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JKA England

JKA England
Japan Karate Association Logo.png
TypeSports federation
HeadquartersLondon, SW7
Japan Karate Association
Chief Instructor
Yoshinobu Ohta

JKA England (JKAE)[1] is the official Japan Karate Association (JKA) organisation for Shotokan karate in England and Wales. Every year JKAE holds spring and autumn courses, inviting instructors from the JKA honbu dojo (headquarters) to teach.


JKAE was officially formed in 2003 by several clubs from KUGB. Following the death of Keinosuke Enoeda, the former chief representative of JKA in the UK and head of the KUGB, there was a disagreement between the JKA, the KUGB, Andy Sherry (the next highest ranked instructor) and Yoshinobu Ohta (Enoeda's assistant). The result was that JKAE was formed with Ohta as chief instructor, and the KUGB withdrew from the JKA with Andy Sherry as their chief instructor. Some KUGB clubs transferred to JKAE to form the new association -- possibly they wanted to remain affiliated to the JKA, or perhaps had a stronger sense of loyalty to Ohta. The division had a strong geographic correlation: most northern clubs chose KUGB and most southern clubs chose JKAE.


The JKAE Chief instructor is Yoshinobu Ohta, ranked at 7th Dan. He is a graduate of Takushoku University and attended the JKA instructors' classes at the JKA honbu dojo in Tokyo. Ohta was the assistant of Enoeda for 20 years[2] since 1982.[3]

Technical committee members are Gary Stewart, 6th Dan; Roy Tomlin, 6th Dan; Adel Ismail, 6th Dan; and Giuseppe D'Onofrio, 5th Dan.


JKAE holds an annual national competition. From 2004 to 2008 this was held at Guildford Spectrum sports centre. From 2009 this has been held at the K2 Crawley sports centre.

The kumite competition ruleset used is shobu ippon (one point match).

International course history

Date Guest Instructors
November 2019 Tomio Imamura, Kazuaki Kurihara
May 2019 Yasunori Ogura, Sergio Gneo (JKA Belgium), Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium), Yutaro Ogane
December 2018 Tomio Imamura, Yasuo Hanzaki
May 2018 Takenori Imura, Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium), Kunio Kobayashi, Mai Shiina
December 2017 Yoshiharu Osaka, Daisuke Ueda
May 2017 Yasunori Ogura, Yuji Hashiguchi, Koji Chubachi
September 2016 Yoshiharu Osaka, Tomio Imamura
May 2016 Minoru Kawawada, Yuko Hirayama, Keisuke Nemoto
September 2015 Takenori Imura, Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium)
May 2015 Tomio Imamura, Fujikiyo Omura (JKA Thailand), Mai Shiina
September 2014 Katsutoshi Shiina, Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium)
May 2014 Yoshiharu Osaka, Koichiro Okuma, Yasuaki Nagatomo (JKA New Mexico)
September 2013 Masaaki Ueki, Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium), Ryosuke Shimizu
May 2013 Yoshiharu Osaka, Osamu Aoki (JKA Spain), Yasuo Hanzaki, Satoshi Takahashi
September 2012 Yasunori Ogura, Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium)
May 2012 Katsunori Tsuyama, Yoshiharu Osaka, Yuko Hirayama
August 2011 Tomio Imamura, Seizo Izumiya
May 2011 Masahiko Tanaka, Yoshiharu Osaka, Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium)
September 2010 Masaaki Ueki, Minoru Kawawada, Tomio Imamura
May 2010 Masataka Mori (USA), Yoshiharu Osaka, Tatsuya Naka
August 2009[4] Masaaki Ueki, Takuya Taniyama
May 2009[5] Yoshiharu Osaka, Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium), Yasunori Ogura
August 2008 Masaaki Ueki, Kenro Kurasako
May 2008 Yoshiharu Osaka, Fujikiyo Omura (JKA Thailand), Nakata
August 2007 Masaaki Ueki,[6] Tomio Imamura[7]
May 2007 Masahiko Tanaka,[8] Kazuaki Kurihara[9]
April 2006 Yoshiharu Osaka,[10] Kunio Kobayashi, Osamu Aoki (JKA Spain)
May 2005 Hideo Tomita, Kazuhiro Sawada (JKA Belgium), Yoshiharu Osaka,[11] Takahashi
August 2004 Masaaki Ueki,[12] Tomio Imamura[13]


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