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Laura Pausini - Inedito.jpg
Studio album by
Released11 November 2011
RecordedJuly 2011
GenreLatin pop
LanguageItalian, Spanish
LabelAtlantic, Warner Music Group
ProducerPaolo Carta,[1] Laura Pausini, Celso Valli, Corrado Rustici, Daniel Vuletic, Simone Bertolotti
Laura Pausini chronology
Singles from Inedito
  1. "Benvenuto"
    Released: 12 September 2011
  2. "Non ho mai smesso"
    Released: 11 November 2011
  3. "Bastava"
    Released: 20 January 2012
  4. "Mi tengo"
    Released: 23 March 2012
  5. "Le cose che non mi aspetto[2]"
    Released: 25 May 2012
  6. "Celeste"
    Released: 5 November 2012 (in selected countries)
  7. "Las cosas que no me espero"
    Released: 30 October 2012 (in selected countries)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[3]

Inedito (English: All New or Unpublished) is the eleventh studio album by Italian singer Laura Pausini, issued by Atlantic Records in November 2011.[4] This is Pausini's comeback album, after two years of silence.[5] The name of the album was confirmed on the dawn of 10 September 2011.[6][7] The album was previewed with the release of the single "Benvenuto", which debuted at number one on the Italian Singles Chart.[8] The second single from the album was "Non ho mai smesso", followed by "Bastava", released on 20 January 2012.[9]

The Spanish-language version of the album, titled Inédito, was released on 11 November 2011 as a digital download in Spain,[10] and on 15 November 2011 as a Compact Disc both in Spain and in Latin America.

In December 2011, Pausini embarked on the Inedito World Tour to promote the album, first in Italy, then coming to Latin America. In March 2012 Pausini returned to Italy, then she continued with a European leg until August 2012. A return to Latin America, North America and Australia was planned and the tour was originally going to end in December 2012 with a new set of concerts in Italy, but on 15 September 2012 Pausini announced her pregnancy and cancelled the remaining shows of the tour. The album has sold 1,000,000 copies worldwide.[11]


After announcing in late 2009 that she would have been out of the spotlight for two years,[12] Pausini broke her silence in early January 2011, when her website reported that Pausini's eleventh studio album would be released in late 2011.[13]

Starting from 11 January 2011, Pausini's website was monthly renewed, adding information about her new studio album and the Inedito World Tour. On 10 September 2011, Pausini revealed the artwork and the track list of her album.[4][14] The following day, the first single from Inedito, "Benvenuto", was made available in streaming through Pausini's official website. The song was officially released on 12 September 2011.[15]

On 9 November 2011, via her official Facebook page, Pausini confirmed "Non ho mai smesso", released in Italy on 11 November, as the second single from the album.[16][17]

On March 2012, Pausini announced that the title song, "Inedito", would not be ever released as a single, since the co-singer of that song, Gianna Nannini, was currently on vacation and did not promote it. Thus, "Mi tengo" was released as the fourth single, on 23 March 2012.

On May 2012, Pausini announced that the fifth single from the album would be "Le cose che non-mi aspetto", which was released on 25 May 2012.

The last single from the album is going to be "Celeste" (in Italy) and "Las cosas que no me espero" (in Spain and Latin America, featuring Carlos Baute), both to be released on 5 November 2012.[18] Originally, "Troppo tempo" was going to be chosen as the last single (with its music video already been recorded), but when Pausini discovered she was pregnant she changed her mind and chose such song.

Writing, composition and recording

In October 2011, during a promotional tour in Mexico, Pausini explained that the title Inedito refers to the creative process of the album, described as very different from the one that led to her previous studio sets, because for the first time she conceived and wrote the whole album without any pressure, in the privacy of her home,[19] instead of working on it in airports and hotel rooms.[20]

Describing the musical style of the album, Pausini claimed that it will include songs with a wide range of influences:

"It's a complete album from the musical point of view, because there are a lot of differences between each song. It is influenced by rock, but it also features ballads and melodies with music by Italian and English orchestras."[21]

The album features guest appearances by Italian singer-songwriters Gianna Nannini, with whom Pausini duets in the title-track,[22] and Ivano Fossati, who performs a guitar solo in "Troppo tempo" / "Hace tiempo".[23][24]

The track "Tutto non-fa te" / "Lo que tú me das" is dedicated to Pausini's mother, while "Nel primo sguardo" / "A simple vista" was written by Pausini thinking about her younger sister, Silvia,[25] with whom she duets in the Italian version of the song.[22][24]

"Nel primo sguardo" is by far the only song ever released and recorded by Pausini in four different languages: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. A 10-second snippet of an English version of the song was sung live by Pausini during a press conference. Also, after the album was released, during a radio broadcast, Pausini sang a snippet of an English version of "Celeste". Later it was confirmed that "Nel primo sguardo" was first written in English, under the name Beautiful, but Pausini did not find words for the chorus at first. Then, when her friend Carolina Leal translated the original version into Portuguese, Pausini knew the song would be good.

The track "Ti dico ciao" / "Te digo adiós" is dedicated to Pausini's late friend, Giuseppe. Indeed, she planted a tree in front of her house, alluding to the lyrics of the song.

The track "Celeste" / "Así Celeste" was written by Pausini after, on many occasions, the media constantly said she was pregnant, when indeed she was not. As declared by herself, the song's lyrics is exactly what she would say to her baby when she actually has one.


On 11 November 2011, Pausini promoted her album appearing on the first episode of the new TV show by Italian presenter Piero Chiambretti, the Chiambretti Muzic Show, during which she sang a few tracks from Inedito.[26][27]

The tour to promote the album started on 22 December 2011 from Milan.[28] The Inedito World Tour will reach Latin America in January and February 2012. In March 2012, Pausini will be back in Italy for a second Italian leg of the tour, while in April and May she will give concerts throughout the rest of Europe.[29]

Track listing


Standard edition[15][24][30][31]
1."Benvenuto"Laura Pausini, Niccolò AgliardiPausini, Paolo CartaPausini, Carta3:56
2."Non ho mai smesso"Pausini, AgliardiPausini, CartaPausini, Carta3:23
3."Bastava"Pausini, AgliardiAgliardi, Massimiliano PelanPausini, Carta3:32
4."Le cose che non mi aspetto"Pausini, AgliardiAgliardi, Luca ChiaravalliPausini, Carta3:44
5."Troppo Tempo" (feat. Ivano Fossati)Ivano FossatiFossatiCelso Valli4:04
6."Mi tengo"Pausini, AgliardiAgliardi, Matteo Bassi, Simone BertolottiValli3:38
7."Ognuno ha la sua matita"Pausini, CheopeDaniel VuleticCorrado Rustici3:44
8."Inedito" (duet with Gianna Nannini)Pausini, CheopeVuleticCorrado Rustici3:11
9."Come vivi senza me"Pausini, CheopeVuleticPausini, Vuletic3:22
10."Nel primo sguardo" (duet with Silvia Pausini)Pausini, Niccolò FabiPausini, CartaPausini, Carta4:33
11."Nessuno sa"Pausini, AgliardiCartaPausini, Carta3:06
12."Celeste"Pausini, Beppe DatiDati, Goffredo OrlandiValli4:01
13."Tutto non fa te"Pausini, AgliardiAgliardi, Bertolotti, ChiaravalliPausini, Bertolotti4:00
14."Ti dico ciao"Pausini, CheopeVuleticPausini, Vuletic3:15
Bonus track (digital download)[32][33]
15."A simple vista"Pausini, Niccolò Fabi, IncorvaiaPausini, CartaPausini, Carta4:34
Bonus track (special Brazilian version of the CD)[34]
15."No primeiro olhar" (Nel primo sguardo)Pausini, Niccolò Fabi, Carolina LealPausini, CartaPausini, Carta4:34


Standard edition[35][36]
1."Bienvenido"Laura Pausini, Niccolò AgliardiPausini, Paolo CartaJorge Ballesteros3:55
2."Jamás abandoné"Pausini, AgliardiPausini, CartaJ. Ballesteros3:23
3."Bastaba"Pausini, AgliardiAgliardi, Massimiliano PelanIgnacio Ballesteros3:32
4."Las cosas que no me espero"Pausini, AgliardiAgliardi, Luca ChiaravalliI. Ballesteros3:44
5."Hace tiempo" (feat. Ivano Fossati)Ivano FossatiFossatiAna Incorvaia4:04
6."Me quedo"Pausini, AgliardiAgliardi, Matteo Bassi, Simone BertolottiIncorvaia3:38
7."Cada uno juega su partida"Pausini, CheopeDaniel VuleticI. Ballesteros3:44
8."Inédito (Lo exacto opuesto de ti)" (duet with Gianna Nannini)Pausini, CheopeVuleticJ. Ballesteros3:11
9."Como vives tú sin mi"Pausini, CheopeVuleticI. Ballesteros3:22
10."A simple vista"Pausini, Niccolò FabiPausini, CartaJ. Ballesteros4:33
11."Quién lo sabrá"Pausini, AgliardiCartaI. Ballesteros3:06
12."Así celeste"Pausini, Beppe DatiDati, Goffredo OrlandiJ. Ballesteros4:01
13."Lo que tú me das"Pausini, AgliardiAgliardi, Bertolotti, ChiaravalliI. Ballesteros4:00
14."Te digo adiós"Pausini, CheopeVuleticJ. Ballesteros3:15

Deluxe version

The deluxe edition of Inedito includes both the Italian-language and the Spanish-language versions of the album, and also features 5 additional tracks:[37][38][39]

Bonus tracks contained in the deluxe version - CD 1 (Italian-language version)
15."Inedito" (solo version)Pausini, CheopeVuleticCorrado Rustici3:12
16."Nel primo sguardo" (solo version)Pausini, FabiPausini, CartaPausini, Carta4:34
17."Dans le premier regard" (French version of 'Nel primo sguardo')Pausini, Fabi, Ana IncorvaiaPausini, CartaPausini, Carta4:38
Bonus tracks contained in the deluxe version - CD 2 (Spanish-language version)
15."Inédito (Lo exacto opuesto de ti)" (solo version)Pausini, Cheope, J. BallesterosVuleticRustici3:12
16."No primeiro olhar" (Nel primo sguardo)Pausini, Fabi, LealPausini, CartaPausini, Carta4:38

Special edition

The special editions of Inedito and Inédito contain the two original CDs plus a live bonus track recorded on December 31, 2011 and a live DVD of the Inedito World Tour.

Bonus track of the Italian special edition - CD 1
15."Medley New Year's Eve (live)"20:15
Inedito special edition - DVD Live Inedito World Tour
1."Benvenuto"Pausini, Agliardi, Carta5:05
2."Io canto"Marco Luberti, Riccardo Cocciante3:51
3."Con la musica alla radio"Pausini, Cheope, Vuletic5:27
4."Bastava"Pausini, Agliardi, Pelan4:35
5."Medley Dance: Surrender / Bellissimo così"Dane de Viller, Sean Hosein, Steven Smith, Anthony Anderson / Pausini, Cheope, Federica Camba, Daniele Coro6:38
6."Nel primo sguardo"Pausini, Fabi, Carta6:26
7."Inedito Guitar War"-2:34
8."Inedito"Pausini, Cheope, Vuletic5:07
9."Primavera in anticipo (It is my song)"Pausini, Cheope, James Blunt, Vuletic5:04
10."Come se non fosse stato mai amore"Pausini, Cheope, Vuletic3:56
11."Non c'è"Federico Cavalli, Angelo Valsiglio, Pietro Cremonesi5:23
12."Intro "Father's Eye""-2:03
13."Medley Luna: Celeste / La geografia del mio cammino / Nessuno sa / Gente"Pausini, Dati, Orlandi / Pausini, Cheope, Agliardi, Carta / Pausini, Agliardi, Carta / Cheope, Marati, Valsiglio8:39
14."Invece no"Pausini, Agliardi, Carta4:18
15."La mia banda suona il rock"Ivano Fossati5:08
16."Non ho mai smesso"Pausini, Agliardi, Carta10:52
Bonus track of the Spanish special edition - CD 1
15."Medley New Year's Eve" (live)20:15
Inedito special edition CD2 - DVD Live Inedito World Tour
No.TitleWriter(s)Spanish adaptationLength
1."Bienvenido"Pausini, Agliardi, CartaJ. Ballesteros5:05
2."Yo canto"Luberti, CoccianteFrank Andrada3:51
3."Con la música en la radio"Pausini, Cheope, VuleticI. Ballesteros5:27
4."Bastaba"Pausini, Agliardi, PelanI. Ballesteros4:35
5."Medley Dance: Surrender / Bellissimo così"Dane de Viller, Sean Hosein, Steven Smith, Anthony Anderson / Pausini, Cheope, Federica Camba, Daniele Coro 6:38
6."A simple vista"Pausini, Fabi, CartaJ. Ballesteros6:26
7."Inedito Guitar War"  2:34
8."Inédito (Lo exacto opuesto de ti)"Pausini, Cheope, VuleticJ. Ballesteros5:07
9."Primavera anticipada (It is my song)"Pausini, Cheope, Blunt, VuleticI. Ballesteros5:04
10."Como si no nos hubiéramos amado"Pausini, Cheope, VuleticLeón Tristán3:56
11."Se fue"Federico Cavalli, Angelo Valsiglio, Pietro CremonesiBadia5:23
12."Intro "Father's Eye""  2:03
13."Medley Luna: Celeste / La geografia del mio cammino / Nessuno sa / Gente"Pausini, Dati, Orlandi / Pausini, Cheope, Agliardi, Carta / Pausini, Agliardi, Carta / Cheope, Marati, Valsiglio 8:39
14."Invece no"Pausini, Agliardi, Carta 4:18
15."Y mi banda toca el rock"FossatiHidalgo5:08
16."Jamás abandoné"Pausini, Agliardi, CartaJ. Ballesteros10:52


Credits adapted from Inedito linear notes.

Production credits
  • Massimo Aluzzi - engineer
  • Marco Barusso - engineer
  • Simone Bertolotti - producer
  • Marco Borsatti - engineer, mixing
  • Andy Bradfield - mixing
  • Jason Carmer - engineer
  • Renato Cantele - engineer, mixing
  • Enrico Capalbo - assistant
  • Paolo Carta - engineer, producer
  • Luca Chiaravalli - pre-production
  • Fiona Cruickshank - Pro Tools
  • Luigi De Maio - engineer
  • Samuele Dessì - engineer
  • Nicola Fantozzi - engineer, assistant
  • Mo Hausler - assistant
  • Jake Jackson - engineer
  • Davide Palmiotto - assistant
  • Angelo Paracchini - assistant
  • Laura Pausini - producer
  • Corrado Rustici - producer
  • Giuseppe Salvadori - assistant
  • Celso Valli - mixing, producer
  • Daniel Vuletic - pre-production, producer
Music credits
  • Leo Abrahams - guitar
  • Niccolò Agliardi - backing vocals, composer
  • Prisca Amori - orchestra leader
  • Dave Arch - piano
  • B.I.M. Orchestra - orchestra
  • Emiliano Bassi - drums, percussions
  • Matteo Bassi - bass, composer
  • Simone Bertolotti - additional keyboards, piano, Rhodes piano, glockenspiel, composer, arrangements, orchestra conductor
  • C.V. Ensamble orchestra - orchestra
  • Paolo Carta - guitar, computer programming, harmonica, backing vocals, composer, arrangements, orchestra conductor
  • Luca Chiaravalli - backing vocals, additional computer programming, composer
  • Cesare Chiodo - bass
  • Valentino Corvino - leader
  • Beppe Dati - composer
  • Edoardo De Angelis - orchestra leader
  • Samuele Dessì - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, computer programming
  • Nathan East - bass
  • Niccolò Fabi - composer
  • Gianluigi Fazio - backing vocals
  • Steve Ferrone - drums, percussions
  • Ivano Fossati - electric guitar, vocals
  • Elvezio Fortunato - electric guitar
  • Marzia Gonzo - backing vocals
  • Nick Ingman - arrangements, orchestra conductor
  • Frank Martin - piano
  • Gianna Nannini - vocals
  • Everton Nelson - orchestra leader
  • Andy Pask - bass
  • Nicola Oliva - acoustic guitar
  • Orchestra Edodea Ensemble - orchestra
  • Goffredo Orlandi - composer
  • Laura Pausini - vocals, composer, backing vocals
  • Silvia Pausini - vocals
  • Massimiliano Pelan - composer
  • Kaveh Rastegar - bass
  • Andrea Rigonat - electric guitar
  • Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - orchestra
  • Tommy Ruggero - percussion
  • Corrado Rustici - guitar, keyboards, treatments, beats, arrangements, orchestra conductor
  • Rosaria Sindona - backing vocals
  • Solis String Quartet - orchestra
  • Ian Thomas - drums
  • Giuseppe Tortora - contractor
  • Michael Urbano - drums
  • Celso Valli - piano, Hammond organ, keyboards, armonium, orchestra conductor
  • Paolo Valli - drums, arrangements
  • Massimo Varini - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Daniel Vuletic - composer, arrangements
  • Paolo Zampini - flute
  • Bruno Zucchetti - piano, Hammond organ, keyboards, computer programming


Certifications and sales

Region Certification Certified units/sales
Brazil (Pro-Música Brasil)[59] Platinum 40,000*
Italy (FIMI)[60] 6× Platinum 360,000*
Mexico (AMPROFON)[61] Gold 30,000^
Switzerland (IFPI Switzerland)[62] Gold 10,000^
Venezuela[63] Platinum 10,000

*sales figures based on certification alone
^shipments figures based on certification alone

Release history

Region Release date Format Edition Label
Italy 11 November 2011 CD,[64]digital download[37] Deluxe Version Atlantic
CD,[65] digital download[66] Italian-language version[33]
France[32][67] CD, digital download
Spain Digital download Spanish-language version,[10] Deluxe version[68]
15 November 2011 CD Spanish-language version,[69] Deluxe version[70]
United States[71] CD, digital download Spanish-language version Warner Music Latina
Brazil[73] 17 November 2011 CD Special Brazilian version Warner Music Brazil


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