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Katanagatari volume one.jpg
The cover of the first volume as published by Kodansha.
GenreAction, historical, romance[1]
Light novel
Written byNisio Isin
Illustrated byTake
Published byKodansha
English publisher
Original run -
Volumes12 + 1 spinoff (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byKeitar? Motonaga
Produced byHideo Katsumata (Chief)
Osamu Yoshiba (Chief)
K?ji Yamamoto (Chief)
Y?suke Toba
Masayuki Hariu
Noriko Ozaki
Written byMakoto Uezu
Music byTaku Iwasaki
StudioWhite Fox
Licensed by
Original networkFuji TV (Noitamina)
Original run -
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
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Katanagatari (, Sword Tale) is a Japanese light novel series written by Nisio Isin and illustrated by Take. The series is published by Kodansha under the Kodansha Box imprint. An anime adaptation by White Fox began airing on January 26, 2010, and consisted of 12 episodes. The story revolves around a "sword hunt" (katanagari) for 12 weapons that were created by a fictional swordsmith. A single episode of the series was aired each month. NIS America have licensed the series and released the first part on a Blu-ray/DVD combo set in July 2011.[2] Part two was released on September 20, 2011.[3] The anime series aired once more on Fuji TV's noitamina between April and November 2013 as the block's first rerun, with a new opening and a new ending song.[4]

Plot and setting

Katanagatari is the story of Yasuri Shichika, a swordsman who fights without a sword, and Togame, an ambitious young strategist who seeks to collect 12 legendary swords for the shogunate. Shichika is the son of an exiled war hero and the seventh head of the Kyotouryuu school of fighting who lives on the isolated Fushou Island with his elder sister, Nanami. Togame seeks him out because his bare-handed fighting style means that he will not be corrupted by the power of the swords. Togame, who has been betrayed before, convinces Shichika to accompany her to on a mission locate the Deviant Blades for love. They embark on a journey together across Edo-era Japan to collect the Deviant Blades, all wielded by formidable opponents.

The Deviant Blades

The main focus of the story is the gathering of twelve distinct weapons that were crafted by Kiki Shikizaki, a reclusive swordsmith. His bladework had been widely popular during the last war, but now twelve of the one thousand swords he made have been named "Deviant" because they are rumored to have been specially crafted via alchemy, the occult, and other mystical means. Although they are supposedly "katana", not all of them are swords, but they do have a distinctive feature or ability and different forms, such as a suit of armor, a dagger, and a pair of guns. It is also rumored that the people wielding them are prone to their "poison" and will do anything to keep the weapon to themselves. Later it is revealed that Shikizaki was seeking to create the ultimate Deviant Blade which becomes in fact the Yasuri family's bare-handed Kyot?ry? fighting style, and is fulfilled during Shichika's journey.
Kanna (, Zett? Kanna, [Absolute sword, Plane])
The first blade retrieved by Shichika and Togame from Koumori Maniwa. The blade is straight unlike most katanas, and it is the hardest blade with the ability to never break or bend. The hilt is neatly decorated with plum flower designs. This blade is strongly based on the real life D?tanuki.
Namakura (, Zant? Namakura, [Beheading sword, Blunt])
The second blade recovered was in the possession of Ginkaku Uneri. It is the sharpest blade with the ability to cut through anything, in sharp contrast to its ironic name, meaning "blunt". It was also made specifically for unsheathing at incredible speeds. The katana has triangular patterns around its hilt guard and a black sheath.
Tsurugi (, Sent? Tsurugi, [Thousand sword, Sword])
Considered to be one sword, it actually comprises 1000 swords, with the last 999 being copies of the first, all 1000 of them are in the possession of Meisai Tsuruga. It has the ability to overwhelm its enemy with its sheer numbers. What makes them stand out is their red sheaths. However, despite their identical appearances, Shichika is able to identify the original sword.
Hari (, Hakut? Hari, [Thin sword, Needle])
An extremely thin blade as per its namesake, meaning "needle", it is in the possession of Hakuhei Sabi. It is the brittlest blade as the blade itself is made of glass, which gives it its light weight, and is rather fragile if used incorrectly. The sheath and hilt are white and decorated with floral patterns.
Yoroi (, Zokut? Yoroi, [Bandit sword, Armor])
A massive full set of armor, it is in the possession of Kanara Azekure. It is the most defense-oriented blade with the ability to protect the user from any damage, especially against attacks that have armor-piercing properties. Its design was based on Western armor, and it has numerous blades around it. The armor is decorated with many references to the ocean, such as shells and a helmet that's based on a whale.
Kanazuchi (, S?t? Kanazuchi, [Double sword, Hammer])
A large, blunt-looking, stone sword, it comes into the possession of Konayuki Itezora. It is extremely heavy, capable of leaving a crater even when it is simply dropped. Only Konayuki is capable of wielding it with extreme ease and it can crush the enemy with its weight. The sword can also be held by its tip, and used as a hammer instead, hence its "double" title.
Bita (, Akut? Bita, [Evil sword, Worthless])
A small yellow kunai-like weapon, it comes into the possession of Nanami Yasuri. It holds electricity within it and was designed with the appearance of a lightning bolt. It is the most evil blade with the ability to rejuvenate the user's body.
Kanzashi (, Bit? Kanzashi, [Delicate sword, Hairpin])
A four-armed, four-legged, solar powered clockwork mechanical doll that seems to function on its own. It has the ability to think by itself and adapt to any situation. It wears a kimono and tall black shoes. Each of its arms hold a sword, and an extra one is hidden in its mouth. Its appearance, made in the image of the woman its creator's loved, changes according to the situation, becoming more menacing.
Nokogiri (, ?t? Nokogiri, [King sword, Saw])
A wooden sword that sharply contrasts its title as "King of Swords", it is in the possession of Zanki Kiguchi. Unlike the other Deviant Blades, it doesn't have any of the poison found in Shikizaki's blades. It is the purest blade with the ability to cure the poison the other swords have on their owners. A small floral mark and yellowish streak on the sword identifies it as Nokogiri.
Hakari (, Seit? Hakari, [True sword, Scales])
A sword with no blade, it is in the possession of Rinne Higaki. The blade itself is not meant to "cut" anyone other than its owner. The hilt (tsuka) is black and decorated with orange floral patterns, and a wreath of flowers circle as the guard (tsuba). It is the most trustworthy blade with the ability to weigh the user's heart.
Mekki (, Dokut? Mekki, [Poison sword, Gilded])
A black, jagged katana decorated with iridescent designs, obtained by Houou Maniwa. The blade also gives off a dark cloudy aura. This blade originally has no owner as it was found inside of a crystal-like spire in a cave, preserving it. It is the most poisonous blade with the ability to corrupt the user. The blade itself contains a part of the spirit of Shikizaki within it.
J? (, Ent? J?, [Flame sword, Gun])
A pair of handguns, one a blue six-chambered revolver and the other a red semi-automatic that holds eleven bullets, both are in the possession of Princess Hitei and used by her retainer, Emonzaemon. Each is decorated with a long flowing mane with a bead on its end. The guns appear to fire an unlimited amount of ammunition, as Emonzaemon is not seen reloading them even after firing dozens of rounds.
Yasuri (, Kyot? Yasuri, [Empty Sword, Rasp])
The Ky?t?ryu style itself, as a bare-handed style founded by Shichika's ancestor, Kazune Yasuri, along with Shikizaki. In contrast with the other twelve swords, which are labeled as "Perfected Deviant Blades," Ky?t?ryu is called by Shikizaki a "Completed Deviant Blade," as Shichika had "forged" it himself throughout his journeys, as was Shikizaki's intent with its creation. Due to the nature of Ky?t?ryu, this "sword" is by nature antithetical to the other twelve.

Light novels

Katanagatari was released one volume a month throughout 2007. A spin-off novel, Maniwagatari, was released a year later.[5] During their panel at Anime Boston on March 30, 2018, English light novel publisher Vertical announced that they had licensed the series and would release it as four 3-in-1 omnibus volumes starting in November 2018.[6]

No.TitleJapanese releaseEnglish release
01Katanagatari Chapter 1: Zett? Kanna
January 10, 2007[7]
ISBN 978-4-06-283611-1
November 27, 2018[8]
ISBN 978-1-947194-32-8
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Fush?shima ()
  • 2. Maniwa Ningun (?)
  • 3. Kisaku-shi ()
  • Sh?sh? ()
02Katanagatari Chapter 2: Zant? Namakura
February 2, 2007[9]
ISBN 978-4-06-283604-3
November 27, 2018[8]
ISBN 978-1-947194-32-8
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Inaba sabaku (?)
  • 3. Uneriginkaku (?)
  • 4. Rakka R?zeki (?)
  • Sh?sh? ()
03Katanagatari Chapter 3: Sent? Tsurugi
March 2, 2007[10]
ISBN 978-4-06-283619-7
November 27, 2018[8]
ISBN 978-1-947194-32-8
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Sanzu Jinja (?)
  • 2. Tsuruga Meisai (?)
  • 3. Maniwa Kuizame (?)
  • 4. Sen Katanary? ()
  • Sh?sh? ()
04Katanagatari Chapter 4: Hakut? Hari
April 3, 2007[11]
ISBN 978-4-06-283623-4
May 28, 2019[12]
ISBN 978-1-947194-56-4
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Maniwa Mushi-gumi (?)
  • 2. G?mon Jikan (?)
  • 3. Mi Keiko ()
  • 4. By?ma Ichi Oku (?)
  • Sh?sh? ()
05Katanagatari Chapter 5: Zokut? Yoroi
May 8, 2007[13]
ISBN 978-4-06-283628-9
May 28, 2019[12]
ISBN 978-1-947194-56-4
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Yoroi Kaizoku-dan (?)
  • 2. ()
  • 3. Maniwa H (?)
  • 4. Yanagi Midori Hana Beni (?)
  • Sh?sh? ()
06Katanagatari Chapter 6: S?t? Kanadzuchi
June 5, 2007[14]
ISBN 978-4-06-283631-9
May 28, 2019[12]
ISBN 978-1-947194-56-4
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Zettai T?do (?)
  • 2. K? Sora Ichizoku (?)
  • 3. Hitei Hime ()
  • 4. Maniwa Ky?ken (?)
  • 5. Hikarakuy? (?)
  • Sh?sh? ()
07Katanagatari Chapter 7: Akut? Bita
July 3, 2007[15]
ISBN 978-4-06-283634-0
November 26, 2019[16]
ISBN 978-1-947194-91-5
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Mamoru Ken Tera ()
  • 2. Souda Uemon Saemon ()
  • 3. (?)
  • 4. ()
  • 5. (?(?))
  • Sh?sh? ()
08Katanagatari Chapter 8: Bit? Kanzashi
August 2, 2007[17]
ISBN 978-4-06-283636-4
November 26, 2019[16]
ISBN 978-1-947194-91-5
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Kisaku Yashiki (?)
  • 2. Hitei Yashiki (?)
  • 3. Maniwa Umigame (?)
  • 4. Hiyorig? ()
  • 5. Fuy? Miz?mi ()
  • Sh?sh? ()
09Katanagatari Chapter 9t? Nokogiri
September 4, 2007[18]
ISBN 978-4-06-283639-5
November 26, 2019[16]
ISBN 978-1-947194-91-5
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Kokoro-? Ichi Sayary? ()
  • 2. (?)
  • 3. Monkasei ()
  • 4. Maniwa Oshidori (?)
  • 5. ?gatana Rakudo (?)
  • 6. Mekaku Sh?gi (?)
  • Sh?sh? ()
10Katanagatari Chapter 10: Seit? Hakari
October 2, 2007[19]
ISBN 978-4-06-283643-2
August 25, 2020[20]
ISBN 978-1-949980-23-3
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. (?())
  • 2. Hyaku Keij? ()
  • 3. Maniwa Hito Tori (?)
  • 4. Higa Ki Rinne ()
  • 5. Seit? B?ei (?)
  • 6. Hida Takahit? ()
  • Sh?sh? ()
11Katanagatari Chapter 11: Dokut? Mekki
? ?
November 2, 2007[21]
ISBN 978-4-06-283648-7
August 25, 2020[20]
ISBN 978-1-949980-23-3
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Arasuji ()
  • 2. Danzai En ()
  • 3. T?kaid? ()
  • 4. J?ky?-jutsu ()
  • 5. Shikizakikiki ()
  • Sh?sh? ()
12Katanagatari Chapter 12: Ent? J?
? ?
December 4, 2007[22]
ISBN 978-4-06-283652-4
August 25, 2020[20]
ISBN 978-1-949980-23-3
  • Josh? ()
  • 1. Betsuri ()
  • 2. Ie na Tadashi Tsuna (?)
  • 3. Shiroze ()
  • 4. Ie na Sh?gunke Gogawajin J? ichi nin Sh? ()
  • 5. ()
  • Sh?sh? ()
ExManiwagatari: Maniwa K?mori I, Maniwa Kuizame I, Maniwa Ch?ch? I, Maniwa Shirasagi I
December 2, 2008[23]
ISBN 978-4-06-283687-6
  • 1. Shodai Maniwa Koumori ( ?)
  • 2. Shodai Maniwa Kuizame ( ?)
  • 3. Shodai Maniwa Ch?ch? ( ?)
  • 4. Shodai Maniwa Shirasagi ( ?)


The anime is composed of a dozen 50-minute episodes and follows the two main characters while they are searching for the katanas, except for one episode that is centered on Nanami Yasuri. In each episode, Shichika and Togame collect a katana or a new one will be introduced. The length of the episodes is unusual since most anime have 24-minute episodes and run weekly instead of monthly. A new episode would be released every month, beginning on January 26, 2010 and finishing on December 11, 2010.

For the first half of the series (episodes 1-7), the opening theme is Meiya Kadenr? () by Minami Kuribayashi while the second half of the series (episode 8-12) is Katana to Saya () by ALI PROJECT. However, the ending theme changes for each episode. For the noitamina rerun, the new opening theme song was Hakushukassai Utaawase by supercell, and Piko performed the new ending theme song Kotonoha.

No. Title Ending theme Original air date[24]
1"Plane, the Absolute"
Transcription: "ZettKanna" (Japanese: ?)
"Tasogare no Gekka" () by Y?sei TeikokuJanuary 25, 2010 (2010-01-25)
The young strategist Togame arrives on Fushou island seeking the head of the Yasuri family who was exiled there many years before. She meets the current head of the family, Yasuri Shichika and his sister Nanami. Togame explains how she is on a journey to find the 12 most powerful swords in Japan which were made by Kiki Shikizaki and needs his help. Shichika has no interest in helping her until Togame commands him to fall in love with her thus giving him a reason. Suddenly, they are attacked by a ninja from the Maniwa Ninja Corps with one of the 12 swords, Zett? Kanna. Shichika defeats the ninja, taking his sword, and they set out on their journey across Japan.
2"Blunt, the Decapitator"
Transcription: "Zant? Namakura" (Japanese: ?)
Refulgence by ShoujobyoFebruary 8, 2010 (2010-02-08)
When they arrive on the mainland, Shichika finds a strange world full of people and has difficulty on distinguishing one person from another. After a month of travelling, Togame and Shichika reach INaba in their search for the next sword, Zant? Namakura. Inba has become an ever-growing sandy desert and they eventually reach the Gekoku castle sinking into the sand. Outside, they stumble across the body of the "reverse-talking" ninja Shirasagi Maniwa who has just been killed by the ronin Uneri Ginkaku. They find Ginkaku living alone in the castle, in a small room with nothing except the sword. After negotiations fail and they witness Ginkaku's challenging speed, Togame and Shichika withdraw to devise a plan. After some deliberation, Shichika challenges Ginkaku again and this time defeats him, earning them the second sword.
3"Blade, the Thousand"
Transcription: "SentTsurugi" (Japanese: ?)
"Senbon Sennyo no Hamari Uta" () by Aki HataMarch 8, 2010 (2010-03-08)
In their third month of travel, the duo arrive at the Sanzu shrine in Izumo Province where the ex-bandit master, the young woman who has take the name of the former priest Tsuruga Meisai, protects the third sword, Sent? Tsurugi. Before Shichika can fight Meisai for the sword, Togame must find the original sword of the thousand swords distributed among the shrine maidens. The shrine is a refuge for abused women and each carries one of the blades as protection. While Togame searches over the next few days, Shichika bonds with Meisai and learns of her struggle to protect the maidens and Shichika reveals to her that he killed his father. Another ninja from the Maniwa Corps, Kuizame of Sabaku, shows up seeking Sent? Tsurugi. He attacks using his spinning chained blades, Nipou Uzugatana, but meets a quick death at Meisai's hand. The next day, Togame presents Meisai with what she concludes is the oldest sword and Meisai agrees to fight Shichika. Meisai uses the Sentoury? style where you use weapons as they come to hand, but the fight ends with Meisai's death and the third sword in Togame's hands.
4"Needle, the Fine"
Transcription: "HakutHari" (Japanese: ?)
"Kyomu no Hana" (?) by KukuiApril 16, 2010 (2010-04-16)
During the fourth month, Togame and Shichika arrive at a village near Sou in the eastern Yamaguchi prefecture. They seek Hakuhei Sabi, one of Japan's strongest swordsmen who possesses the thin and frail sword, Hakut? Hari. Sabi sends a challenge to Shichika to meet on Ganry? island and duel for their swords. Meanwhile, Shichika's sister, Nanami, is attacked by the Maniwa Ninja insect squad in an attempted kidnapping. Her foes soon discover that Nanami is actually the more powerful of the Yasuri siblings because of her ability to mimic any technique she sees, and she easily disposes of them. On Ganry? island, Shichika defeats Hakuhei Sabi even though he is apparently much stronger than the other opponents. Shichika and Togame gain their fourth sword although neither Hakuhei nor the fight are ever shown.
5"Aegis, the Resentment"
Transcription: "ZokutYoroi" (Japanese: ?)
"Ai to Makoto" () by Yukari TamuraMay 21, 2010 (2010-05-21)
In their fifth month, the duo encounters the pirate Kanara Azekura who rules the small port of Satsuma. He possesses one of the 12 Deviant Blades, Zokut? Yoroi, which is fashioned into a suit of armour. Because Togame resembles his deceased younger sister, Azekura strikes a deal that if he wins a battle, he takes Togame as his woman. swords in exchange for being able to retain two of them. Meanwhile Following the loss of 6 of the Maniwa ninja, H, Commander of the Maniwa bird squad offers Togame a truce in the search for the swords in exchange for being able to retain two of them himself and she agrees. Shichika and Azekura begin their contest, and after finding that he cannot penetrate the armour, Shichika defeats Azekura by slamming him into the ground. Following his defeat, Azekura spitefully changes the course of the ship carrying Togame and Shichika from their next destination of Owari Province to the cold northern lands of Enzo.
6"Hammer, the Dual-Edge"
Transcription: "S?tKanazuchi" (Japanese: ?)
"Yuki no Onna" () by ALI PROJECTJune 4, 2010 (2010-06-04)
Lost and freezing on Mt. Odori in the Ezo region, Togame and Shichika are rescued by an incredibly strong 11 year-old girl named Konayuki Itezora who is the last of the Itezora clan whom she says were all killed in an avalanche. Meanwhile, The remaining members of the Maniwa ninja regroup and prepare to collect Deviant Blades together while avoiding Togame and Shichika, however Ky?ken takes off after Togame seeking revenge. At Mt. Odori, Konayuki finds the sixth sword, the incredibly heavy S?t? Kanazuchi. She follows her clan's instructions of only giving up the sword if defeated in battle. They fight and Shichika's arm is broken by an unexpected blow, the first fight he loses. While Shichika recovers, the vengeful Ky?ken Maniwa arrives and uses her power to take over the Konayuki's body and memory. Ky?ken suddenly realizes that Konayuki's clan was annihilated. Ky?ken then engages Shichika in a fight, but this time Shichika is able to predict the experienced ninja's moves. He defeats Ky?ken's spirit, returning Konayuki's control of her own body. H Maniwa arrives with Kawauso and apologises for Ky?ken's behavior, and as a sign of good faith, kills Ky?ken in front of their eyes. Later, Konayuki gives up the sword and promises to take it to the mainland on her way to live at the Sanzu shrine.
7"Destitute, the Vile"
Transcription: "AkutBita" (Japanese: ?)
"Mayoigo Sagashi" () by Mai NakaharaJuly 9, 2010 (2010-07-09)
A while ago back on the island, Nanami became annoyed with her brother's slow progress and decided to collect the swords herself. Along the way, she annihilated the Itezora and then traveled to Shireizan where she wiped out the population and took possession of one of the 12 swords, Akut? Bita. Now in the present, Shichika now confronts Nanami at the Seiryouin Gokenji temple on Mt. Sayabashiri, Tosa, watched by Togame and Princess Hitei's servant S?da Emonzaemon. Nanami is now much stronger after gaining the strength of the Itezora people, thus proving a more powerful opponent than before. She reveals that she has plunged Akut? Bita into hear heart magnifying her recuperative abilities. In preparation for a final duel, Togame tells Shichika that he has a flaw in his combination technique and encourages him to vary the sequence of his attacks. Shichika and Nanami meet in the temple for a fight to the death, but just as they start, all of the candles are extinguished in accordance with Togame's plan, leaving them in darkness. Shichika beats Nanami and removes Akut? Bita, however Nanami slices off Togame's long hair and continues to fight, forcing Shichika to kill her.
8"Sai, the Minute"
Transcription: "BitKanzashi" (Japanese: ?)
"Karakuri Nemuridan" (?) by nomicoAugust 13, 2010 (2010-08-13)
On their way back to Owari, and the duo find the next sword Biyorig? is embedded in a mechanical doll inhabiting an abandoned lake. Meanwhile, Umigame Maniwa encounters Emonzaemon along the way. He reveals that the Maniwa wiped out his ancestors, the Aioi ninja corps, and summarily kills Umigame. Togame gathers information and attempts to capture the mechanical doll by setting a trap which fails so she has Shichika trick it into revealing all of its techniques by carrying out a series of attacks. Shichika eventually fights the mechanical doll but he blocks and dodges all of its attacks and until it runs out of energy and Shichika swoops in to caputre it. Later, Togame sends the doll off to Princess Hitei without its blades while they remain there to find Shichikais workshop.
9"Saw, the Imperator"
Transcription: "?t? Nokogiri" (Japanese: ?)
"Akashi" (?) by AnnabelSeptember 10, 2010 (2010-09-10)
Togame and Shichika now meet Zanki Kiguchi, owner of the Shin? Iss? dojo and the ninth sword, ?t? Nokogiri. Togame and Kiguchi play sh?gi for Nokogiri but Kiguchi loses so she must fight Shichika with bamboo swords. Shichika loses badly since his family's inheritance simply prevents him from wielding swords, so Kiguchi decides to teach him the art of kendo. Meanwhile the three remaining Maniwa find the sword Dokut? Mekki in a cavern. Back at the dojo, Shichika proves clumsy and causes many compromising situations which makes Togame immensely jealous. Meanwhile, Princess Hitei commands her servant S?da Emonzaemon to assassinate H Maniwa. He finds the remaining Maniwa Ninja Corps, H, Pengin and Oshidori, but H and Pengin escape leaving Oshidori to face Emonzaemon alone. After a hard-fought battle Emonzaemon shoots her dead with his pair of pistols. Back at the Shin? Iss? dojo, Togame kisses Shichika causing him to forget his kendo training. When Shichika finally faces Kiguchi, Togame distracts her with sh?gi moves during the match. After Shichika beats Kiguchi by a using a completely unpredictable move, she hands over the ?t? Nokogiri.
10"Scales, the Sincere"
Transcription: "SeitHakari" (Japanese: ?)
"Ina, to Hime wa Subete o Katarazu" () by Haruka TomatsuOctober 15, 2010 (2010-10-15)
Togame and Shichika arrive in Togame's deserted homeland of Hyakkeij? in ?sh? where the meet the holy man Rinne Higaki. He appears to Shichika in the form of a young girl whereas Togame sees him as her father. Higaki tells Togame he buried the sword Seit? Hakari 30 meters under the ground and she begins digging furiously. Higaki causes Shichika and Togame to face uncomfortable memories from their past: Shichika sees those who defeated him, and the death of his sister while Togame sees her father murdered by Mutsue Yasuri. The two remaining Maniwa Ninja, H and Pengin head for ?sh? with the sword Dokut? Mekki while Princess Hitei sends Emonzaemon to find out Togame's real identity. Higaki transports Shichika into an illusionary world where they begin fighting, but Higaki easily avoids Shichika's attacks and poses questions to make Shichika consider his real reason for fighting. Shichika and runs back to Togame who realizes Higaki's intentions and she is rewarded with the memory of her father's dying words. She easily retrieves Seit? Hakari which has no blade. Later, Rinne reveals that the Kyot?ry? technique of using no physical sword was actually Kiki Shikizaki's complete and final technique and Shichika is its vehicle. Leaving with Seit? Hakari, they head for Owari but find Pengin Maniwa in a critical condition and he asks them to save H.
11"Gilt, the Venomous"
Transcription: "Dokut? Mekki" (Japanese: ?)
"B?rei-tachi yo Yab? no Hate ni Nemure" () by FaylanNovember 12, 2010 (2010-11-12)
In a flashback to the Sengoku period hundreds of years earlier, Kiki Shikizaki offers to help Yasuri Kazune improve his swordsmanship. In the present, Togame and Shichika now have ten of the Deviant Blades and Princess Hitei learns Togame's true identity as the daughter of Takahito Hida. A little while earlier, Emonzaemon found H and Pengin, and engaged H in hand to hand combat. As Pengin looked on, he threw H the eleventh sword, Dokut? Mekki, which gave H the power to wound Emonzaemon but influenced by the sword he cut down Pengin. When Togame and Shichika find the bleeding Pengin they take him to an inn. They deduce that he had been cut by Dokut? Mekki and decide to follow H towards Maniwa village in search of the sword. Togame proposes that they create the first complete map of Japan following their extensive travels and confides that she has come to rely on Shichika as her trusted partner. Back at the inn, Emonzaemon appears with the last sword, the two pistols Ent? J?, and although the bullets he fires are initially countered by Pengin's special abilities, Emonzaemon fatally shoots Pengin at close range. In the abandoned village of Iga, Shichika and Togame find H holding Dokut? Mekki. He has been possessed by Shikizaki's spirit which reveals his plan to change history. Shichika attacks Shikizaki, but the fight ends quickly with Shichika as the winner. Finally arriving above Owari at sunset, Togame and Shichika are confronted by Emonzaemon who reveals that he knows Togame's true identity. Shocked, they both freeze as Emonzaemon pulls out Ent? J? and shoots Togame.
12"Gun, the Firearm"
Transcription: "Ent? J?" (Japanese: ?)
"Toki Sude ni Hajimari o Kizamu" (?) by Minami KuribayashiDecember 10, 2010 (2010-12-10)
After fatally shooting Togame, Emonzaemon explains that she has fulfilled her mission for the shogunate and walks away. Shichika holds Togame as she bleeds to death who tells Shichika that she exploited him for her own ends. She orders him to forget about her, which he refuses to do and she confesses that she enjoyed being with him, and that he changed her. With her last words she asks if it was okay if she fell for him too. At the Shogun's castle, Princess Hitei is revealed to be Kiki Shikizaki's descendant when she meets the Owari Shogun, Masatsuna Yinari. She tells him of Shikizaki's prediction that the country would fall in a hundred years. Emonzaemon intervenes to say that the Kyot?ry? has entered the castle. The guards are unable to stop Shichika so the Shogun sends Emonzaemon and his twelve retainers armed with Shikizaki's Deviant Blades, to deal with him. Shikizaki enters the building, breaking the blades and killing the swordsmen as he moves up each floor, effectively using the fighting experience he developed while travelling with Togame. He finally faces Emonzaemon and reveals that he came prepared to die. He manages to kill Emonzaemon even though he is badly injured himself. When Shichika arrives at the final room, Hitei tells the Shogun that Shikizaki's original plan was the collapse of the Owari Shogunate. Shichika spares her and kills the Shogun who sent Togame on the suicidal mission of collecting the swords. In an epilogue, Shichika travels with Hitei as they form a partnership of convenience on his journey to map the entirety of Japan.


In 2019, Polygon named Katanagatari as one of the best anime of the 2010s.[25]


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