Jam Unar
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Jam Unar
Jam Unar
Sultan of Sindh
SuccessorJam Junan
Full name
Jam Unar bin Babinah
DynastySamma Dynasty
Sultans of Sindh
Samma Dynasty
"History of Delhi Sultanate" by M. H. Syed
  1. Jam Unar (1336-1339)
  2. Jam Junan (1339-1352)
  3. Jam Banhabina (1352-1367)
  4. Jam Tamachi (1367-1379)
  5. Jam Salahuddin (1379-1389)
  6. Jam Nizamuddin I (1389-1391)
  7. Jam Ali Sher (1391-1398)
  8. Jam Karn (1398)
  9. Jam Fath Khan (1398-1414)
  10. Jam Tughluq (1414-1442)
  11. Jam Mubarak (1442)
  12. Jam Sikandar (1442-1444)
  13. Jam Raidhan (1444-1453)
  14. Jam Sanjar (1453-1461)
  15. Jam Nizamuddin II (1461-1508)
  16. Jam Feruzudin (1508-1527)

Jam Unar bin Babinah (Sindhi: ‎) was the Rajput ruler and founder of the indigenous Samma Dynasty, which ruled the Sindh and parts of Punjab and Balochistan from 1335-1520 C.E. [Unar caste are descendants of (Jam Unar) ]


It was in 752 A.H. (1351 C.E.) that Jám Unar son of Babinah was proclaimed the ruler of Sind. In a very short time, Jám Unar was sufficiently strong enough to attack Sehwán. Malak Ratan, a Turk, was at that time the governor of the region, on behalf of the king of Dehlí. He came out to meet Jám Unar and defeated him in a battle, but the next day Jám Unar returned to fight with redoubled force. He defeated Malak Ratan, who accidentally fell from his horse and into the hands of his enemy, who cut off his head with a blow. The fort of Sehwán was then soon taken.

Upon returning to his capital, Jám Unar began to lead a luxurious life. One day while he was drunk, information was received of some rising at a short distance. The Jám deputed his agent Káhah son of Tamáchí to put down the rebellion. As Káhah himself was in an intoxicated state, he was soon taken prisoner by the mob. Jám Unar was so busy in his profligacies that he had no time to think of his agent's release. Naturally, Káhah was much annoyed at his master's want of sympathy. He managed to effect an escape, and leaving the side of Jám Unar for good, came to Bakhar and joined Alí Sháh and Malak Feróz Tartars. Bringing them to Bahrámpur got Jám Unar killed. Some say that Alí Sháh and Malak Feróz had already started from Bakhar to be avenged on Jám Unar for his taking the fort of Sehwán and killing Malak Ratan. After 3 days, however, the Sammahs killed Káhah and Malak Feróz. Alí Sháh had already gone back to Bakhar.

Jám Unar reigned for 3 years and 6 months. He was succeeded by his brother Júnah.

Jam Unar
Preceded by
Not applicable
Sultan of Sindh
Succeeded by
Jam Salahuddin


This article includes content derived from "History of Sind - translated from Persian books" by Mirza Kalichbeg Fredunbeg (1853-1929), published in Karachi in 1902 and now in the public domain.

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