List of Britpop Musicians
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List of Britpop Musicians

Britpop was a genre of alternative rock music from mid-1990s in the United Kingdom.

Britpop bands and artists

Notable British bands and artists with an identifiably "Britpop" sound who were active during the "first wave" of 1993-95.

Britpop notable artists timeline

  • Large scale success = Albums sold in excess of 500,000 copies during Britpop first wave
  • Moderate success = Albums sold between 100,000 and 500,000 copies during Britpop first wave
  • Minor success = Albums and singles sold less than 100,000 copies during Britpop first wave

Second Wave of Britpop

"Second wave" of Britpop - often newly signed musicians with Britpop sensibilities that released first albums late 1995-98

Britpop-related bands and artists

Acts with an established connection to Britpop


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