Lamakera, Indonesia
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Lamakera, Indonesia
Lamakera in 1904.

Lamakera is a village in Indonesia. It was known for being the place where the most manta rays are killed.[1] It was featured in the 2015 documentary film, Racing Extinction.[2]

In 1520, the Portuguese established a trading post at Lamakera as a transit harbor between Maluku and Portuguese Malacca.


Lamakera is located on the east tip of Solor Island, an island in the Pacific Ocean. The village used to rely on marine resources because it had no farm. Lamakera was situated in a manta ray hotspot, and so was responsible for one-third of the global catch.[3] Lamakera used to hunt baleen whales.[4]

Across the strait is the island of Lembata, where the village of Lamalera also hunts from the deep sea trenches of the Savu Sea, particularly known for its hunting of the sperm whale from small open boats. This is allowed under International Whaling Commission regulations around aboriginal whaling but conservationists worry that commercial whaling is also done. [5] Lamalera and Lamakera are the last two remaining Indonesian whaling communities.


As part of the documentary film Racing Extinction, the cast members convinced the village to start the tourism industry. Despite the film's release in 2015, CITES has listed all manta ray species in 2013.[6]

Indonesia has made it illegal to harm a manta ray. The village has turned all of its fishing boats into whale watching boats.[7]


Most of the island, especially the east, practice the Islamic religion.[8]


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Coordinates: 8°26?S 123°10?E / 8.433°S 123.167°E / -8.433; 123.167

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