List of Dutch Hip Hop Musicians
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List of Dutch Hip Hop Musicians

This is a list of Dutch Hip hop musicians.

  • Ali B - Born in Zaanstad of Moroccan descent, Ali B has been described as "perhaps the most popular rapper in the Netherlands".[1]
  • Brainpower - Brainpower is an MC that has gained respect for his clever rhymes and his freestyle (battle) skills. After some collaborations with Extince and de Spookrijders, Brainpower released his hit single Dansplaat in 2002, which topped the charts. In that same period, Brainpower featured on Nas' 'One Mic'.[]
  • D-Men - a commercially successful hiphop group from Diemen, known for their American type of beats and their catchy deliveries. D-Men received some media attention after releasing their mixtapes Straatremixes.
  • Extince is one of the first Dutch language rappers[2][3] to appear in the Dutch music charts.
  • Kempi - an Antillean rapper.
  • Lange Frans & Baas B are the core of the group D-Men[4]
  • Negativ from Amsterdam. Known for his many battle raps.
  • Opgezwolle - the number 1 Nederhop group in the Netherlands, from Zwolle. Their trademark: a wide range of funky, electronic type of beats combined with high skilled flows and deliveries performed by MC's Sticky Steez and Phreako Rico.[]
  • Osdorp Posse - achieved commercial success and exerted great influence on the Dutch hip hop scene.[5]
  • Postmen - from Rotterdam, this successful (live) band mostly sing in English and combines various music styles such as reggae and hiphop.[]


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