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The Hokkoku Kaid? (?, Hokkoku Kaid?) was a highway in Japan during the Edo period. It was a secondary route, ranked below the Edo Five Routes in importance. Because it was developed for travelers going to Zenk?-ji, it was also called Zenk?-ji Kaid? (). It stretched from the Nakasend?'s Oiwake-juku to the Hokurikud?'s Takada-shuku. Nowadays, the route is traced by Route 18, stretching between the town of Karuizawa and the city of J?etsu.

Although it ranked below the five major routes, the Hokkoku Kaid? was an important link between the Kant? region and the Sea of Japan side of Honshu. It carried marine products and gold from the mines on Sado. Daimy? from the Hokuriku region travelled it on their sankin k?tai journeys between their feifs and Edo.[1]

Stations of the Hokkoku Kaid?

Though there were 25 post stations along the Hokkoku Kaid?, some of the stations were paired stations (, aijuku).[2] Additionally, Nezumi-shuku and Shinonoi Oiwake-shuku were mid stations (ai no shuku (), at which stayovers were not permitted, reducing the number where travellers could stay to 17. The stations are divided by present-day prefectures below, with the municipality in parentheses.[3]

Nagano Prefecture

Starting Location: Oiwake-juku () (Karuizawa, Kitasaku District)
1. Komoro-shuku () (Komoro)
2. Tanaka-juku () and Unno-juku () (T?mi)
3. Ueda-shuku () (Ueda)
4. Sakaki-shuku () (Sakaki, Hanishina District)
5. Kami Kurashina-shuku (?) and Shimo Kurashina-juku (?) (Chikuma)
6. Yashiro-shuku () (Chikuma)
  • Shinonoi Oiwake-shuku () (Nagano)
7. Tanbajima-shuku (?) (Nagano)
8. Zenk?ji-shuku (?) (Nagano)
9. Shinmachi-shuku () (Nagano)
10. Mure-juku () (Iizuna, Kamiminochi District)
11. Furuma-shuku () and Kashiwabara-juku () (Shinano, Kamiminochi District)
12. Nojiri-shuku () (Shinano, Kamiminochi District)

Niigata Prefecture

13. Sekigawa-shuku () and Uehara-juku () (My?k?)
14. Tagiri-shuku () and Futamata-juku () (My?k?)
15. Sekiyama-shuku () (My?k?)
16. Matsuzaki-shuku () and Nippongi-juku (?) (Nakag?-ku, J?etsu)
17. Arai-shuku () (My?k?)
Ending Location: Takada-shuku () (J?etsu)

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