gordon Square blue plaque.jpg
Sir Rowland Hill, K. C. B.
"Originator of the Penny Post lived here" Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street
Hampstead NW3 2QG
1893 Sir Rowland Hill KCB Originator of the Penny Post lived here in 1849-1879 Born 1795 Died 1879.jpg
Thomas Hodgkin
"Physician, Reformer and Philanthropist lived here" 35 Bedford Square
Bloomsbury WC1B 3ES
1985 Thomas Hodgkin (4587213270).jpg
August Wilhelm Hofmann
"Professor of Chemistry lived here" 9 Fitzroy Square
Fitzrovia W1T 5HW
1985 A. W. Hofmann (5025929015).jpg
John Howard
"Prison Reformer Lived Here" 23 Great Ormond Street
Holborn WC1N 3JB
1908 John HowardBluePlaque.jpg
Hugh Price Hughes
"Methodist Preacher lived and died here" 8 Taviton Street
Bloomsbury WC1H 0BX
1989 Hugh Price Hughes 1847-1902 Methodist preacher lived and died here.jpg
Leslie 'Hutch' Hutchinson
"Singer and Pianist lived here 1929-1967" 31 Steele's Road
Chalk Farm NW3 4RE
2012 HutchinsonBelsizePlaque.jpg
Huxley family
Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)
Julian Huxley (1887-1975)
Leonard Huxley (1860-1933)
"Men of Science and Letters lived here" 16 Bracknell Gardens
Hampstead NW3 7EB
1995 LEONARD HUXLEY 1860-1933 JULIAN HUXLEY 1887-1975 ALDOUS HUXLEY 1894-1963 Men of Science and Letters lived here.jpg
Henry Meyers Hyndman
"Socialist Leader lived and died here" 13 Well Walk
Hampstead NW3 1BY
1972 Henry Mayers Hyndman (4625068368).jpg
W. W. Jacobs
"Author lived here" 15 Gloucester Gate (Albany Street frontage)
Regent's Park NW1 4HG
1998 JacobsPlaque.jpg
Geoffrey Jellicoe
"Landscape Architect lived here 1936-1984" 19 Grove Terrace
Dartmouth Park NW5 IPH
2009 JellicoePlaque.jpg
Humphrey Jennings
"Documentary Film Maker lived here 1944-1950" 8 Regent's Park Terrace
Camden Town NW1 7EE
2006 JenningsPlaque.jpg
Tamara Karsavina
"Ballerina lived here" 108 Frognal
Hampstead NW3 6XU
1987 Tamara KARSAVINA 1885-1978 Ballerina lived here.jpg
John Keats
"Poet, lived in this house" Keats House (formerly Wentworth Place), Keats Grove
Hampstead NW3 2RR
1896 John Keats (4625081668).jpg
John Maynard Keynes
"Economist lived here 1916-1946" 46 Gordon Square
Bloomsbury WC1H 0PD
1975 John Maynard Keynes 46 Gordon Square blue plaque.jpg
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
"Muslim Reformer and Scholar lived here 1869-1870" 21 Mecklenburgh Square
Bloomsbury WC1N 2DT
1997 SIR SYED AHMED KHAN 1817-1898 Muslim Reformer and Scholar lived here 1869-1870.jpg
Constant Lambert
"Composer lived here 1947-1951" 197 Albany Street
Regent's Park NW1 4AB
1997 LambertPlaque.jpg
Charles Laughton
"Actor lived here 1928-1931" 15 Percy Street
Fitzrovia W1T 1DU
1992 LaughtonPlaque.jpg
D. H. Lawrence
"Novelist and Poet lived here in 1915" 1 Byron Villas, Vale of Health
Hampstead NW3 1AR
1969 D.H. Lawrence (4624457121).jpg
William Richard Lethaby
"Architect and first principal of this School in 1896-1911" Central School of Arts and Crafts, Southampton Row
Holborn WC1B 4AP
1957 WilliamLethabyBluePlaque.jpg
William Richard Lethaby
"Architect lived here 1880-1891" 20 Calthorpe Street
Clerkenwell WC1X 0JS
1979 William Richard Lethaby 1857-1931 architect lived here 1880-1891.jpg
William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme
"Soap-maker and Philanthropist lived and died here" Inverforth House, North End Way
Hampstead NW3 7EU
2002 LeverhulmePlaque.jpg
George Macdonald
"Story Teller lived here 1860-1863" 20 Albert Street
Camden Town NW1 7LU
2005 GEORGE MACDONALD 1824-1905 Story Teller lived here 1860-1863.jpg
Ramsay MacDonald
"Prime Minister lived here 1916-1925" 9 Howitt Road
Belsize Park NW3 4LT
1963 MacDonaldPlaque.jpg
Dame Ida Mann
"Ophthalmologist lived here 1902-1934" 13 Minster Road
West Hampstead NW2 3SE
2012 Dame IDA MANN 1893-1983 Ophthalmologist lived here 1902-1934.jpg
Katherine Mansfield
(1888-1923) and John Middleton Murry
Katherine Mansfield 1888-1923 writer, and her husband John Middleton Murry 1889-1957 critic lived here 17 East Heath Road
Hampstead NW3 1AL
1969 Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murry (4625055936).jpg
William Marsden
"Surgeon Founder of the Royal Free and Royal Marsden Hospitals lived here" 65 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Holborn WC2A 4LH
1986 WILLIAM MARSDEN 1796-1867 SURGEON Founder of the Royal Free and Royal Marsden Hospitals lived here.jpg
Tobias Matthay
"Teacher and Pianist lived here" 21 Arkwright Road
Hampstead NW3 6AA
1979 MatthayPlaque.jpg
Sir Hiram Maxim
"Inventor and engineer designed and manufactured The Maxim Gun in a workshop on these premises" 57d Hatton Garden
Holborn EC1N 8HP
1966 St Peter's Church - - 650888.jpg
Henry Mayhew
"Founder of Punch and author of London Labour and the London Poor lived here" 55 Albany Street
Regent's Park NW1 4BT
1953 Henry mayhew plaque.jpg
Giuseppe Mazzini
"Italian patriot lived here" 183 Gower Street
Bloomsbury NW1 2NJ
1950 Giuseppe Mazzini 183 Gower Street blue plaque.jpg
Peter Medawar
"Pioneer of Transplantation Immunology lived here" 25 Downshire Hill,
Hampstead NW3 1NT
2014 Sir PETER MEDAWAR 1915 - 1987 Pioneer of Transplantation Immunology lived here.jpg
Lee Miller
(1907-1977) and Sir Roland Penrose
"Lee Miller 1907-1977 Photographer and Sir Roland Penrose 1900-1984 Surrealist lived here" 21 Downshire Hill
Hampstead NW3 1NT
2003 LEE MILLER 1907-1977 Photographer and Sir ROLAND PENROSE 1900-1984 Surrealist lived here.jpg
Piet Cornelis Mondrian
"Painter lived here" 60 Parkhill Road
Hampstead NW3 2YT
1975 Blue plaque on 60, Parkhill Road, NW3 - - 1039626.jpg
Henry Moore
"Sculptor lived and worked here 1929-1940" 11a Parkhill Road
Hampstead NW3 2YH
2004 Plaque on 11, Parkhill Road, NW3 - - 1020968.jpg
Lady Ottoline Morrell
"Literary Hostess and Patron of the Arts lived here" 10 Gower Street
Bloomsbury WC1E 6DP
1986 Ottoline Morrell 10 Gower Street blue plaque.jpg
John McCormack
"Lyric Tenor lived here 1908-1913" 24 Ferncroft Avenue
Hampstead NW3 7PH
2005 Blue plaque re John McCormack - - 1090140.jpg
John Nash
"Architect Designed this terrace and lived here" 66 Great Russell Street
Bloomsbury WC1B 3BN
2013 JOHN NASH 1752-1835 Architect Designed this terrace and lived here.jpg
Paul Nash
"Artist lived in Flat 176 1914-1936" Queen Alexandra Mansions, Bidborough Street
King's Cross WC1H 9DJ
1991 PNashPlaque.jpg
Henry Nevinson (1856-1941)
C.R.W. Nevinson (1856-1941)
"Artist lived and worked here"
4 Downside Crescent, Hampstead, London
2018 HENRY NEVINSON 1856-1941 Journalist C.R.W. NEVINSON 1889-1946 Artist lived and worked here.jpg
Ben Nicholson O. M.
"Artist lived and died here" 2B Pilgrim's Lane
Hampstead NW3 1SL
2002 Ben Nicholson O.M. 1894-1982 artist lived and died here.jpg
Sir William Nicholson
"Painter and Printmaker lived here 1904-1906" 1 Pilgrim's Lane
Hampstead NW3 1SJ
2010 Sir William Nicholson (4625077694).jpg
Kwame Nkrumah
First President of Ghana 60 Burghley Road
Kentish Town NW5 1UN
2005 NkrumahPlaque.jpg
George Orwell
"Novelist and Political Essayist lived here" 50 Lawford Road
Kentish Town NW5 2LN
1980 George Orwell (5020641703).jpg
Martina Bergman-Österberg
"Pioneer of Physical Education for Women lived and worked here" 1 Broadhurst Gardens
Hampstead NW6 3QX
1999 Martina Bergman Osterberg (4624409845).jpg
Coventry Patmore
"Poet and Essayist lived here 1863-1864" 14 Percy Street
Fitzrovia W1T 1DR
1960 PatmorePlaque.jpg
Karl Pearson
"Pioneer Statistician lived here" 7 Well Road
Hampstead NW3 1LH
1983 Karl Pearson (4624460317).jpg
Spencer Perceval
"Prime Minister lived here" 59-60 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Holborn WC2A 3LJ
1914 Spencer Perceval (1762-1812) Prime Minister lived here.jpg
Sir Flinders Petrie
"Egyptologist lived here" 5 Cannon Place
Hampstead NW3 1EH
1954 Sir Flinders Petrie (4625052798).jpg
Sir Nikolaus Pevsner
"Architectural Historian lived here from 1936 until his death" 2 Wildwood Terrace
Hampstead NW3 7HT
2007 PevsnerPlaque.jpg
Sylvia Plath
"Poet lived here 1960-1961" 3 Chalcot Square
Primrose Hill NW1 8YB
2000 PlathPlaque.jpg
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood "In this house the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in 1848" 7 Gower Street
Bloomsbury WC1E 6HA
1998 The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (3543161912).jpg
J. B. Priestley
"Novelist, playwright and essayist lived here" 3 The Grove
Highgate N6 6JU
1994 J.B. PRIESTLEY 1894-1984 Novelist playwright and essayist lived here.jpg A local council bronze plaque to Samuel Taylor Coleridge is on the same building.
Arthur Rackham
"Illustrator lived here" 16 Chalcot Gardens
Belsize Park NW3 4YB
1981 RackhamPlaque.jpg
Sir Harry Ricardo
"Mechanical Engineer was born here" 13 Bedford Square
Bloomsbury WC1B 3RA
2005 Harry Ricardo 13 Bedford Square blue plaque.jpg
Dr. José Rizal
"Writer and National Hero of the Philippines" 37 Chalcot Crescent
Belsize Park NW1 8YG
1983 RizalPlaque.jpg
William Roberts
"Artist lived, worked and died here 1946-1980" 14 St Mark's Crescent
Primrose Hill NW1 7TS
2003 William Roberts (4812211207).jpg
Paul Robeson
"Singer and Actor lived here 1929-1930" The Chestnuts, Branch Hill
Hampstead NW3 7NA
2002 Paul Robeson (4625047294).jpg
James Robinson
"Pioneer of Anaesthesia and Dentistry lived and worked here" 14 Gower Street
Bloomsbury WC1E 6DP
1991 James Robinson 14 Gower Street blue plaque.jpg
Sir Samuel Romilly
"Here Lived Sir Samuel Romilly Law Reformer" 21 Russell Square
Bloomsbury WC1B 4EH
1919 Samuel Romilly plaque London.jpg Erected by The Bedford Estate
George Romney
"Painter lived here" Romney's House, 5 Holly Bush Hill
Hampstead NW3 6SH
1908 George Romney (4624432829).jpg
Christina Georgina Rossetti
"Here lived and died Christina Georgina Rossetti Poetess Born 1830:Died 1894" 30 Torrington Square
Bloomsbury WC1E 7JL
c.1913 Here Lived And Died Christina Georgina Rossetti Poetess Born 1830 Died 1894.jpg Erected by The Bedford Estate c1913. Adopted by Greater London Council 1974.
Ram Mohan Roy
"Indian Scholar and Reformer lived here" 49 Bedford Square
Bloomsbury WC1B 3DP
1985 Ram Mohan Roy 49 Bedford Square blue plaque.jpg
Bertrand Russell
"Philosopher and Campaigner for Peace lived here in flat No.34 1911-1916" 34 Russell Chambers, Bury Place
Bloomsbury WC1A 2JX
2002 Bertrand Russell (3518565162).jpg
Sir John Maitland Salmond
"Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Maitland Salmond 1881-1968 RAF Commander lived here 1928-1936" 27 Chester Terrace
Regent's Park NW1 4ND
2002 SalmondPlaque.jpg
Dorothy L. Sayers
"Writer of Detective Stories lived here 1921-1929" 24 Great James Street
Holborn WC1N 3ES
2000 Blue plaque re Dorothy L Sayers on 23 and 24 Gt. James Street, WC1 - - 1237429.jpg
Tom Sayers
"Pugilist lived here" 257 Camden High Street
Camden Town NW1 7BU
2002 Tom Sayers (4812205523).jpg
Sir George Gilbert Scott
"Architect lived here" Admiral's House, Admiral's Walk
Hampstead NW3 6RS
1910 GOC Hampstead 032- Sir George Gilbert Scott plaque.jpg
Cecil Sharp
"Collector of English Folk Songs and dances lived here" 4 Maresfield Gardens
Hampstead NW3 5SU
1985 Cecil Sharp (4625092910).jpg
Sir George Bernard Shaw
"Lived in this house from 1887 to 1898 "From the coffers of his genius he enriched the world" 29 Fitzroy Square
Fitzrovia W1T 5LP
1951 GBShawPlaque.jpg
Richard Norman Shaw
"Architect designed this house in which he lived worked and died" 6 Ellerdale Road
Hampstead NW3 6BD
2006 NormanShawPlaque.jpg
Walter Sickert
"Painter and etcher lived and worked here" 6 Mornington Crescent
Camden Town NW1 7RH
1977 Walter Sickert (5021276166).jpg
Augustus Siebe
"Pioneer of the Diving Helmet lived and worked here" 5 Denmark Street
St Giles WC2H 8LS
2000 Augustus Siebe (4624403753).jpg
Alastair Sim
"Actor lived here 1953-1975" 8 Frognal Gardens
Hampstead NW3 6UX
2008 Alastair Sim (4625018878).jpg
Edith Sitwell
"Poet lived here in Flat 42" Greenhill, Hampstead High Street
Hampstead NW3 5TY
1998 Dame Edith Sitwell (4625074916).jpg
Sir Hans Sloane
"Physician Benefactor of the British Museum lived here 1695-1742" 4 Bloomsbury Place
Bloomsbury WC1A 2QA
1965 Sir Hans Sloane (3518564768).jpg
Sir Robert Smirke
"Architect lived here" 81 Charlotte Street
Fitzrovia W1T 4PP
1979 SmirkePlaque.jpg
Sydney Smith
"Author and Wit lived here" 14 Doughty Street
Holborn WC1N 2PL
1906 SYDNEY SMITH 1771-1845 Author and Wit Lived Here.jpg Plaque erected in 1905 proved faulty and was replaced in 1906.[1]
Alfred Stevens
"Architect lived here" 9 Eton Villas
Belsize Park NW3 5SX
1924 ALFRED STEVENS (1817-1875) Artist Lived Here.jpg
Lytton Strachey
"Critic and Biographer lived here" 51 Gordon Square
Bloomsbury WC1H 0PN
1971 Lytton Strachey 51 Gordon Square blue plaque.jpg
Sir John Summerson
"Architectural historian lived here from 1949 until his death" 1 Eton Villas
Chalk Farm NW1 4SX
2012 Sir JOHN SUMMERSON 1904-1992 Architectural Historian lived here from 1949 until his death.jpg
Rabindranath Tagore
"Indian poet stayed here in 1912" 3 Villas on the Heath, Vale of Health
Hampstead NW3 1BA
1961 Rabindranath Tagore (4625059818).jpg
R. H. Tawney
"Historian, Teacher and Political Writer lived here" 21 Mecklenburgh Square
Bloomsbury WC1N 2DT
1980 R. H. Tawney 1880-1962 historian teacher and political writer lived here.jpg
A. J. P. Taylor
"Historian and Broadcaster lived here" 13 St Mark's Crescent
Primrose Hill NW1 7TS
2013 TaylorPlaque.jpg
John Thelwall
"Political Orator, Writer and Elocutionist lived and worked here 1806-1813" 40 Bedford Place, Bloomsbury WC1B 5JT 2018 JOHN THELWALL 1764-1834 Political Orator, Writer and Elocutionist lived and worked here 1806-1813.jpg
Dylan Thomas
"Poet lived here" 54 Delancey Street
Camden Town NW1 7RY
1983 Dylan Thomas (4812217267).jpg
Sir Harry Vane
"STATESMAN LIVED HERE" Vane House, Rosslyn Hill
Hampstead NW3 5UN
1897 Sir Harry Vane (4624472321).jpg
Michael Ventris
"Architect and Decipherer of Linear B script lived here" 19 North End
Hampstead NW3 7HR
1990 VentrisPlaque.jpg
Baron Friedrich von Hügel
"Theologian lived here 1882-1903" 4 Holford Road
Hampstead NW3 1AD
1968 Baron Friedrich von Hugel (4625050098).jpg
Thomas Wakley
"Reformer and founder of The Lancet" 35 Bedford Square
Bloomsbury WC1B 3ES
1962 THOMAS WAKLEY 1795-1862 REFORMER and founder of 'The Lancet' lived here.jpg
(1858-1943) and Sidney Webb
"Social Scientists and Political Reformers lived here" 1 Netherhall Gardens
Hampstead NW3 5RS
1981 Sidney and Beatrice Webb (4624489497).jpg
Sir Henry Wellcome
"Pharmacist Founder of the Wellcome Trust and Foundation lived here" 6 Gloucester Gate
Regent's Park NW1 4HG
1989 WellcomePlaque.jpg
Dr. Robert Willan
"Dermatologist lived here" 10 Bloomsbury Square
Bloomsbury WC1A 2LP
1949 Plaque re Dr Robert Willan, Bloomsbury Square, WC1 - - 1304653.jpg
'Father' Henry Willis
"Organ Builder lived here" 9 Rochester Terrace
Camden NW1 9JN
1986 Henry Willis (5021243086).jpg
Sir Henry Wood
"Musician lived here" 4 Elsworthy Road
Belsize Park NW3 3DJ
1969 HenryWoodPlaque.jpg
Virginia Woolf
"Novelist and Critic lived here 1907-1911" 29 Fitzroy Square
Fitzrovia W1T 5LP
1974 Virginia Woolf (5025913403).jpg
Thomas Henry Wyatt
"Architect lived and died here" 77 Great Russell Street
Bloomsbury WC1B 3DA
1957 Thomas Henry Wyatt (3518564632).jpg
William Butler Yeats
"Irish poet and dramatist lived here" 23 Fitzroy Road
Primrose Hill NW1 8TP
1957 YeatsPlaque.jpg
Wing Commander F. F. E. Yeo-Thomas G. C.
"Secret Agent codename 'The White Rabbit' lived here" Queen Court, 24-28 Queen Square, Guilford Street
Holborn WC1N 3BB
2010 Yeo-Thomas Blue Plaque.jpg


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