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A walaycho
String instrument
Other nameshualaycho, walaychu
Hornbostel-Sachs classification321.321-5
(Composite chordophone sounded by the bare fingers)
DevelopedEarly 18th century (perhaps earlier)
Related instruments
Charango, Chillador Ronroco.

The walaycho (hispanicized spelling hualaycho, also walaychu) is a small lute-like fretted stringed instrument, the smallest member of the charango family. It is the same or similar to the maulincho. The walaychu along with the charango and its variations are believed to have been born around Cerro Rico of Potosí located in Bolivia.[1][2][3]

It is tuned C4 C4, F4 F4, A5 A4, D5 D5, A5 A5 or D4 D4, G4 G4, B5 B4, E5 E5, B5 B5 for 10 string versions, and C4, F4, A5 A4, D5, A5 or D4, G4, B5 B4, E5, B5 for 6 string versions.

The word walaychu is Quechua meaning 'a lazy man, someone who always lays on the ground everywhere. In addition to this, an evil man'. It's a colloquial word in Bolivia for a small charango variant.[]


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