List of Austro-Hungarian Colonel Generals
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List of Austro-Hungarian Colonel Generals
Rudolf Stöger-Steiner von Steinstätten here as Generaloberst
Insignia of an Austro-Hungarian´s Army colonel general

The following is the list of Austro-Hungarian colonel generals of the Austro-Hungarian Army.

From 1915 to 1918 in the Austro-Hungarian Army, the colonel general (German: Generaloberst, Hungarian: Vezérezredes) was an officer rank second in high after the Field-Marshal (German: Feldmarschall, Hungarian: Tábornagy) .

In the Bundesheer of the Republik Österreich, there is no rank Generaloberst today.


This is a list of colonel generals. Those generals later promoted to field marshal are not included. For these generals, promoted later to Feldmarschall, see List of Austro-Hungarian field marshals.

Name born died Notes
1916 Archduke Josef Ferdinand of Austria 1872 1942 Commander-in -Chief of the 4th Army, and Chief Inspector of the K.u.K. Luftfahrtruppen
1916 Friedrich Graf von Beck-Rzikowsky 1830 1920 former Chief of the General Staff of the Austrian-Hungarian Army (until 1906)
1916 Eduard Graf Paar 1837 1919 Emperor's adjutant-general of Franz Joseph I
1916 Arthur Freiherr von Bolfras 1838 1922 Imperial General Adjutant, Chief of the Emperor's Military Office
1916 Friedrich Freiherr von Georgi 1852 1926 Landesverteidigungsminister
1916 Karl Freiherr von Pflanzer-Baltin 1855 1925 Commander-in-Chief 7th Army. Later, Commander-in-Chief all of k.u.k. forces in the Army Group Albania
1916 Viktor Graf von Dankl 1854 1921 Commander-in-Chief of the 1st Army
1916 Karl Tersztyánszky von Nádas 1854 1921 Commander-in-Chief of the 4th Army (succeeded Archduke Joseph Ferdinand)
1916 Paul Freiherr Puhallo von Brlog 1856 1926 Commander-in-Chief of the 1st Army
1916 Archduke Leopold Salvator of Austria 1863 1931 Artillery staff
1916 Karl Graf von Kirchbach auf Lauterbach 1856 1939 Commander-in-Chief of the 3rd, 4th Army
1917 Adolf Freiherr von Rhemen zu Barenfels 1855 1932 Governor-general Serbia
1917 Karl Graf Huyn 1857 1938 GCO XVII. Corps, Governor-military of Galicia
1917 Hermann Kusmanek von Burgneustädten 1860 1934 Commandant of the fortress Przemy?l
1917 Karl K?itek 1861 1928 Commander-in-Chief of the 7th Army
1917 Wenzel Freiherr von Wurm 1859 1921 Commander-in-Chief of the 4th Army
1917 Samuel Freiherr von Hazai 1851 1942 k.u. Honvédminister, Chief of replacement, reinforcements including recruits (de: Chief of the Ersatzwesen)
1917 Leopold Freiherr von Hauer 1854 1933 GCO of a Cavalry Corps
1917 Viktor Graf von Scheuchenstuel 1857 1938 Commander-in-Chief of the 11th Army
1917 Stephan Freiherr Sarkoti? von Lov?en 1858 1939 Commander-in Chief and Gouverneur of Bosnia and Herzegovina
1918 Josef Freiherr Roth von Limanowa-Lapanów 1859 1927 Commander-in-Chief of the XX. Army
1918 Arthur Freiherr Arz von Straussenburg 1857 1935 Chief of the General Staff of the Austrian-Hungarian Army 1917-1918
1918 Hugo Martiny von Malastów 1860 1940 GCO III. Korps
1918 Rudolf Freiherr Stöger-Steiner von Steinstätten 1861 1921 Minister of War (Austria-Hungary)
1918 Alois Fürst Schönburg-Hartenstein 1858 1944 Commander-in-Chief of the 6th k.u.k. Army

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