Kashubian Alphabet
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Kashubian Alphabet
The earlier version of Kashubian alphabet, which dates back to 1850
Kashubian keyboard layout [1]

The Kashubian or Cassubian alphabet (kaszëbsczi alfabét, kaszëbsczé abecad?o) is the script of the Kashubian language, based on the Latin alphabet. The Kashubian alphabet consists of 34 letters:

A, ?, Ã, B, C, D, E, É, Ë, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, ?, M, N, ?, O, Ò, Ó, Ô, P, R, S, T, U, Ù, W, Y, Z, ?

The Kashubian language also uses some digraphs: ch, cz, dz, d?, rz and sz. The digraphs cz, d?, sz, ? are pronounced in a different manner from their Polish counterparts - they are palato-alveolar, not retroflex - but rz is pronounced the same as in Polish.


Upper case Lower case Name of letters [2] Pronunciation
A a a [a]
? ? ? [õ], [?]
à ã ã [ã]

[] (Puck County, Wejherowo County)

B b [b]
C c [ts]
D d [d]
E e e [?]
É é é [e]

[?j] in some dialects [i]/[?] from Puck to Kartuzy [?] at the end of a word

Ë ë szwa [?]
F f éf [f]
G g [?]
H h ha [x]
I I i [i]
J j jot [j]
K k ka [k]
L l él [l]
? ? é? [w]
M m ém [m]
N n én [n]
? ? é? [?]


O o o [?]
Ò ò ò [w?]
Ó ó ó [o]

[u] (southern dialects)

Ô ô ô [?]

[?] (western dialects) [?] (Wejherowo County) [o]/[u] (southern dialects)

P p [p]
R r ér [r]
S s és [s]
T t [t]
U u u [u]
Ù ù ù [w?]
W w [v]
Y y igrek [i]
Z z zet [z]
? ? ?et [?]

Consonants combination

Upper case Lower case Pronunciation
Ch ch [x]
Cz cz [t?]
Dz dz [dz]
D? d? [d?]
Rz rz [?]
Sz sz [?]


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