Khuwaylid Ibn Asad
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Khuwaylid Ibn Asad
Khuwaylid ibn Asad
Fatimah bint Za'idah
ChildrenKhadija bint Khuwaylid, Awwam ibn Khuwaylid, Halah bint Khuwaylid, Hizam ibn Khuwald

Khuwaylid ibn Asad (Arabic: ‎) was a man of Banu Quraysh and mainly recognized for being the father of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, the wife of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, and for being his father-in-law.


He was the son of Asad ibn Abd-Al-Uzza[1] ibn Qusai ibn Kilab and a cousin of Abdul-Muttalib as his grandfather (Abd-al-Uzza ibn Qusai) and Abdul-Muttalib 's grandfather ('Abd Manaf ibn Qusai) were brothers. Khuwaylid married Fatima bint Za'idah, who was a member of the Amir ibn Luayy clan of the Quraysh[2] and a third cousin of Muhammad's mother,[3][4]Aminah bint Wahb. With her, Khuwaylid had many prominent people in the very early Islamic history:

From another marriage he sired Nawfal ibn Khuwaylid.


He was a rich merchant, a successful businessman whose vast wealth and business talents were inherited by Khadijah and whom the latter succeeded in faring with the family's vast wealth. He died in 585 C.E. in a sacrilegious war .[5]


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