Killa Season (film)
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Killa Season Film
Killa Season
Directed byCam'ron
Produced byCam'ron
Written byCam'ron
Juelz Santana
DJ Funkmaster Flex
Music byKerry Muzzey
Edited byCam'ron
Brian Kushner
Ted Tucker
Distributed byAsylum Entertainment
Killa Entertainment
Release date
April 25, 2006
Running time
127 minutes
CountryUnited States

Killa Season is a 2006 direct-to-video crime drama film about a rapper's early life as a hustler.


Cam'ron's debut into the film world chronicles a loosely autobiographical plot of his own transformation from a high school basketball star to a full-time heroin dealer. This film is based on the life of High school basketball phenom Karlton Hines. Cameron's character is named "Flea."

The film also starred Juelz Santana as "Bandana" and Hell Rell as Hell.

Other members of the Diplomats who made appearances in the film included 40 Cal, Un Kasa, J. R. Writer and "Chubbie Baby," who served as Flea's supplier of firearms. However, these three members played minor roles and their parts did not involve much dialogue. Jim Jones, The Diplomats co-founder, is seen only briefly in the beginning of the film. However, near the end of the scene in which the Diplomats go to Atlanta, Jim Jones is blurred out but can be identified by one of his slogans.

The film was released in 2006, nearly simultaneously with Cam'ron's Killa Season album. It was shown at a few theaters in New York City and is available on DVD.

In one scene, female Colombian drug mules defecate onto newspaper in an abandoned apartment. They are then made to clean off the "fingers" of heroin they've smuggled in.


Production mishaps

  • In the scene in which Flea's supplier Gordo attempts to convince him to switch from weed- to cocaine-dealing, he compares a bag of weed to a Honda (i.e. a middle-of-the road drug, that won't lead to anything special) and a bag of heroin to a Ferrari (i.e., a top-of-the-line drug which could lead Flea to "baller-status"). He then asks Flea which "car" he wants to go with. Flea, after weighing his options, decides to stick with weed, yet mistakenly refers to it as "the Hyundai."
  • Production of the film Killa Season was almost completely derailed when it turned out that Cam'ron had his daughter for the weekend. The part of Flea's niece and the scene where the new character is murdered in front of a Papa John's pizzeria were hastily written into the script.
  • In a scene near the end (1:58:10) at a warehouse in Queens, the windshield for a microphone was accidentally lowered into the recording. The take was still used in the final product, despite there being a second with the boom microphone visible on the left of the screen.
  • In the scene where Flea sells the marijuana to the Security Guard (after the Basketball Scene when Flea approached the Security Guard), you could see the microphone being pulled back.

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