Ka (Cyrillic)
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Ka Cyrillic
Cyrillic letter Ka
Cyrillic letter Ka - uppercase and lowercase.svg
Phonetic usage:[k]
Numeric value:20
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Ka (? ?; italics: ? ?) is a letter of the Cyrillic script.

It commonly represents the voiceless velar plosive /k/, like the pronunciation of ⟨k⟩ in "king".


The Cyrillic letter Ka was derived from the Greek letter Kappa (? ?).

In the Early Cyrillic alphabet its name was ? (kako), meaning "as".

In the Cyrillic numeral system, Ka had a value of 20.


The Cyrillic letter Ka looks very similar, and corresponds to the Latin letter K. In some fonts, Cyrillic Ka is generally differentiated from its Latin and Greek counterparts by drawing its diagonal spurs with curves instead of straight lines. In other fonts, the lowercase form of Ka has the vertical bar elongated above x-height, thus resembling the Latin lowercase K.


In Russian, the letter Ka represents the plain voiceless velar plosive /k/ or the palatalized one /k?/; for example, the word ("short") contains both the kinds: [k?'rotkj]. The palatalized variant is pronounced when the following letter in the word is ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, or ?.

In Macedonian it always represents the sound /k/.

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Computing codes

Character information
Preview К к
Encodings decimal hex decimal hex
Unicode 1050 U+041A 1082 U+043A
UTF-8 208 154 D0 9A 208 186 D0 BA
Numeric character reference К К к к
Named character reference К к
KOI8-R and KOI8-U 235 EB 203 CB
Code page 855 199 C7 198 C6
Code page 866 138 8A 170 AA
Windows-1251 202 CA 234 EA
ISO-8859-5 186 BA 218 DA
Macintosh Cyrillic 138 8A 234 EA

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