Kanken Toyama
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Kanken Toyama
Kanken T?yama
Born(1888-09-24)September 24, 1888
Gibo Village, Shuri, Okinawa
DiedNovember 24, 1966(1966-11-24) (aged 78)
Shuri, Okinawa,
Teacher(s)Itosu Anko
Kanken T?yama

Kanken T?yama (? T?yama Kanken, 24 September 1888 - 24 November 1966) was a Japanese schoolteacher and karate master, who developed the foundation for the Sh?d?kan karate style. Born into a noble family in Shuri, Okinawa, Japan, he was given the name Oyadameri Kanken.

He trained under: Itosu Anko and Itarashiki primarily, and under Ankichi Aragaki, Azato Anko, Chosho Chibana, Oshiro, Tana, Yabu Kentsu[1] and Kanryo Higashionna.[1]

Nine years old, he began his karate (Shuri-te) training under Ank? Itosu, and remained a student there until Itosu died in 1915. He also studied Naha-te under Kanry? Higaonna and Tomari-te under Ankichi Aragaki.

In 1924 Toyama moved his family to Taiwan where he taught in an elementary school and studied Chinese Ch'uan Fa, which included Taku, Makaitan, Rutaobai, and Ubo. Given this diverse martial arts background, the Japanese government soon recognized Toyama's prowess, and awarded him the right to promote to any rank in any style of Okinawan karate. An official gave Toyama the title of master instructor.

In early 1930 he returned to Japan and on March 20, 1930, he opened his first dojo in Tokyo. He named his dojo Shu Do Kan meaning "the hall for the study of the karate way." Toyama taught what he had learnt from Itosu and the Ch'uan Fa and did not claim to have originated a new style of karate. In 1946, Toyama founded the All Japan Karate-Do Federation (JKF) with the intention of unifying the various forms of karate of Japan and Okinawa under one governing organization. This JKF is the old name of (JKF Renbukai), and current JKF (Japan Karate Federation) is the other organization.

The individuals listed below are Shudokan pupils of Toyama.[2] The translated partial list includes the karate-do shihan and hanshi title license and high degree rank (fifth dan to eighth dan). The '*' symbol indicates persons and organizations that did not train directly with Toyama, but were confirmed as members with the responsibilities of the shihan title and high degree rank. The '?' symbol indicate partial or missing translations.

Name Title Position / Location
Iji Choshin Shihan Okinawa Shuri City To Sho Kan
Iwasa Kahoya Hanshi Shihan Hokaido Superior Branch Coal Mine, Branch Mining Director
Ito Mikihiro Hanshi Shihan Tokyo Distinguished College Teacher, Mori Dojo Director
In Hei Jin (Yun Byon In) Shihan Seoul, Korea Dojo
In ? Hei (Yun Uoi Byon)[Yoon Byung-in/Yun Pun Gun] Shihan Tokyo Kanbukan (Korean Martial Hall) Director
Inoue Kiyoshi Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan Ota District
Izumikawa Hiroki Hanshi Shihan Kawasaki City, Senbukan Director *
Hanaue Toshio Hanshin Shihan Kanagawa Prefecture, Atsugi City, Kodokan Director
Isao Ichikawa Hanshin Shihan Founder Karatedo Doshinkan
Toshishinga Fumio Shihan Hokaido, Toshishinga Dojo Director
Chitose Tadashi Hanshin Shihan Chiba Prefecture, Choshi City Nen Dojo Cho
Onishi Eizo Shihan Ehime Prefecture, Iyo City, Koeikan Director
Onishi Kazuhiro Shihan Ehime Prefecture, Kawanoishi
Ogawa Hideharu Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Shinjuku District
Watanabe Kenichi Hanshin Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Ota District, Seidokan Director
Katsumura Masao Hanshin Shihan Yokohama City, Seidokan Director *
Yoshikawa Hideo Hanshin Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Nerima District, Seifukan Director
Yoshida Tetsuo Shihan Ibaragi Prefecture, Tatsugazaki City, Taiikukyokai Karate Club Director
Tamaki Hakufu Hanshin Shihan Oita Prefecture, Beppu City, Tachinaka Section Junior High School Principal
Takamine Michio Shihan Kyushu
Mou Hozo Shihan Kyushu
Tsuchiya Hideo Shihan Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara City
Narazaki Takeo Hanshin Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Setagaya Kempokan Director
Nakagomi Ichiro Shihan Yamanashi Prefecture, Yu Dan Sha (Grade/Ranking) Chairman
Korishima Ichiro Hanshin Shihan Tokyo, Retired Army Lieutenant General
Kurita Yoshifumi Shihan Ehime Prefecture
Yabiku Isamu Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Muronouchi
Fujiwara Fumiyoshi Shihan Fukuoka City, Tenjin Cho, Seiki Dojo Director
Kinoshita Yoshifumi Shihan Saitama Prefecture, Kitaadachi County
Koizumi Shonosuke Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Meguro District
Koyasu Michio Shihan Kyushu
Amamiya Hiroshi Shihan Yamnashi Prefecture, Shioyama City
Akamine Shozuke Shosuke Shihan Kawasaki City, Nakajima *
Arai Toshiro Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Toshima District, Chihaya Preparatory School Director
Arakaki Ryusho Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Yoyogi Shudokan Branch Dojo Director
Sakura Toshio Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Daito District
Kinjyo Hiroshi Hanshi Shihan Tokyo Renbukan Shihan *
Shimabukuro Kosuke Shihan Yokohama City, Tsurumi District, Shimabukuro Dojo Director
Shibanaka Iwao Shihan Ehime Prefecture
Shimono Keiji Shihan Self Defense Force General Affairs Director
Higa Yoshito Hanshi Shihan Okinawa, Public Prosecutor General
Higa Yoshiaki Shihan Yokohama City, Tsurumi District
Higashiona Hiroshi Hanshi Shihan Kanagawa Prefecture, Omichikan Headquarters Director *
Higa Seitoku Shihan Ryukyu Public Prosecutors Office, Prosecuting Attorney
Morita Sadao Shihan Yokohama City
Suzuki Hideaki Shihan Tokyo Metropolitan, Ota District
Suzuki Yoshitsugu Shihan Shizuoka Prefecture, Seishukan Director
Sunabe Koichi Shihan Yokohama City, Tsurumi District, Sunabe Dojo Director
Akitani Seiji Shihan Shudokan Chairman
Murata Yoshitaro Shihan Hokaido
Takazawa Masanao Shihan Okaya City, Nagano Perfecture (deceased)


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